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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That damned Larry

What's Mallard raving about today?

Michael Jackson.

Oh, geez, I'm so sorry.

Larry agrees with Mallard, so I guess...well, frankly I don't know what that proves.


GeoX said...

The dude's dead, Tinsley. The world's moved on. The only "hooplah" over his death currently ongoing is your hallucinatory whining about people attacking you over it. Even by your standards, this is just weird.

Tog said...

Is there some sort of official standard for determining how much media hoopla is "too much?"

Yes Larry, very brave. Because there were all those white people who got necklaced in the streets of Oakland for saying "let's move on," you betcha.

What the hell is this all about? Did the Jackson funeral preempt one of Tin's shows or something? I wouldn't know, because being a grown-up, I exercised my option to not pay attention to any of it.

Iron Dragon said...

I was annoyed by the coverage, but that had more to do with it apparently being the only thing both local and cable news stations seemed willing to cover. That being said, I recognize when a celebrity dies the media is going to run with it. I half wondered if the death of Billy Mayes would prompt much coverage, it did on Discovery, other than that, not so much.

That being said, I understand the complaint about it being over-saturated. I felt the same way about the Reagan funeral and death when it happened but I also understood that he was a former president and very popular. I just wish that we showed this much reverence when we lose major writers and philosophers.

I'll even cut Tinny some slack, it's possible that he tries to work with a buffer built in and his editors don't contemplate stuff for timing.

Bill the Splut said...

I'd like to see some Failmore strips from 1999, when Reagan's corpse went on a country-wide tour for a week. I'm sure Tinkles had some harsh words for that necrofest! He was probably mad that they didn't tear down the Lincoln Memorial and build a Lenin's Tomb for Saint Ronnie's embalmed sacred corpus.

WV: "Sionizer." A machine that makes you think all Chinese eat dogs, but that you're not a racist for thinking it.

Rootbeer said...

Why, if these fictional characters and their creator are so sick of the coverage of Michael Jackson's death, are they involved in a week-long continuation of that coverage, more than a month after the fact?

dlauthor said...

Actually, Reagan died in '04, not '99. I remember, because he croaked the same day as my best friend's wedding. So all around, a very good day.

Perhaps Tinshley's jealous that when his liver finally gives out, his obituary will be tucked away at the bottom of page D26 of the local paper, underneath the classifieds for used combines and threshers.

exanonymous said...

As much as Mallard wants to pretend he's holier than thou with the whole Michael Jackson thing,

he's still making a living off of it.

Factinista said...

Jon Stewart didn't seem to have a problem bashing the MJ coverage. You know, the guy Mallard said was a pedophile?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Iron Dragon -- I too was annoyed that I had to turn off NPR, of all things, to escape the coverage of the funeral. That said, I don't get this whole persecution complex of Tinny's. "How dare you get tired of Michael Jackson coverage!" Yeah. No one anywhere ever once said that.

I'm with you on the great writers and philosophers. Or even popular writers. The days that Douglas Adams and Hunter S. Thompson died loom large in my memory.

rewinn said...

DT: "Doc, I can't stop drawing penis chins. You gotta help me!"

Bartender: "Try a week of drawing Michael Jackson".

DT: "Thanksh doc. Pour me another one!"

Hibryd said...

I remember complaining about the excess of coverage with my co-workers. At no point did anyone postulate that this was racist.

I had much harsher opinions of the media coverage of celebrities until I started paying attention to's "most viewed" lists. Once when I got mad that "Jon and Kate" made the front page, I looked over and saw that it was the TOP most-viewed article.

CNN is a business, they'll cater to the widest audience possible, and the wider American audience can't get enough celebrity coverage. "All MJ all day" is responding to customers. Mallard once again hates the free market.

rewinn said...

With a 3-week lead time, Mallard could comment on

* Palin's retirement
* Health care debate
* Troops coming home with PTSD
* Dozens of other things that matter.

Instead he complains that the media spends too much time on Michael Jackson, which is to say, in his view, the free market failed.

Michael said...

I like this Larry character. He reminds me of the "Would You Like to Buy an O" guy on Sesame Street.

wv: allarowe: boarding the canoe!

Frank Stone said...

So now it's an act of bravery to declare that there's been too much Michael Jackson coverage in the media?

Is this like the "bravery" that's required to declare oneself a Christian in America?

Bill the Splut said...

Actually, Reagan died in '04, not '99.

(slaps forehead) Dangit! And I remembered it as being an election year, as that was the reason why the GOP dragged his corpse around the country. "Dead Ronnie says 'VOTE GOP!'" Which was way more dignified than what the horrible Demon-rats did with that one memorial service to Paul Wellstone the pundits so despised 2 years earlier! (Yes, I'm fact-checking my dates now)

I have no idea where I came up with the year 1999! I mean, I did 90 hours of research! (vomits; collapses into beer can pyramid)

Also, at some point in an earlier thread, someone said that they vaguely remembered Michael Jackson saying something that was interpreted as "racist." Here it is:

"When you fight for me, you're fighting for all black people, dead and alive."

That's not actually racism, that's pure self-absorbed egomania. Not unlike a month-long self-tribute that featured Obama cowering in fear of your badly-drawn, breathalyser-breaking wrath.

Hibryd said...

"Dead Ronnie says 'VOTE GOP!'"

Zombie Reagan wants BRRAAAIINNNS. And tax cuts.

I was actually looking forward to his Palin coverage. Tinsley has never, ever addressed her directly or drawn her picture as far as I can tell. He's only covered:

- Dykish feminists hate Palin!
- Old feminists hate Palin!
- Hillary is ugly and hates Palin!

He has never actually said anything positive about her. "People I hate hate her" is the strongest compliment he's been able to muster so far.

Ducky is Right said...

My money's on, "It's the MEDIA'S fault that Palin had to go running home, crying like a four year old who skinned their knee!!!"

She quit with 37% of her term left. Where I come from, 63% is a failing grade.

Go ahead, Ducks; blame David Letterman. You know you want to.

exanonymous said...

Now now, Palin isn't quitting, she's moving in a new direction.

She's also carefully thought through all her statements. She really handed the butts to the librul media and evul hollywood, man, they must be reeling! And our troops are dying in Iraq so that people aren't mean to her, so respect!

It's all true cause she told me so in her straight talk.

Tog said...

I really should wait for Thursday's D&C post, but...WOW.


Tin's list of things that prove you hate America is a lot shorter:

(1) You disagree with Mallard.

See? Keeps things simple. And Lord knows, Tin needs things kept simple.