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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

That damned Genuflection

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Fox Network.

Of course Fox are not genuflecting. Former President Bush is not around.


GeoX said...

It's really inspiring the way Fox speaks truth to power. They are truly a beacon of hope for us all.

Timmer said...

Is that supposed to be Robert Gibbs, or Karl Rove?

Neo Tuxedo said...

Good question, Timmer. I know my first thought was "Why's Obama talking to Karl Rove?"

rewinn said...




Jeff Gannon!!!

12xuser said...

I can understand why he's having trouble telling which one isn't genuflecting, since in the White House press briefing room the reporters are all sitting down.

The Fox reporter is the one wearing the clown suit, raving about socialism, concentration camps, and gun confiscation.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Michelle Malkin decided that Rachael Ray's scarf in a Dunkin' Donuts commercial was a secret signal to terrorists poised to strike at America? Man, that was some brilliant reporterage!

Anonymous said...

Aw, shirt. I forgot to post this comic strip about that.

Rootbeer said...

Why does Karl Rove have hydroencephalitis?

Rebochan said...

So we've learned Tinsley can draw something besides big chins - he can also draw freakishly enormous foreheads.

Truly, the spirit of Thomas Nast is with him.

Kaitlyn said...

I see it! Obama is drugged/sleepy, so he is hallucinating about genuflecting reporters.

Serious case of the googly eyes.

Robert said...

Did Rupert Murdoch promise Bruce a case of Old Grand-dad?
Should this strip be retitled, "the Echo Chamber"?

Frank Stone said...

The text would have been better reflective of reality (and therefore funnier) if it had read thusly:

"Before we start the press conference ... which one's the Fox News guy?"

"The one sticking his tongue out and flipping you off, Mr. President."

Ducky is right! said...

I see we're in store for 4 years of Fox News propaganda.

Fox News: The only stations willing to tell you that foreigners are evil.

Fox News: the only station with the guts to call Obama a child rapist!

Fox News: We cannot allow a mine shaft gap!!

Squid Vicious said...

I've taken the liberty of projecting Tinshley's ongoing metamorphosis of his charicature of President Obama to its logical conclusion. Note that when Tinshley finally gets there and President Obama is nothing more than a penis-chin with ears, the premise of this particular strip will be rendered moot because Obama will be blind and mute.

Iron Dragon said...

There is an interesting reverse question on this of course, if the media, save Fox, is so liberal then why did the stories of Obamas pastor go on every channel? Why did other stations take the idea of Obama not being a native born citizen seriously?

The thing is that the medias bias isn't inherently liberal or conservative, it's RATINGS BASED. Watch The Network, great movie and it predicted a lot of the stuff we see now. People will put whatever on the air if it will drum up more viewers IE more money. My guess is that most major media outlets mimic each other, one does well with something the others copy it. Consider that during the 80's Reagan was also incredibly popular.

Obama is media savvy, as Reagan was, and as I have stated before now that he's in office I've become a lot more irritated with him on the stances he's chosen in stark contrast to what he said on the campaign trail. But, the media isn't blindly worshipping him, MSNBC is more favorable, Fox is condemning, most of the other stations tend to be more positive, but then again the media was much the same way with Bush until the final throes of this presidency.

Michael said...

Karl Rove is an evil Conehead! I knew it!

Kaitlyn, you made me laugh for about a minute straight. Mr. President, going to a press conference on ludes is NOT a responsible thing to do!

Frank Stone said...

Here is the one historical fact which stands as irrefutable proof that the "Liberal Media" is a complete myth:

George W. Bush was not driven out of office after September 11, 2001.