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Thursday, October 01, 2009

That damned delay

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, Joe Wilson, President Obama

Once again, Mallard, you lie.

It took President Carter raising the issue before anyone else had the guts to begin confronting the overt racism on display by the horde Republicans have whipped into a frenzy.

I await your explanation of why witch doctor posters, White House watermelon patches, "Barack the Magic Negro," and conspiracies theories which suggest the first Black President is not a "real citizen" have no racial component.


GeoX said...

The reason is simple: because, as Republicans tell us again and again and yet again, only black people can be racists. No white people are racists these days, no matter how much incredibly racist bile they may spew.

exanonymous said...

When you have a slightly left of center president who faces outrageous accusations and is protested in rather ludicrous ways, and has things that have not happened to presidents previously happen to them including heckling from congressmen, you are forced to examine what is different.

Unfortunately for the right, the chances of all these people becoming simultaneously insane and acting out together in loony ways that just happen to resemble racism at the same time is slim. The chances of long held racial prejudices coming to the fore with the first black president is not.

Tog said...

Sorry, GeoX, but that's not correct. After all, they put a lot of effort into trying to convince everyone that Sotomayor belonged to some demonic Hispanic conspiracy to enslave conservative white males and devour their women. (The fight against said conspiracy suddenly became considerably less important the millisecond she was confirmed, for some reason.)

It's liberals who are the real racists! ...And fascists, and perverts, and substance abusers, and whatever Tinsley, Rush, and the rest of their lot wish to protect onto liberals at any given moment. Look out! They're under your bed! Anal probe!!!

Tinsley's trotting out his beloved "No, YOU'RE racist!!" dogpony right on cue, hoping to distract readers from questioning his lies about "Obamacare" yesterday.

Kip W said...

Republican mouthpieces are showering levels of abuse on Obama that they don't even use on real liberals, except for folks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Whoever points that out is a racist!

Rootbeer said...

I don't recall anybody from "the media" accusing Rep. Wilson of being racist. In fact, it may be the purest example of opposition to Obama actually based on his (perceived) policies, rather than his ethnicity, in recent memory.

Isn't Bruce supposed to cram in a "*Newsbusters" citation somewhere when he decides to just make shit up? I have a suggestion as to where he can cram it.

rewinn said...

Joe the HATEtriot has mixed motivations.

He hates Obama BOTH because Obama wants all Americans to have health care AND because Obama is black.

Thus he claims that his outburst was motivated by policy differences, and indeed it had a policy veneer. But as he himself admitted, he blurted out his rage because he was suddenly overcome with emotion.

Does anyone REALLY think he was overcome with emotion on a mere policy difference, the details of the language of a bill that had yet to be voted on?

That's the great part about being a mixed-motivation hater: whenever someone calls you on your motivation, you can always say, "No, I'm not shrieking because I don't like being schooled by a black man who has more power than I do, I just get all angry at the thought of Americans getting health care!"

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley, on the other hand, provides immediate bigoted reporting:

Blacks should not be respected and deserve to be mocked (That Damned Stupidity, Those Damned Pawns, That Damned Hypocrisy, That Damned Reporting, That Damned Ideal, That Damned Pride, That Damned President, That Damned Victory, That Damned Pontiac [a reference to an old joke: Poor Old Nigger Thinks It's A Cadillac,] That Damned Veep, That Damned Fear, That Damned Poem, Those Damned Expectations, Those Damned Columns.)

Blacks are murderers (Those Damned Clunkers, That Damned Hate Speech, That Damned Cutlass.)

Blacks hate themselves (That Damned Traitor.)

Blacks believe in typical White guys, thus, we can assume there are typical Black guys, therefore, we should dress in blackface and make racist comments (That Damned Hallowe'en.)

Latinos are bitches (That Damned Study, That Damned Foundation, That Damned Tourism.)

Arabs should be tortured (That Damned Miss Viable, Ahmadinejad's Candidate.)

Asians are freakish Nazis (That Damned Test, Those Damned Graduates, That Damned Kim Jong-Il, That Damned Definition, That Damned Metaphor.)

America is perfect, therefore, it should not be ashamed of anything (That Damned Apology, That Damned Blame, Those Damned Fans, That Damned Travel, That Damned Responsibility.)

Abortionists are murderers (That Damned Miss Viable, That Damned Comparison.)

Intelligent guys are assholes (That Damned Grammar, Those Damned Elitists and most of about a week of strips before it, Those Damned Options.)

Communists are Nazis (That Damned Nationalization, Those Damned Ratings, Those Damned Advisors, Those Damned Right Wingers, That Damned Socialism, That Damned Commerce.)

Unions are run by the mob (Those Damned Friends, That Damned Father Time.)

Foreigners are animals who want to kill and eat us (Those Damned Raptors, Giant Burmese Pythons, Those Damned Superlatives, That Damned Leader.)

Poor guys are evil, racism does not exist, liberals are evil (all of the cartoons--anything which seems to say otherwise is misinterpreted.)

Frank Stone said...

So who are "the media" in this context, who almost immediately started accusing Joe Wilson of racism? Brucie/Mallard doesn't give us a clue. After all, that would have taken another 80 hours of "research" that week, and really, his liver couldn't have handled it.

Oh, and Brucie -- "I know you are, but what am I?" only counts as a joke when Pee-Wee Herman does it.

Michael said...

i.h.c.a.: You make a good point, but learn to harness the power of the A tag!

Michael said...

Anyway, I don't remember "the media" calling Joe Wilson a racist. I do remember a national consensus, on both the right and the left, roundly criticizing his boorish behavior. But hey, it wouldn't be Mallard Fillmore if he weren't demonizing the oppressed and defending the indefensible assholes. He's like the Bizarro Tom Joad.

