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Sunday, October 11, 2009

That damned Apocalypse

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reality TV.

Sign of the Apocalypse #1 - Newspapers run crotch shots of a pants-less Mallard Fillmore.


GeoX said...

Two points:

A. What are these reality shows featuring "pre-teens?"

B. "Bimbette" is okay, but for the REALLY creepily salacious moralizing about underage girls, I'd stick with "pop tart."

exanonymous said...

Of all the fake reality shows to chose from, he choses this?

Seriously, it's creepy. Quit bringing up pre-teens dressed scantily. Ultimately, it shouldn't matter to MF because he shouldn't be attracted to or obsess with underage females regardless of how they dress.

But apparently he does. This is creepy.

Tog said...

Of course, ain't nothin' creepy about the little boy happily thrashing around on Mallard's filthy carpet (detailed in a variety of poses by Bruce Tinsley, who is not creepy at all).

And there's nothin' creepy about Mallard vacillating between wanting to date a human woman (possibly as a "beard," see above), and wanting to strangle her for being liberal. No, that's perfectly normal.

Seriously, as much as I loathe "reality" TV myself, I can't accept a lecture about "pre-scripted temper tantrums" from someone who makes up hate mail in response to strips that won't see print for another thirteen days.

Michael said...

What a surprise. Mallard watching preteens.

rewinn said...

Children read the Sunday funnies. What are they gonna say when they reach this one?

"Dad, what's a bimbette?"

"How come that man watching TV doesn't have his pants on?"

"Isn't it lazy to draw a single-panel Sunday strip with no detail, text or other reason to be so large?"

NLC said...


Sorry [snort] ... but the idea [choke] of Bruce Tinsley criticizing ANYBODY [snurk] for indulging in a "well-scripted temper tantrum...." is [choke], so...[gurk] so...


Nick said...

Hey, Tinz, just a nod of appreciation for the strip that I'm SURE you'll be doing.

Back on 9/29, you complained that "teh media" didn't report on the "millions" (and by "millions," you meant "thousands") of teabaggers protesting on the mall.

Welp, today thousands of gay and lesbian activists are protesting in Washington, just like the teabaggers. Weird, but I haven't heard a PEEP on about this protest.

Looking forward to seeing your hy-larious skewering of Fox in 2-3 weeks.

dlauthor said...

This just in: pantsless duck, apparently paralyzed in chair, loses remote and can't change the channel away from something he dislikes.

Of course, to make changing the channel worthwhile, we'd have to start with the assumption that there's something else on TV that he likes, and since he can't yank it to Veronica Mars any more ...

Meanwhile, Anonypederast is wondering if there are any reality shows featuring ill-behaved, preteen boys, "mmmm, mmmm, mmmm."

Frank Stone said...

So, if I were to produce a week's worth of comic strips accusing Bruce Tinsley of being a closet pedophile, could I defend the premise of those strips by claiming that 80 - 90 hours of research was involved in producing them?

exanonymous said...

Well, yes.

Or you could just on FOX news and announce without proof that he's a predator and pedophile repeatedly. They seem to like discussing that. Just tell them he's a democrat.

Kip W said...

I'm starting to wonder if perhaps these strips really do write themselves.

Rootbeer said...

Bruce Tinsley: just like the old man in that famous book by Nabokov.

word veri: entriced. What the defendant will claim the 9-year-old did to him when it goes to trial.