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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That damned Creep

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa Claus

We continue with Day 13 of A Very Special Mallard Fillmore Christmas.


Tog said...

How funny, Batshit! I feel the same way about teabaggers, neocons, birthers, and all other religious/political fanatics who believe in insane myths...or pretend to for their own ends HINT HINT.

Kip W said...

Oooh, "Mr. Boomershine" — that name has to be Tin's most sub-tile effort yet to ridicule the Baby Boomers. Moreover, the drawing is not a total failure, so I hereby declare this the closest thing to an actually funny Mallard Fillmore strip ever!

God help us, every one!

Rootbeer said...

Especially since his family's name in the old country was "Baumerschein," and those folks weren't really big on the celebration of Christ.

rewinn said...

Hey, Brewsky: I fixed that for yah!

Five minutes with MS Paint booyah!

David in NYC said...

rewinn's version is infinitely funnier.

And probably required much less "research".

Miss D said...

Often times I don't get these comics. I could tell he was critizing boomers, but there was nothing about asking Santa for a tax increase and more government programs. Only that boomers still believe in Santa?
I guess the only way this makes sense is that since Tinsley is himself a boomer, he must be talking about himself. Yes, that must be it, especially considering that Santa is creeped out by this guy.

Frank Stone said...

You read my mind, rewinn.

Ayn Rand or Supply-Side Economics as Santa would also work.

Marion Delgado said...

1 drunk a .. 2 drunks a... 4 drunks a .. 8 drunks a...

THIRTEEN drunks a drinkin'!

hey chanteuse chantilly lefthand-chan whatever i call you lookit this mirror hoo boy im seein treskadekuple i remember that word from somewhere it means fear of runnin out of whiskey on the 13th day of xmas.