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Friday, July 24, 2009

That damned spending

What's Mallard raving about today?

Congress, Spending.

Paid cash for their houses, did they?

Everyone racks up debt, Mallard. There is good debt and bad debt, of course. But I wouldn't expect someone who can't even comprehend this simple fact to understand that.


Factinista said...

Because there's no one better to lecture about personal responsibility than Bruce "DUI" Tinsley.

Michael said...

Oh man, Factinista laid the smack down.
Anyways, what a lousy cartoon. The dialogue reads like a Chick tract.

GeoX said...

As a Chick Tract connoisseur, I resent the implication that Jack & Co are anywhere near as hackish as Tinsley.

Iron Dragon said...

The funny part is that from a statistical standpoint people spending less than they make ARE freaks, at least in the US. By and large most people in the US spend more money than they make, a large percentage of people are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, not to mention student loans and the like.

Tinsley also manages to make a specious comparison between a household and a government. A government can't save money for emergencies the way that a household can. A household can also get loans and use collateral, the government really can't do that (probably a good thing too all things being equal). A government is expected to do tax cuts or increased spending with each surplus. Not to mention the high costs of maintaining an active military presence worldwide, even outside of conflicts.

dlauthor said...

Yeah, Tinz, it's a shame that after the Republicans managed to make a surplus toward the end of the last century, the stupid and mendacious Democrats squandered it all with tax cuts and needless wars, and deregulated the financial market necessitating bailouts and stimuli from the new Republican adminis --

Hold on -- I think something's wrong there.

Word verification: rentsa. An association for people who seem like geniuses, but are really just leasing their brains.

rewinn said...

Tinkleys criticizing George W Bush, and his daddy, and Ronald Reagan for being spendthrifts?

Tog said...

To be fair, on one occasion (late in the administration, when it was finally "politically correct" to do so) I recall Tin mocking George Junior, accusing him of "spending like a drunken Democrat" (ha ha ha oh WOW).

And even now that the latest neoconservative historical revisions have switched from "Reagan was very careful with the People's Money," to "Uh, um, well...that's how he defeated the Soviets! By outspending them!* Hooray!," all Tin has to do is ignore it and his tiny bubble remains unpopped.

*Yeah, the fall of the Soviet Union had nothing to do with multiple foreign occupations draining the government's wealth into the pockets of the already obscenely-wealthy. Not a damn thing. Because that would be ironic.

Ducky is right! said...

This took me a while to get that this is a rant about the deficit.

So which Navy groups and Army Divisions do you think we can go ahead and cut from the budget then, Ducks? I hear there's a new aircraft carrier names after some president or something that looks pretty useless. Al Qaeda doesn't have any submarines, to my knowledge...
Oh, right, silly me. Let's just slash more education, transportation, and safety oversights. I'm sure all those uneducated minimum-wage people with food poisoning won't be using the bridges and tunnels of our nation, anyways.

rewinn said...

Funny thing about the expenses of our military: Al Qaeda tied up hundreds of billions of dollars' of people and equipment with four boxcutters.

On the evidence, fundamentalist wackos are fiscal conservatives.

Like Tinkley!

exanonymous said...

Spending less than they earn?

Sounds like Americans are going without health insurance. That's the easiest way to save over 4000$ a year.