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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That damned Culture

What's Mallard raving about today?

Pop Culture, Michael Jackson

A duck sitting inertly in his armchair, a brown box of generic snacks beside him, staring with glazed eyes at the TV is criticizing American society and pop culture.

With no hint of irony.


Tog said...

When Rush Limbaugh keels over from a heart attack/drug overdose/lung cancer/erotic auto-asphyxiation experiment gone wrong/choking on a ______, I'm sure Tin will make a similarly witty observation (along with the doorknob who argued a little while back that "Rush = popular," therefore "Rush = right" and "Rush's anus = delicious").

I'm sure Tin's dying to dabble in some of the more lurid aspects of Jackson's life; rest assured I still remember Tin's strip overtly devoted to multiple images of Li'l Rush rolling around on Mallard's floor.

Iron Dragon said...

As odd as it sounds I can sort of sympathize with this one. The coverage of his funeral was pretty nuts for a while and they keep bringing up other stuff and treating it like major news. I understand that Jackson was a big cultural figure but with a war being fought and other major events it does feel a bit excessive.

rewinn said...

Why is Mallard wearing Depends?

Bill the Splut said...

Iron Dragon:
I agree, but remember that this strip is the first mention of Jackson's death. Given Dullard's long lead time, it was probably doodled the day after he died.

Anybody remember when Reagan died, and his corpse went on a weeklong nationwide tour? I'll bet Failmore had no problem with that necrofest.

WV: choweryp; "chowderhead" as spelled by someone who passes out drunk while writing it.

dlauthor said...

Two days ago, Colbert ran "Remembering Remembering Michael Jackson", a segment about the death of the coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. It was funny, timely, and clever.

Sort of the anti-Tinshley, in other words.

exanonymous said...

I'd have to say, by not watching television, I've been unable to care about Michael Jackson's death. And so I can't really complain.

It's not like I'm physically forced to. Not so sure about Mallard though.

Michael said...

Time to buy a better couch and a TV stand, Mallard. No wonder you never get any dates.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Boy, it sure seems like there was some kind of political scandal that took place right before Michael Jackson's death, but that Tinny was too busy alienating Hispanics and asking readers to e-mail him Barbara Boxer insults to cover. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was. Huh. Oh well.

My word verification is pretty cool though! An actual word: trout. Boy, I could go for some fresh trout. Makes me want to hike up some trails to go fishing for some. I know some people like deep-sea fishing, sometimes traveling to places like Chile or Argentina for that pleasure, but for my money, you just can't beat good fresh rainbow trout from a mountain lake.

dlauthor said...

Especially when you catch it while completely AWOL from your governorship because you're screwing around on your wife. And then you drive all the way to San Diego in your Ford.

What, too blatant?

Ducky is Right said...

Any one else think it's weird that Ducky watches TV from what appears to be a 100 pound bag of unrefined sugar?

Also, if you use your long-since outgrown belts to strap your SnackCo. brand Snack Flavored Product direct to your face, it'll aide in your effort to do as little work as possible, Ducky.

Tog said...

@Gold & DL: Yeah, I'm curious as to why "fair and balanced speaking truth to power" Tin didn't pounce on that scandal; after all, FOXNews labeled the guy with a (D) (as is their habit), and that's about all the research Tin needs to go on a holier-than-Christ tirade.

@Ducky: But you know who'll have to fill the bag or box, right? Liberals! Or worse, illegal immigrants!!

rewinn said...

Perhaps Tinshley didn't comment on the Appalachian-Trail-to-Argentina scandal because it involved outsourcing. What's wrong with good-old-made-in-USA mistresses?????

I'm waiting for the Mallard Salute to Senator Ensign who f*cks good-old-AMERICAN employees!!!

PLUS: When Ensign's housemate Senator Coburn advised him to pay bribes to his girlfriend AND her family to shut them up, did Ensign go it alone to pay her off? NO! he got his mommy and daddy to pay her AND her husband AND both kids two checks of $12,000 - each! That's $96,000 just for openers ...

The Mallard Salute to Ensign and Coburn's FAMILY VALUES
is gonna be awesome!

Paul said...

Great blog. I hope Gary Trudeau retires so newspapers don't have to run Mallard Filmore anymore.

NLC said...

Ya know what's really sad here?

By Tinsley-standards this strip is actually almost timely.

And this is what he wastes it on?

exanonymous said...

Fox labeling Sanford with a D was understandable.

It was a woman of consenting age after all.