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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That damned panel

What's Mallard raving about today?

Celebrities, Global Warming, President Bush.

"I'm Mallard Fillmore, and I just wanted to prove that there was no depth to which I would not sink."


Michael said...

Why are there quotation marks, Mallard?

Tog said...

Because if there's any group that is/was overtly concerned about climate change or defying the Cheney administration, it's the Senate.

Poor Republicans. They are just picked on mercilessly, aren't they?

It's true, DaveyK. Tin has learned well from Rush to be the most astonishingly vicious, thoughtless asshole imaginable, and to not only be unashamed of it, but to be as proud as inhumanly possible.

However, you'd think he'd know from his experience with drunk-driving jokes that karma has a way of sneaking up behind him with a baseball bat full of nails.

Rootbeer said...

In other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news in other news

Nice to see there is finally some furniture in the featureless void that Mallard "broadcasts" the "news" from... assuming that the two curved lines that the artist painstakingly scrawled in the corner of the panel were intended to be a piece of furniture.

dlauthor said...

A look inside Tinshley's mind*:

"Hey, Farrah Fawcett died of cancer! This'll make a great idea for a funnee cartoon! BLAAARHARHARHAAAAR!"

* Yes, that _is_ Schlitz dripping from the neurons. Only around here we call it "research."

exanonymous said...

The policies didn't fail! We just happened to collapse economically by accident. And global warming's just the tall tale of climatologists who want to be in the cool crowd with Al Gore.

I'd like to know how numerous celebrities are dropping dead though. Is there some sort of mass Hollywood suicide going on, or does he see 50 Michael Jacksons?

rewinn said...

1. Your buddies screw up a lot of stuff.

2. People say, "Hey, your buddies screwed up a lot of stuff".

3. You say, "You guys say my buddies screwed up a lot of stuff. That's unfair!"

* Rimshot *

Whatta comedian Tinkley is!

Erich said...

By saying "You liberals blame us for EVERYTHING," Tinsley and his ilk avoid responsibility for the things they ARE to blame for. "Oh, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day. I suppose you libs are going to blame us for THAT, too!"

I'm reminded of a magazine interview with Mickey Rourke I read a while ago. While discussing being a conservative in Hollywood, Rourke brought up the liberal reaction to the Katrina disaster: "They blame Bush for the weather!" No, Mickey, nobody blamed Bush for the hurricane itself; they blamed him for the inadequate preparation and the subsequent handling of the situation. You may debate THAT issue, but don't dismiss it by saying Bush was blamed for the weather.

wavydavy said...

I think Mickey Rourke's looks (not to mention his history) are all the evidence you need to prove that his elevator doesn't run to the top floor.

Then again, that's not a bug, it's actualy a feature of the Republican design (e.g., Dan Quayle, Dubya, Sarah Palin et al.).

WV: phype. Phony Skype?

sffan12 said...

Maybe they should convene a panel examining the connection to global warming in relation to the hot-air generated by the Conservative Blowhards..

Frank Stone said...

I see Brucie is back to joke #1: "Liberals are dumb! Hur-hur! Hur-hur!" (In this case, liberal senators who want to blame everything on either global warming or poor, helpless, innocent President Bush.)

Kip W said...

"How could Bush be responsible for anything? He was barely conscious!"

Reminds me of the senior Bush. "If you liberals really cared about the poor/the economy/the environment, you'd override my veto!" It was always someone else's fault.

Marion Delgado said...

Don't know when I've felt so blue
I don't know what's
Come over you
I'm drunk and full of mean
And don't it turn my dark feathers green

xy said...

i appreciate your linkage, however you can remove xy Explains Marmaduke for the Masses as it is no longer appearing on the internet.

Duke Marma said...

neither is the other marmaduke.

GeoX said...

We must pity Marmaduke!

Michael said...

I would forgive all the years of crappy Marmaduke cartoons if just one showed him chasing or eating Mallard Fillmore.

Anonymous said...

Tog - Happy you are listening to Rush, possibly there is still hope for you. Another avid listener to add to his millions. This is why he makes $50 million plus per year. I am sure he will be happy to know that you are helping his ratings.

exanonymous said...

*cough* Oprah makes 5 times Rush and has many many more viewers and listeners.

Not only that, she has a lot more influence than Rush.

So there's a reason for that too, right? She endorsed Obama. Shouldn't you endorse Obama too?

Or shall we take the more reasonable approach and skip praising leaders based on earnings and viewership alone?