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Friday, July 03, 2009

That damned Pride

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Michele Obama.

Right Wing Talking Point since the campaign: The Obama's hate America.

How's that working out for you so far?


Jazzbumpa said...

Michelle - is she the gal with the arms?

Come for the Afrocentrism, stay for the guns.

You go*, Blallard.
* to hell

Mike said...

Christ, Tinsley. You got any good Bill Clinton jokes while you're time travelling backwards to pick up these gems of wit?

rewinn said...

It's a flashback to a battle that ended disasterously for the Confederacy

(I mean, for the Republican Party).

Poor Tinkley's got PTED: Post-Traumatic Election Disorder.

12xuser said...

Of course, she made this statement in February of 2008, which makes this the second Fourth of July since she said it. I knew Tinsley was stupid, but I figured he could at least count to two.

CW in LA said...

Sure, Michelle Obama just doesn't love her country nearly as much as the mega-patriots over on Fox News begging bin Laden to attack us again so we'll see how right they are.

Frank Stone said...

Nostalgia can be a great source of comfort in difficult times -- unfortunately, it can also be a crutch for those who refuse to live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama, finally proud of her country. How is that Hope and Change working out for everyone?

Unemployment is now at 9.5 percent. Last month another 467,000 folks lost their jobs. Yet the Obama Democrats keep spending us deeper into dept with no end in sight.

I guess all of this is still the fault of George W. Bush? Bullshit! Since the first of the year when BHO told all that he would tax big business, they have gone into the "cover their ass" mode. Cutting expenses, cutting employees, etc.

Our economy is in shambles, and it's completely traceable to Obama's policies. To Obama, wealth and profit are injustices. They are immoral. And the more wealth, the more prosperity he can wipe out, the more he thinks he's doing a morally good thing.

Anonymous said...

Fool. The economy was in shambles before Obama even took office. This is your boy's doing, and all the dittohead-style denial won't make that fact go away.

Iron Dragon said... in other words it's ok for someone to criticize the nation if they're a right winger but bad if they're a left winger. That persons background can never come into account, nor can they be allowed to question what their nation does.

Does it occur to Tinsley and others who think like him that if every nation had this attitude it would be nearly impossible to form any kind of alliances to say nothing of creating a proper global trade network without exploiting third world nations akin to colonization practiced by the Imperial powers?

The problem I have with so many pundits is that they don't look at their mindsets full ramifications. Unregulated capitalism has already shown us problems, Upton Sinclairs the Jungle aimed for our hearts and hit us in the stomach. Mad Cow disease, tainted spinach, improperly designed buildings, medical malpractice. The list goes on, but the fact is that Government Regulation has helped keep us alive. Not to mention that if we don't regulate the basics of survival (food, water, power) it gives undue influence to people who we have little to no way of controlling or checking.

GeoX said...

Wingnut playbook:

Economy does well in a Republican administration: REPUBLICANS RULE!

Economy does well in a Democratic administration: Delayed action from the last Republican administration!

Economy does poorly in a Democratic administration: DEMOCRATS DROOL!

Economy does poorly in a Republican administration: Delayed action from the last Democratic administration!

If the economy were doing better now, it would be because of whatsisface. It McCain were President now (heaven forfend), the economy's suckage would be due to delayed Clinton action. How sweet to be a wingnut.

Anonymous said...

Stop The Madness That's Killing Jobs.

I know that it's difficult for the Kool-Aid drinking, Obama worshipers, to admit that their Messiah is responsible for our current economic woes. But alas it is true.

As another Anon posted yesterday, this is not the fault of George W. Bush. Business knew what Obama had planned and they have reacted accordingly.

GeoX said...

Really? This is the fault of "business?" Man, those guys are DICKS.

Mike said...

I gotta agree with the anonymous posters see, in 2012, Obama got facial reconstruction surgery to look exactly like George W. He time traveled back in time to the year 2000, win the election, implement faulty economic policy, be directly responsible for 9/11, and then run for office in alternate 2008. It's the perfect plan!

Before he finishes that, though, he'll go back in time to win Roe V. Wade, take away all your guns, and start forcing you to host gay marriages on your front lawn.

Damn you Obama!!!!!

Rootbeer said...

How is Obama supposed to be reading from the teleprompter if his eyes are closed?

Actually, a lot of characters in the Mallardverse tend to be drawn with closed eyes. I guess seven beers would make anybody sleepy...