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Thursday, December 08, 2011

That damned Tableau

What's Mallard raving about today?

Christmas Decorations

Mallard Fillmore believes people buy new Christmas decorations every single year and when the economy is bad can't afford them. In other words, Mallard Fillmore doesn't understand the economy, human beings, or (really) anything.

Also, Mallard why do you hate Jesus? How dare you speak of a Holiday Tableau! It's a Christmas Tableau you evil, Anti-American atheist.


Tog said...

Because there's no finer arbiter of what's tacky than Bruce Tinsley's filthy, crotch-splaying, murder-fantasizing, pervert duck.

I know I'm repeating myself very early in the game, but I just can't wait for Batshit to pause for one day in his spiteful pissant judgment of everyone not himself to pretend he believes in Jesus. That's always tacky.

And let us always remember the Golden Rule: If the economy tanks under a Republican President, first it's Congress' fault, then the fault of the Democrat that the mess is passed off to.

dlauthor said...

Yay, the darkie Tinshley hates is ruining the holiday Tinshley hates!

CW in LA said...

A break, not a lecture?

rewinn said...

@DaveyK - you know what other anti-American atheist speaks about "Holidays" instead of "Christmas"?
Tea Party Champion Rick Perry!

Miss D said...

Correction Brucie, that should read "Bush economy".

Kip W said...

Amazing how much worse the economy got when Obama rounded up all those items the Bush administration pretended didn't exist (funding for the war, for instance) and put them on the budget. It's like the truth hurts or something!

Bill the Splut said...

Six word four-dot ellipses....two tiny drawings....featureless white "background"....

....Hey, you know what they mean by...."penny a word" writers....? (Hint: it's not a compliment)

WV: mizessy; "Who brought the mizessy to the comic page house?"

DiR said...

In fairness, having tons of decorations does tend to jack up one's electric bill. Add on to that any cost of having people come out with a team and some ladders to put up the trickier ones.

So, Bruce hates presents, decorations, and fun (The only reasons Christmas is still around these days). Pray tell, is there anything you DO like about Christmas, other then the chance to whack the poor suckers who read your crappy comic in the head with your bullshit Faux-Christianity?

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