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Sunday, July 19, 2009

That damned GPS

What's Mallard raving about today?

Auto Makers, Government.

Mallard is very vocally opposed to the US Government takeover of the Auto Makers.

He's a lot less vocal about our takeover of financial institutions.



Anonymous said...

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Pogo Stick in July, he's STILL on the Arigula nonsense? Frick, I don't think even Rush brings that crap up anymore...

Taquelli said...

Because I'm sure we would have gotten a very similar cartoon if McCain had won and the almost inevitable takeover of the auto industry still took place. In that cartoon, Mallard surely would have railed about being forced to eat barbecue and continue through with his mistress's unwanted pregnancy, am I right?

GeoX said...

Let's leave aside for a moment how brutally stupid the idea that anyone's choice in salad greens means anything whatsoever about anything is. Instead, let's point out one of the bastions of horrible, liberal elitist salad. What the FUCK, Obama? How DARE you eat vegetables that are only available in fancy, highfalutin dining establishments that only you and your Mr. Moneybags cronies can afford? Have you NO respect for the noble Common Man?!?

Tog said...


I'm sorry, GeoX, but salad greens alone are a sign that you hate America. Real Americans eat lots of generic, artificial-ingredient snack foods, and lots and lots of beef (not dogs LIKE THE CHINESE THEY EAT DOGS THEY EAT DOGGGGSSSSS) so there'll be plenty of cattle to fart and confound the stoopid liberal scientists and their stoopid educations and stoopid intelligence.

...Just remember, folks: this strip about being compelled to act and think in a certain fashion comes from a proud Dittohead. ...Who has no business being behind the wheel, anyway. (Haw! Haw!)

exanonymous said...

Wow, how many talking points did he squeeze in this one?

No smoking.
Cramped tiny car.
Government takeover.
Government incompetence.
Government health police.
Elistists and their arugula.

Bottom lined with name, date, website, email, king features, and world rights.

Of course, the cramped car could be due to drawing the lengthy word balloons first and then trying to fit a whole car into the remaining space.

And frankly, in the past I've always been more bothered by the salemen neglecting to tell me things like "the brakes were put in wrong and won't function properly in humidity".

12xuser said...

So, did I miss something? Is the government designing our cars now? Or is he just complaining about government regulations, forcing auto companies to put unnecessary things like seat belts, air bags, and catalytic converters on our cars?

Ducky is Right said...

I might be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure that, yes, the Government DID design the GPS system. Or, more accurately, it was designed under the eye of the government, which is part of why civilian GPS transponders are built less-accurate and with less information then military ones.

Not that Ducky would know anything about how anything actually works. Much more fun to just blame liberals and big government when he's not allowed to shoot Mexicans for sport.

Bill the Splut said...

Obama's bailout of the auto industry is BAD because Obama did it, and the Bush "Let us never speak of this again" bailout of the banks was GOOD because Bush did it. Duh!

Interesting how GM is already out of bankruptcy, but nobody can buy a car because the banks took their $700B giveaway and sat on the money they were supposed to loan out (minus the hundreds of millions they gave themselves in bonuses, of course). Hey, which bailout had stipulations, and which one was little more than a blank check?

Using a bailout to save an entire industry and tens of thousands of jobs: SOCIALISM! Making sure the rich stay rich at the expense of the taxpayers: Let us never speak of this again.

Michael said...


The car isn't actually that small; for some reason, when Tinsley was pulled over, he was driving with his knees tucked against his chest like that.

Frank Stone said...

Further proof (as if any were needed) that there isn't a thought in Brucie's head that Rush, Sean, and Billy-boy didn't put there.

Rebochan said...

I dunno, I think the GPS has a point. I'm fairly certain you shouldn't be holding the cigar by the lit end. Tends to hurt. Just a tad.

rewinn said...

The customer is complaining because the salesman didn't tell him everything he wanted to know.

It looks like Tinkly is arguing in favor of either regulating salesmen, or being able to sue them if they trick you.

Basically, "Libertarians" are lawsuit-happy.

Hibryd said...

Silly Mallard.

Ranch, even the fat-free kind, is the LAST dressing Elite-o-Car would recommend.

Robert said...

The government made me put a Breathalyzer on the ignition of my car. Boo-hoo.

Michael said...

Robert wins.

Rootbeer said...

WHAT cigar?

I don't see a cigar; all I see is a wisp of smoke coming out of the dashboard.

Marion Delgado said...

In the original, before the syndicate made him re-do it, the car just said, "Aren't you drinking too much to be able to drive a car safely?"

What's next? Linking Mallard's ankle bracelet (the photos of "Rush" were used unfairly against him by liberal activist magistrates) to him not driving in a school zone?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Geox -- It is okay when McDonald's serves salad because, as you surely noticed, they make sure a single serving of it is 500 calories (200 from fat). That is the American way!