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Saturday, October 17, 2009

That damned Shirt

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Apologies.

Actually, there is a limit. Once for pretty much each action the Bush Administration took. Though, I admit, in that case a T-Shirt may be more effective.


Tog said...

This is another example of what I mentioned earlier, about how neoconservatives wreck shit, then step back and let liberals clean and patch it all up--cursing and pissing on them all the while.

In Tinsley's mind, the U.S. has never done anything, at any time, for which it should apologize. Which is that a better illustration of: "ignorance," or "delusion?"

Ducky is Right said...

HOW many times is Obama going to try to drive this bus out of the ditch that I and my political party careened us headlong into? What a wuss!!

Michael said...

Hey, maybe Tinsley can get that shirt to wear at his court appearances.

exanonymous said...

A glimpse into the neocon mind:

Any self-criticism is an apology. Any apology is a sign of weakness. Any sign of weakness is unacceptable.

It's rather clear why you won't see retractions or apologies out of conservative news outlets too often. It's not entirely unusual to get at least part of a story wrong at some point. The problem comes when not being wrong takes precedence over being accurate.
And all the so-called Christians forget that pride is considered a sin, not a virtue.

NLC said...

Let's make two very obvious points:

1] Can you imagine the depravity of a mind that could really, genuinely believe that there was nothing that the Bush administration did that should be apologized for?

2] Apologizing for the actions of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration is not the same as apologizing for America. And I, for one, am getting pretty #*&$ing sick of these neocon morons dragging the name of my country through the mud for their own political purposes by pretending that it is the same.

It's cowardly and it's despicable.

CW in LA said...

Is it me, or does the Tinsh's Obama look like OJ Simpson (or at least, OJ with a chin-dick)?

Kip W said...


1) Tin Eye sees any attempt to understand the other side as capitulation and "apology."

2) Tin Eye believes that sticking to a disastrous course beats showing weakness (aka "sanity").

3) It's pretty much as if Bush was in charge of the family yacht and walked away whistling from it, leaving it upside down on Rodeo Drive, and now his pals are sneering at Obama because he'll have to use "our money" to get it hauled away and repaired. (If this sounds familiar, I've said it before. I'm staying the course!)

rewinn said...

Is Tinshley externalizing his trouble with the "Make Amends" step?

MartyRotten said...

It actually takes a great deal of courage to admit to a mistake and apologize for it. Therefore, Obama is much more of a man than Bush, Bush Sr. and Reagan ever were.

Frank Stone said...

Even for Brucie, this talking point is woefully out of date.

Brucie should be wearing a T-shirt of his own; one which reads, "HANNITY SAYS IT, I BELIEVE IT, THAT SETTLES IT!"

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley, being a sociopath, believes that, even, the slightest semblance of an apology or moral ambiguity is wrong. No one except a sociopath would produce such a cartoon.

Word Verification: Plehyc, the sound Tinsley will make when his liver, finally, explodes.

Factinista said...

So how is it that you can see Obama's regular suit when he faces away? Did he just tape the T-shirt to the front of it or something?

Rootbeer said...

This is another example of what has been mentioned time and time again here, that a potentially mildly amusing joke has been wrecked by Bruce Tinsley's artistic ineptitude.

Can't blame the colorist on this one either, as the black-ish back of Penisface's light-colored "T-shirt" has clearly been scribbled in with the artist's own ink.