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Monday, July 27, 2009

That damned List

What's Mallard raving about today?

Michael Jackson, Racism.

A Black entertainer dies, Mallard seizes the opportunity to decry charges of racism which are tossed around too loosely.

Meanwhile...Mallard tosses around charges of racism.

I believe Republicans greatest achievement is the ability to withstand their own cognitive dissonance.


Nick said...

Seems as though Tinny is, for some reason, hypersensitive to being charged with racism.

So in an effort to ease his anxiety, let's try word substitution to turn this into something he's more comfortable with.

"Not idolizing RONALD REAGAN has just been added to the expanding list of things that are UNAMERICAN."

Ahhhh, much better.

rewinn said...

Angry, stupid and three weeks out of date: is that really a formula for cartooning success?

Nick said...

"You betcha!!"

-- Sarah Palin (angry, stupid and nine months past her sell-by date)

Michael said...

I am awaiting with mixed fear/glee when Tinsley clears the empty PBR cans off his stack of newspapers and realizes that Henry Louis Gates was wrongfully arrested (presumably this will happen sometime in September) and "writes" a strip based on that situation.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that Michael Jackson is darker in this strip then he has appeared in the last fifteen years...then again, given Tinsley's perception of time, he probably thinks this is a current depiction.

Nick said...

I have not, to my memory, ever been called a racist. Nor have any (or at least most) of my best friends. It may be in part due to living in New York City; Manhattan is so overwhelmingly multicultural that a true white-power racist could not walk down Broadway for more than five minutes without having his head explode.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Tinny, but...

...if you find a lot of people, both black and white, calling you a racist -- you might want to look into the possibility that you just might be one.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley would like you all to know that just because he doesn't like the darkies and the Jews and the dog-eating Chinese who eat dogs you know and also the Arabs and pretty much everyone with more pigmentation than Lindsey Graham* ... he is SO NOT a racist. Really.

* Or, ironically, latter-day Michael Jackson.

Michael said...

Only Tinsley could draw a Michael Jackson more freakish than the real thing.

MJ threw a snowball at Mallard!

Frank Stone said...

So who are all these people claiming that anyone who doesn't idolize Michael Jackson is a racist? Tipsy doesn't even provide one of his helpful footnotes.

This is another fine example of why "conservative humor" is an oxymoron. The best humor -- particularly satire -- has at its core a nugget of truth. We laugh because, on some level, we recognize that truth. Humor that labels itself "conservative", on the other hand, has a core of lies, distortions, and straw men. There's little or no truth to be found there -- hence, it's not funny.

Factinista said...

Sometimes I wish that Mallard could show some respect for the deceased by not drawing them. But if he wouldn't do that for his hero Bill Buckley, then it ain't happening for anyone.

exanonymous said...

Speaking of conservative humor, there was something a while back where someone had the "equivalent of the Daily Show but for conservatives" on youtube.

It was horrible. A woman (blond) delivered one-line straw men and smirked and did a weird head bob after each one. The comments beneath that were "positive" were all about how she was great and that they'd do her.

Add that to the fact that I don't laugh at racist jokes, and I guess I really don't have a sense of humor as a liberal. And I'm not sure I want one.

Tog said...


Of course, Tin whipped this up long ago, defensively anticipating full well the reaction to his tasteless "get a life" strip, yet overmagnifying the reaction to a ridiculous extreme (as usual).

Sadly, Obama has handed Tin material for a full two-to-three-week run with the Gates/Crowley mess*; all he has to do is decide which he hates most: liberal professors, cops, or BBMS (Blacks Besides Michael Steele).

*Pause a moment before passing on the "wrongful arrest" meme; shouting at and pushing a cop is never a smart move, no matter how indignant you may feel about past wrongs committed by others of the same race as him.

BakaHoushi said...

Let's all take a moment to remember this is a man who portrays the media as a Jewish stereotype named "Noseworthy."

CW in LA said...

Maybe Gates didn't handle things in the best possible way, but he'd just gotten home from a 20-hour flight from China when the police showed up accusing him of breaking into his own house. I'm not sure how well I'd have responded under those circumstances, either. I'm not black, but I have certainly encountered police officers acting heavy-handedly and/or exercising their own petty little power trips.

As for Tinshley, I'll be interested to see how he reacts when one of his rightie idols drops dead unexpectedly.

rewinn said...

If we're talkin' Gates (anticipating Tinkley's mid-August cartoons) I must say I had sympathy for both men right up to the point where the cop invited the civilian to step outside and continue the conversation.

That was entrapment, plain and simple.

Up until that point, the cop was just doing his job, checking out a report from a public-spirited citizen, and the civilian was reacting as anyone might when asked "papers, please!" It's an awkward situation but it happens.

But the civilian did not touch the cop or physically threaten him. The cop was pissed off and asked him to step outside, where the cop could arrest him for "disorderly conduct".

The civilian should have recognized the trap. And when the question was sprung on Obama as a press conference, he should've recognized the trap as well.

To their credit, the three men seem willing to settle their differences over a beer at the White House. We're all jerks one time or another and let's hope we can all learn to settle our differences so well.

GeoX said...

I actually think "more on this as it degenerates" is moderately clever--it has all kinds of applications, from Sarah Palin's increasing lunacy to right-wingers reduced to naked racism by the Gates thing to the whole delightful birther situation.

It's just too bad Tinsley's using it in such a stupid, whiny way.