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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Those damned lives

What's Mallard raving about today?

Michael Jackson Fans

Michael Jackson, in his career, changed Music, Dance, and Marketing forever.

And yet a duck, who has done nothing for over a decade but repeat what Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck tell him during his 80+ hours per week sitting inertly and watching Fox, is criticizing his fans for mourning his passing.

That said, I look forward to finding out later this week how the fans of Michael Jackson are the real racists in American society.


Factinista said...

Mallard's just jealous because he didn't define the popular culture of an entire generation.

Randy said...

Two words, pond-breath: Reagan's funeral.

And I really look forward to Tinsley repeating this one when either of the George Bushes dies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, dark content here, predicting his own funeral.

BakaHoushi said...

To be perfectly fair, the people you saw on TV driving cross country to see the funeral really DON'T have lives.

But it's also a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Only the pot couldn't be bothered to even draw the kettle or a background or some sort of context in which a proper joke should be told, especially in a visual medium like a comic. And the pot is drunk.

Tog said...

I won't argue Tin's point here, only note that his point itself has no point, save to be incomprehensibly mean-spirited even for a Dittohead.

Not to mention hypocritical, coming as it does from someone who uses Memorial Day and July 4th to publicly masturbate his phony patriotism.

Kudos to Anonymous at 1:16 AM for beating me to it and making me laugh anyway.

Craig D said...

Looks like MF has been pulling an MJ. The color of his feathers changed from inky black in the first panel to green in the last. Is there some sort of avian Vitalogo at play here?

Scanman said...

Well, the only "celebrity" to die on July 16th was an Indian Carnatic singer D.K. Pattammal. He was 90, I'm not sure what the reaction was to his death in India.

Squid Vicious said...

Actually, the right-wing seems to have some strange aversion to Michael Jackson. I have a fair number of lunatic fring wingnut "friends" on Facebook, all of whom more or less celebrated Michael Jackson's death with an oh-so Christian "Couldn't have happened to a better guy" sort of happiness. It's weird. I think the moral sensibilities of the fucktards on the right are so shrivelled and dessicated and their ids are so engorged with rage and bitterness that they are, at this point, incapable of experiencing even the slightest hint of empathy for a fellow human being who falls outside the increasingly narrow demographic niche they occupy.

dlauthor said...

Don't worry, Tinshley. When you finally drink yourself to death, I'll visit your grave. It's not going to get pissed on by itself, after all.

rewinn said...

Did anybody notice Mallard Fillmore's funeral?

This has been a zombie strip for years.

exanonymous said...

It sounds like someone is trying to convince himself that his low number of positive interactions is due to all his numerous fans having lives.

Michael said...

What a worthless newscast.

Frank Stone said...

"Some celebrity somewhere"??

Oh, dear. This is what happens when right-wingers take their usual tactic of not providing any sources or facts to back up their smears and try to apply it to the telling of a joke.

CW in LA said...

On top of the points Randy makes, I'll be interested in seeing how much restraint is shown by Tinshley and the rest of Teabagger Nation when Rush Limbaugh has a massive coronary/expires of lung canger/turns up dead in a Dominican Republic kiddie bordello.

wv: Noped: a two-wheeled vehicle favored by Republicans.

Toots McGee said...

I don't think anyone else mentioned this here, but it seems that Tinsley appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show a few weeks ago. Here's the transcript.

How ever did I miss this? Oh yeah, I can't stand that windbag and his show.

Kip W said...

I'm so surprised that this normally meticulous craftsman didn't remember to put in a footnote to his source*.

* Some newspaper somewhere

Tog said...

...Or his masterpiece:

*Look it up on Google. No, it's there, you're just stupid. Stupid hippie liberal idiot. Keep looking.

Iron Dragon said...

Hmm, what's strange about this is that people will pack up and drive/fly cross country if a family member dies. The idea is that for some people someone important to them died so they can go pay their respects. I'm not really a fan of Jackson, but if a few of my favorite authors die I might visit their graveyard at some point to pay my respects. Complaining about someone having a life or no life is sort of strange to me, especially when it talks about the mourning of someones death.

Tinsley probably mourned Reagan, maybe even went to a funeral or vigil. That's his right, and I don't begrude him that, Reagan was an important figure to him. I could also imagine the outrage if someone ran a comic about Reagan during that time that was critical or hostile towards him. Pointing to his numerous scandals, the fact that he helped create the Taliban and funded Al Queda.

Just saying that the way that this comic was set up seems pretty close to kicking someone while they're down.

MartyRotten said...

I'm glad this wretched strip wasn't around when John Lennon died. He'd probably be congratulating the asshole who shot him.

DK said...

The Chron still has archives for the color comics going back quite a while.

When Reagan died, Mallard pushed out two
strips with the lead time of two weeks.
Then he got sidetracked by an obesity summit.
Then he put up another couple about some desire to put Reagan onto currency.
Then he got sidetracked by issues with the Postal Service and then Madonna.

Even the death of "the greatest statesman of the 20th century" wasn't enough to get him to continually masturbate all over the page. His mourning was interrupted by other, "more pressing" matters.

But yeah, he had no problem with the circus that was the handling of Reagan's death.