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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Those damned Liberals

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Iran.

"The Community Organizer."

Also known as the democratically-elected President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces.

But, hey, we can use Mallard's example to define how Conservatives think:
"Quick! Somebody Alert the Alcoholic Playboy!"
"Quick! Somebody Alert the Failed Businessman!"
"Quick! Somebody Alert the Actor!"


GeoX said...

Has Tinsley been apprised lately of the fact that he's a dick? Because now seems like a good time. Hey, Tinsley: you're a dick.

Tog said...

...Because Iran's nuclear ambitions began the day Obama took office, right?

What? They didn't? Then why didn't the Cheney Administration deal with them? ...Bruce? Bruce? Here boy! Where'd you go?

Iron Dragon said...

As opposed to who exactly? And community organizer taken literally might be who you would contact, after all if that person helped deal with logistics of evacuations or moving people from one area to another I can imagine you would alert them so they could start making plans for such things. Not to mention being useful instead of having one guy try to organize however many dozens of people at once when some people might be scared or distrustful of the leader.

Not to mention that for all intents and purposes the founders of this country would likely be considered community organizers as well.

Michael said...

What the hell is he trying to say here? That liberals believe community organizers should take the place of diplomacy and the military? This takes the strawman argument to another level; in fact, it's just a big pile of hay that he was too lazy to even assemble into overalls. I never thought I'd say this, but this insults the intelligence of his readership.

And why cavemen? You could draw these characters in street clothes, and the cartoon would read exactly the same; so why even have the cavemen in the first place?

And a flower?! His views of liberals are as old as these cavemen.

This could be the dumbest Mallard Fillmore I've seen all year. It's like Tinsley drew this after a concussion.

exanonymous said...

To think, twenty years down the road when the small population of current young neocons grows older, they too will throw around words like ACORN and "community organizer" with absolutely no context and expect people to shiver in fear and vote for a conservative.

Kip W said...

Community organizer! Ha ha! Everybody knows that when the country's in danger, you call Halliburton.

Rootbeer said...

Fuckin' conservatives. They still believe everything they read on a stone tablet.

dlauthor said...

Quick, somebody alert the anti-Semitic racist with two DUIs, an unpleasant fetish for young boys rolling around on the floor, and a total inability to draw or write coherently!

What's that, you say? He's doing "research?" Well, never mind -- best not to wake him.

Jazzbumpa said...

The bottom line is, this strip makes no fucking sense.

A typical day in Tinsleyland.

CW in LA said...

Swipes at community organizers and SNL? Sounds like the Tinsh is re-fighting Miss Sarah P.'s campaign for her. Is this his way of helping her promote the book she somehow "wrote" without ever having read one?

I have to confess waiting three weeks for the belated pity party over Pigboy's getting told to piss off by the NFL will be tough. I mean, when the NFL doesn't want you money, how big a paraiah are you? The NFL loves money, much more than it loves football.

Squid Vicious said...

The premise for today's strip is entirely flawed. According to the setup, these are two purported liberals. Yet, the statements made by the two characters are decidedly conservatard in nature.

First, how many liberals do you know believe that Iran is crazy or that it has the ability to develop nuclear weapons capable of destroying our nation? Exactly zero. That sort of irrational hysteria is part and parcel of the conservatard mien. In reality, Iran is acting like a rational international actor threatened by a overwhelmingly more powerful nation: bluster, feint, threaten and bluff until that position can't be sustained and then make minor concessions. What's crazy about that? Furthermore, even if Iran is developing nuclear weapons, it will ultimately be able to produce one or two, but never the hundreds or thousands required to actually destroy us.

No consider the second character here. Liberal? I doubt it. Does anyone here know any liberals that refer to the President as a community organizer? I don't. While I think it's an admirable profession and one which gave President Obama significant useful experience in campaign organization, the President is no longer a community organizer. So, while the second caveman is apparently supposed to look like a panicked liberal, he is, in fact, employing the rhetorical tropes of conservatards trying to minimize Obama's stature as President.

All in all, then, I'm thinking that while this strip is entitled "Liberals: The Early Years," it would be much more accurately labeled "Conservatives: Nothing New Under the Sun."

Anonymous said...

Aw, Tinsley, come on man, I thought you understood us liberals. You should know that we love Iran and want them to have nukes, remember? Iran's not gonna be happy if we go around calling them our enemies. Now our Dear Leader is gonna have to call their Dear Leader to soothe over this horrible insult in America's most beloved right-wing comic strip starring a duck.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, in 2009, the "Community Organizer" successfully organized the international community to deal with the crazy guy.

So long as Tinshley relies on Fox News for his material, he's going to be complaining about issues that have been handled in a calm and rational way by the time his panicked cartoons come out. And that's fine with me!


@CW in LA ---- Funny thing is, the NFL is now "too liberal" to Rush. What a country!

Hibryd said...

Squid Vicious - great analysis, but I don't think conservatives are worried about Iran attacking us. They're worried about Iran attacking Israel. Because in the conservative world: 1) Israel needs to exists for Jesus to come back, and 2) Israel isn't capable and eager to turn Iran into a glass parking lot as soon as one missile gets pointed in their direction.

Sarah said...

Wow. I've been lurking here a while but this is so spectacular I have to comment. This is perhaps the least sense I've ever seen anything make.

Bill the Splut said...

There are times like today when the comic is SO inanely terrible that I think that this blog should be named "Sitting Ducks." It's like shooting fish after they've been dumped out of the barrel, and they're just floppin' around gasping! And shooting them with a bazooka.

WV: mindar. This is like "gaydar" except that it tells you when someone has no brain. "That cartoon with the cavemen really set off my MINDAR!"

Frank Stone said...


"Those guys over there are kinda lookin' at us funny."


Ducky is Right said...

Conservatives - The Early years:
"According to this, the small tribe over there that chief doesn't like is harmless to us, but let's tell everyone that they're working on Mastodons of Mass Destruction and invade. LIBERALS HATE THE SUN GOD!!!"

Also, that's 'senile, b-grade actor'.

Gosh, Ducky, no one's stopping you from being a REAL Ah-murken man, Rambo'ing up, and taking out Ahmadinejad yourself. Apparently, Obama is too busy being the greatest threat to this nation since the Second American Revolution (the invisible one), while at the same time being an incompetent pussy who can't handle even the most basic of tasks.

GeoX said...

"Mastodons of Mass Destruction" ftw.

wavydavy said...

Hibryd --

While Israel may not be capable of turning Iran into a glass parking lot, I am pretty sure they are eager to do it. (Or, more accurately, have the USA do it for them.)

Neo Tuxedo said...

While Israel may not be capable of turning Iran into a glass parking lot, I am pretty sure they are eager to do it.

They are, at the very least, capable of turning Tehran and other major Iranian cities into glowing ruins, although it suits the US media and government to pretend otherwise.