Then it don't matter. I'll be all around in the dark - I'll be everywhere. Wherever you can look - wherever there's a fight, so hungry people can eat, I'll be there making accusations of socialism. Wherever there's a cop beatin' up a guy, I'll be there criticizing the victim ad-hominem. I'll be in the way guys yell when they're mad (at minority groups). I'll be in the way kids laugh when they're hungry and they know supper's ready - to complain about noisy kids. And when the people are eatin' the stuff they raise and livin' in the houses they build - I'll be there, too, accusing them of being un-American if they think differently than I do.

I don't understand it, Mallard.

Me, neither, Ma, but - just somethin' I been thinkin' about, while doing my 80-90 hours of research at PT's Pub.

David B said...

I absolutely love they way that Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Bruce Tinsley, &c. aren’t part of “the media”.

Apparently Tinsley is willing to label them what they are: Relentless hacks.

Bill the Splut said...

The best part of Wilson's outburst is that he was screaming "YOU LIE!" about the part of the health care bill that gave BIG GOVT health care to illegal immigrants, which is not nor ever has been in it. So he was lying about his own party's lie, while hating both the Negro POTUS and them damn wetbacks for a double dose of racism. That's like a triple word score in the word game for racists, "Rabble."

I live in one of the most liberal, tolerant parts of America, southern New England. Here, racists say "Those fucking niggers!" and then catch themselves and add, "But I'm not a racist!" Well, yeah, you sure as fuck are. This is exactly what the Republicans are doing right now--they want to have their cake and lynch it, too.

Nice one, Michael! "Whenever a cop's beatin' up a guy, I'll be there! Pointing and laughing!"

WV: nevereds. Developmentally disabled kids go to Special Ed; deliberately, proudly stupid kids like Mallard go to Never Ed.

Neo Tuxedo said...

But hey, it wouldn't be Mallard Fillmore if he weren't demonizing the oppressed and defending the indefensible assholes. He's like the Bizarro Tom Joad.

Or Sabre from David (and Leigh) Eddings' Tamuli: "wronging rights, depressing the oppressed, and generally making an ass of himself". Except that, unlike the author of the Ode to Blue, he doesn't look as if he's having a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

"Slightly left of center President"?? WTF are you smoking?

Because the man is half black, if anyone dares to take issue with what he is doing or what he says, his policies, etc. the liberals yell racism! Do I have this right?

If I believe what Obama is doing is wrong for the country, I am the one with the problem, because Obama and the Democrats know what is best for America.

Even though a majority of the people in this country do not want Obamacare, the Democrats are going to force it upon us.

Americans are becoming more racist. According to the liberals.

Health Care Reform: Opposition to Health Care Plan Hits New High of 56%. But, this is Obama's legacy.

The Dems. have to push through some configuration of health care reform. Many Democrats are worried that if this happens, the shit may hit the fan in 2010. They would prefer to keep their jobs.

It's not surprising that so many politicians and pundits are having trouble understanding the recent Tea Party protests. The commotion is being caused by a segment of the citizenry many of them rarely encounter - the taxpayers!

GeoX said...

Hey anonyfucktard, you said you weren't coming back for a month. But your life is just so pathetic that you couldn't resist, could you? Unintentional self-revelations FTW!

Brian Hall said...

Just released tapes? How come for clearly ambiguous references like this those handy-dandy asterisks are nowhere to be found but stuff we can clearly look up on our own he quickly slaps a footnote on?

Anonymous RAGE said...


Interesting that opposition to Health Care Reform has risen the more Obama has tried to reason and bargain and capitulate with easily deceived idiots that take marching orders from scum like Limbaugh, Beck, or Hannity. Duh...maybe it's because the plan is no longer acceptable to liberals, because it's watered down so much in a futile attempt to be palatable to you useless fucks. I sincerely hope you get cancer and can't afford to get treatment for it, so you can harvest what you sow.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

"Because the man is half black, if anyone dares to take issue with what he is doing or what he says, his policies, etc. the liberals yell racism! Do I have this right?"

No, you do not have it right. (No surprise there.) But you have to couch it that way, so you can play the victim.

If your end presented factual arguments without the haw-haw buzzwords and almost-blatant racial overtones--quick, name another President whose heritage has been defamed in order to question his legitimacy--one might take your post seriously, in spite of the Right's long, proud history of seething racial hatred.

But instead your end has relied on lies and scare tactics. I guess you gotta stick with what works; it certainly worked in getting the US into a quagmire and killing thousands of our soldiers (congratulations BTW).

...And one of the David Duke party's favorite scare tactics is "the big scary negro is gonna gitcha!!"

Explain away "Barack The Magic Negro," smart guy. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Tog said...

If anonytroll actually read other comments, he'd know many regulars here are openly critical of Obama on many fronts. But then, ignorance always has been a neocon's best friend.

exanonymous said...

Well, you had no issues with this ultra-communist nazi extremist when he was a senator, so yeah, slightly left of center.

I don't smoke, so sorry, can't share. Nice of you to imply I'm taking drugs though. What was that about name calling? It's bad for the health, and frankly, I pay enough on my premiums as it is for sins like "allergies".

I also don't drink enough to start seeing an extremist president.

Kip W said...

Here I thought Anon was calling bs on the "slightly left of center" thing because Obama is to the right of Nixon and his positions on issues are to the right of the majority of the country when they are questioned on them one by one in unbiased language.

Live and/or learn.

wavydavy said...

This is exactly what the Republicans are doing right now--they want to have their cake and lynch it, too.

Bill the Splut wins the thread.