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Friday, July 17, 2009

Those damned Cows

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cows, Climate Change.

Michael Jackson fans have no lives, but Mallard is the one titillated by the thought of cows belching.


Factinista said...

This joke wasn't funny the first three times either.

Iron Dragon said...

I'll give Tinsely this, this one was at least visually amusing. The thing is that of course he ignores the context, factory farming has huge amounts of cattle, in poor conditions, it damages the environment in other ways too but the mass methane release is bad.

Not to mention that I did notice this might be a somewhat subtle, for tinz anyways, way of mocking the idea of going green

Ducky is Right said...

"It's possible that there's another human-back activity that is doing more damage then this other human-backed activity, therefore I win hahahahaha liberals are dumb"

Tog said...

I'm not getting the strip at Seattle PI or right now, but from the sound of things, Tin's back on his GCF (Grand Cow Fart) Theory of old.

Which is funny, because not too long ago he was harping about the rising temperatures on other planets (without references, naturally).

Are there cows on Jupiter, Tin? Or are you doing the usual grasping-at-straws routine because G8's had climate talks and therefore it's time to push the no-consensus Big Lie? Hmmmm?

12xuser said...

This just shows how little Tinsley knows about these environmental issues. Nobody claims that bovine emissions hurt the ozone layer. Methane is a greenhouse gas, and contributes to global warming, which is a completely different threat.

dlauthor said...

Good lord, did he actually draw a cow that looks more like a cow than a dog? Guess he must have researched the hell out of that one!

rewinn said...

Cow belch jokes are always a bit hit among children and drunks.*



P.s. I was amused to note that the citation in the one of his previous uses of this joke (thanks Factinista) was to That's "U dot N dot org". Pretty funny!

As for Tinkley's confusion between global warming and ozone, I don't know whether he is simply stupid (technically, "in a stupor for 80 hoursh of reshearching Miller Genuine Draft") or assumes his readers are. But it's nice to have the reminder that a huge problem, such as ozone depletion, can be solved if we try.

P.P.S. But seriously, King Features. This is all you got?

MartyRotten said...

I think this joke would be funnier if it came from Zippy the Pinhead. In fact Zippy the Pinhead makes much more sense than Mallard Fillmore overall.

exanonymous said...

I have nothing to say with regards to cow farts.

In other news, health insurance made a step! Maybe by the time I get out of school, I'll have another option besides shelling out massive amounts of cash again for care that would require me to pay anyways if I did something like a break an arm just to say I'm covered?