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Monday, July 13, 2009

That damned study

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kevin, America.

This just in from Mallard Fillmore: Education does not have the power to change race and gender.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to demonstrate that their party has no interest in receiving another Latino vote, ever.


Ducky is Right said...

Oh boy! Maybe next, Unca Ducks will explain to us how cops are stupid, lazy, drunk-driver-hating bastards, again!

Funny thing is, this is all the republicans have against Sotomayor. They know they can't just NOT vote for her; she's to damn qualified.

Looks like it's "goddamn uppity women dykes!" week for Ducky. yay.

Tog said...

Aw, I was hoping Boxermania would continue through the week, but yeah, Tin's going to keep on reminding us how much contempt he has for women. Who was the last one he said anything marginally nice about? Coulter?

You're going to have to touch upon Failin' Palin one of these days, Tin. I can't wait.

BakaHoushi said...

Tinshley doesn't say nice things about anyone, ever. He's the comic equivalent of the old man on his porch complaining about the youth and their derned rock and/or roll music and their baggy pants and their disrespect fer *downs bottle of Jack Daniels* fer their elders... Why in his day...

And yes, here comes another week of beating a horse so dead, there's nothing left of it but a pile of ground up bone.

On a side note, this rather pisses me off. I feel that there are many legitimate concerns to be made against the Democratic majority, ones we should hear more about. But all we hear is "wise-Latina woman," "elitist mustard eater," "this nation is on fire," "Obama wants to take your guns away," etc.

NLC said...

Y'know.... would it kill Tinsley to, just once, accurately reflect what it was that Sotomayor said?

sffan12 said...

At the rate he's going he'll be out of a job within the next three years..

Rootbeer said...

Don't worry, kid, thanks to Affirmative Action you'll qualify for all kinds of scholarships and grants that discriminate against people who AREN'T lucky enough to suffer from macroencephalitis.

Hey, aren't these characters the fetus and the uppity female senator from last week's strips?

Doug said...

I think Kevin's got bigger worries than studying. Look at the physique on that kid. It looks like he's doing about 80 hours a week worth of couch-based research on pop-tarts and hot pockets. (I blame the schools and those lazy, overpaid teachers for not teaching him about the food pyramid.)

Don't worry Kevin...there's always cartooning.

john said...

I like the way that conservative woman is teaching her kid how to be a victim early in life - it's a good skill to acquire when you're young.

"No matter how hard you try, some brown person will always get the break!"

Jazzbumpa said...

You guys killed this one.
I got nuthin'

Come to think of it, neither does Blallard.

WV: hemor - a drunk's attempt at humor.

Frank Stone said...

Since Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin this week, this strip actually seems to demonstrate a hint of foresight on Brucie's part -- unfortunately, this could mean we're going to be subjected to another 3 or 4 days of this tiresome drivel.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley hates learning due to the fact that it does not allow him to fulfill his homophobic gay fantasies of being a woman. He dropped out of grade school when he learned the truth.

Verification Word-fulfu. Tinsley is figuratively full of fu and wishes he was literally full of fu.

exanonymous said...

Ooo! Can we email mallardmail with names we'd like to call Sotomayor too?

I bet she has cooties!

historyman68 said...

Kevin cannot go to school to become a "Wise Latino Woman", but he can become a cartoonist and put words in the mouth of one!

Tog said...

I find the depiction of the young white Protestant American male as history's sole legitimate societal victim just as offensive as his depiction as the sole source of the world's ills.

Bawl harder, Tin.

NotannonNotcow said...

NLC said:
Y'know.... would it kill Tinsley to, just once, accurately reflect what it was that Sotomayor said?

Yes, it would.

rewinn said...
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rewinn said...

Why can't Kevin hope ever to get onto the Supreme Court?

When will a White Man get a chance??


P.S. Kevin wants to be a woman. I congratulate Tinkley on introducing his first transgendered character!