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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Those damned Journalists

What's Mallard raving about today?


Some 400 newspapers are running a "comic" today which would not be significantly altered if you just scrawled the words "Journalism sucks!" in crayon on the page.

But it's OK because a bitter waterfowl must hold fast to the belief that he is the spokesduck for the "average American" despite the fact that his views are currently shared by approximately 20% of the population.

That could all change quickly, however, if only the wishes of the folks at Fox would be granted.


Michael said...

Journalists can relate to the average American. Their jobs have been outsourced to an unskilled labor force that is much cheaper. Real journalism is a dying art, but on the plus side, TV newscasters are much hotter.

GeoX said...

"This new study," huh? I have to question the impartiality of any study that describes its subjects as "clueless, effete [that would be "faggy" if not for the durned PC police] elitists."

But hey, two can play at this game, so here's my comic:

Tinsley: This new study shows that conservatives fucking suck shit, and that they're so stupid that they spend all their time walking into walls and making "duh" noises. That's preposterous! I don't--OW! Duh! Hey, where'd that wall come from?

I can haz prize for insightful cartooning?

Kip W said...

I note there's not even an asterisk directing us to the Moonie Fishwrap, so I suspect that the study is "coming soon," as in "to be made up later."

Tin Eye isn't even bothering to use real strawmen any more. What do you suppose he's doing with the straw he saves? Constructing a mansion? Making himself a straw friend?

rewinn said...

Tinkley's just grumpy he didn't get invited to the convention of actual editorial cartoonists.

Hibryd said...

I'm looking forward to the next comic which accuses journalists of making insulting ad hominem attacks. Because his side would NEVER do that.

(New conservative motto: "Who needs journalists when you have pundits?")

Seriously, though, I'm disturbed that the "people who do research and write articles for a living are doodyheads" and the "educated thinkers with global perspective are also doodyheads" talking points from the last election have stuck around.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley had hundreds of Colbert Report episode from which to draw inspiration. I wish he had done so rather than written a comic that even the fourth rate clown Jon Stewart might hate.

Elitismisan iteresting charge from the man who believes all poorguys are undeserving Communists. What will be his next complaint: That Hunter S. Thompson's stories are the nonsensical, poorly written diatribes of a retarded drug addict?

exanonymous said...

That FOX thing is kind of scarey. Apparently the best way to be protected is to be vunerable to an attack. And to not be attacked is not to be protected but instead means we are vulnerable. I don't get it.

Ducky is Right! said...

Ducky is right! Average is best! Mediocrity is the True America! Striving for excellence is wrong! Four legs good! Ignorance is bliss!

ajm said...

How masochistic do journalists have to be to give Tinsley newspaper space dedicated to the proposition that journalists are repellent SOBs?

xy said...

why is screech being portrayed as a journalist?

Craig D said...

WOW! Why not just draw President Obama picking his nose and saying "Duh!" 365 days a year? Its just that witty!

Iron Dragon said...

The REALLY weird part on this is that I could read it as being anti-rightwing. Read ironically by a reporter as if to say "What is supposed to compromise the average american? The average American could be the guy working in the city, the suburbs, working at a farm. Does it mean the blue collar or white collar? What level of education, what philosophies. The 'average' American is a rather nebulous term and to say that someone is out of touch with it would at least necessitate a context argument for what the 'average american' is.