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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Those damned Journalists

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, Journalists.

I recall a complete hissy fit when someone submitted a videowhich compared President Bush to Hitler to a episode which Republicans continue to lie about.

Anti-war protests, as a general rule, got very little coverage, since the contradicted the prevailing media narrative about the Patriotic War, despite the fact that they actually drew large crowds (as opposed to lying about the size of the crowd).

Protesters were arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-Shirts.

Mallard Fillmore: Equivalency FAIL.


Tog said...

In fact (not that Tinsley gives a damn about fact, mind you), most liberals outside of flameboards like DemocraticUnderground have been very careful to tiptoe around Godwin's Law during and after the Halliburton administration.

If I recall correctly, Chris Muir reacted by citing said law, then proudly dressing up one of his characters in Nazi fetish gear and having her hold a comb to her lip with one hand and perform the Nazi salute with the other, while misrepresenting a quote from Michelle Obama.

So eat shit, Tinsley, and go find a nice grease fire to roll around in. I know booze causes memory problems, but this is the most easily-disproven nonsense you've ever vomited up.

exanonymous said...

Aww, cut them some slack. The poor suckers don't even know that invoking Godwin's Law is losing the debate.

And math is just too hard for them to figure out a 1:1 ratio of Hitler-Bush versus Hitler-Obama references in the mainstream because they don't even realize that if the 2 million number was true, and if it represented 1 American for every 20 who really wanted to come, it is still a minority of the population. Numbers are the thugs of the elitists.

Michael said...

Who is he karate chopping? Probably a copy of the U.S. Constitution, or the Bible. And thanks for that arrow in the panel, I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to look.

Uh... Did Tinsley just say that the media should give more positive coverage to those who put Hitler mustaches on Obama??!

His other point: Hitler mustaches on Obama are not hateful, nor racist. Freaking Hitler mustaches. I assume you've seen the other things that go on at these rallies. So tell me, if all that is not hateful, what rhetoric would be over the top, then?

Yes, plenty on the left (and middle, and right) did hate Bush, hence the Bush/Hitlers. But that was after he became responsible for the biggest foreign policy disaster in U.S. history; the hatred towards Obama started before he took office. John McCain had to go out of his way to say, "Obama is not an Arab; no, he's a decent family man and citizen." Rumors still persist that Obama wasn't really born in Hawaii. John McCain was born in Panama, but I wonder why we never hear people demanding his real birth certificate or scaring people because he went to an "escuela"?

Iron Dragon said...

Generally a lot of the media coverage I saw of war protests was minimal or mocking, but that was their right. And initially they didn't cover the teabag protesters heavily, now that they are it is getting kind of disturbing.

To clarify, it's bad if either side tries to shout out any kind of discussion or debate. It's bad if either side starts bringing weapons to public meetings where the president is set to speak, it's REALLY bad if they're doing the weapons thing while carrying signs that say 'time to water the tree of liberty' which is part of the full quote which demands the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Bill the Splut said...

From today's Quote of the Day page:

"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

WV: dinkf; the sound Tinny's brain will make when it shrinks to the point of a tiny black hole and exits our universe.

rewinn said...

"If Johnny jumps off a roof wearing a Hitler mustache, does that me you have to jump off a roof wearing a Hitler mustache?"

Teabaggers should stop and think what your mother would have said ... when they were about five years old.

Kip W said...

Where's the asterisk? There was supposed to be a footnote linking to all the examples of the press reporting favorably on the "bushitler" protesters! A real big footnote, because there were so darn many of them!

Maybe it's just too miniscule to see, though if I was a betting man, I'd go with the proposition that, like Rush Limbaugh with Vietnam, Tinsley has too big an asterisk.

Factinista said...

This seems to be an all-too-common logical fallacy that the right uses. They see something from the left, real or imagined, that they see as wrong. Then they think that this gives them justification to do the exact same thing. Because why hold yourself to a higher standard when you can just act like a child instead?

RevG said...

In all fairness Michael, the hatred toward Bush really started the day he stole the election.

Kip W said...

Now, now. The situations are similar. Well, they're equivalent. Okay, actually, they're complementary in a consistent way.

Just as there were always a few people with Bush=Hitler signs at Democratic rallies, there are always a few people at GOP rallies who don't have Obama=Hitler signs.

And just as it was always the responsibility of any Democratic organizers if any of the people at their events said bad things, it's never the responsibility of any Republican organizers if their speakers, invited guests, or organizers choose to say hateful and/or racist things.

Separate, but equal and opposite. IOKIYAR: INGIYAD. They embrace this principle with perfect consistency. It's the only one they have left.