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Thursday, October 08, 2009

That damned Flake

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Carter

Despite Mallard's disapprobation, I am certain President Carter can live with his legacy.


GeoX said...

...whereas all of Tinsley's favorites were both shitty presidents AND ex-presidents. w00t!

Tog said...

Instead of hiding on a ranch collecting fees and awaiting death, Jimmy Carter's legacy is an active one--whether fighting blindness in Sudan, seeking to ensure fair elections in South America, breaking with southern Baptist organizations for their attempts to keep women underfoot, or, of course, Habitat For Humanity.

When it comes to Israel, Jimmy Carter does not fear genuinely speaking truth to power. For this, neocons have called him "malevolent," though any of the above efforts would equally earn their contempt. (They are such good Christians.)

And Carter refuses to shy away from talking candidly about racism in America. For that, Tinsley will never forgive him.

Tinsley's weeklong turd-slinging has only succeeded in crapping himself up from head to toe.

exanonymous said...

Trying to make yourself seem like a flaky president to MF is rather easy.

Do nothing and continue life as usual. It's not like anything you could do would impress him. And if he's sitting out a couch watching TV while you're organizing humanitarian efforts, then you really do get to call yourself the better man. Duck. Whatever.

Michael said...

How anyone, regardless of their political persuasion, can see Carter as anything but a good and decent man is beyond me.

But what has he done since his presidency that demonstrates flakiness? Is he known for canceling dinner plans with his destitute beneficiaries or something?

Frank Stone said...

There are those who are so consumed by bitterness and self-loathing that they cannot tolerate the sight of anyone who attempts to do good in the world, because it serves only to remind them of how petty, jealous, cowardly, hateful, and empty they are inside.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bruce Tinsley.

John E. said...

Tinsley would make a better ex-cartoonist than a cartoonist.

NLC said...

To follow up on what Michael wrote, we basically have two facts:

1] On the one hand we have a man of immense and unquestioned decency, integrity, honor, and compassion.

2] On the other hand we have Bruce Tinsley, who has now spent most of this past week denouncing that man for "flakiness", with no evidence to support that claim; simply, as per standard operating procedure, it is true just "'cause Mallard says so".

So, is there any other possible conclusion than that it is exactly these virtues that Tinsley is denouncing as "flakey"? Or, perhaps to state this more precisely, that in the strange world of Tinsley --and his fellow neocon ilk-- that there is no other way to perceive such virtues than as "flakey"?

wavydavy said...

John E. wins the internets.

WV: rociast. What Mallard/Tinkley is, since we all know he's NOT a "racist".

Anonymous said...

This isn't going to stick, Tinsley. Anybody paying the slightest bit of attention can see that Obama's been seeing racially motivated attacks since his candidacy was announced. His middle name, the madrassa controversy, the pictures of him in Kenyan clothing, the secret muslim/pals around with terrorists thing, the birther nonsense that continues to this day. None of that is even remotely policy based disagreement, and none of it would have happened to a white candidate/president. The right wing sleaze machine went after Kerry hard and unfairly, but with Obama, they've really tapped in to the worst of America.

dlauthor said...

... and once again, despite the horse being little more than a blood-soaked pile of broken bones and torn flesh after most of a week of steady flogging, Tinshley continues to pound away.

How much "research" went into this week's work, Bruce? Eight bottles? Ten? Because you certainly didn't bother looking at what Carter said, or for that matter, what he looks like.

rewinn said...

Y'all did today's "comic" pretty well, but anonymous hasn't chipped in with an anonymous wall of text so let me try ...

Mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... 30 U.S. Senators voted to protect rapists from an angry rape survivor who wanted her day in court. Remember, it is inconvenient when you hire rapists, and they rape one of your workers on the job site, and lock her up for 24 hours, and then another one of your employees conveniently loses the rape kit.

But those 30 Senators (need I mention they were all white male Republicans?) got beat up by a guy from SNL

And the rape survivor? she's carrying on with a foundation is dedicated to holding criminals accountable. Because when 30 Republicans try to keep a rape victim out of court, it's not just because they're in the pay of the defendant; it's because they're thinking ahead!

Oh yeah baby ... that was fun! but I'll stop now since none of the above was in Tinkley's "cartoon". Any chance he draws about this in November?

exanonymous said...


Holding a group accountable for firing employees who were taped giving advice (and some calling the police later) to a fake pimp about a fake prostitution ring = good. Save that 53mil/15yr for the taxpayer!

Holding a group accountable that attempts to cover up an actual rape and reduce it to arbitration = bad. Wouldn't want to save the taxpayer the billions invested in that, or enforce the taxpayers' rights to trials against rapists!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty heartless and asinine, even by Mallard's "standards." Until he starts the inevitable college bowl system bitching, I suppose we'll have to put up with a few more months of Jimmy Carter bashing. Maybe we could get him hepped up on "free silver" or "54.40 or Fight" or some other archaic cause to distract him from sinking his toothless bill into poor Jimmy.

Kip W said...

Anonymous, I must differ. You remember how merciless the rightwing talking heads were on McCain for being born in Panama! How they kept calling him 'Señor McCain' and photoshopping him in a serape and sombrero eating tamales? How they demanded proof that English was his first language? How they insisted that his years in a Vietnamese prison camp were self-inflicted attempts to get out of taking his turn to clean the break room?

They're tough, but fair! Fair but balanced! Balanced but they like to bark at the moon a lot!

(ps: Hats off to John E. for the true bon mot of the day!)