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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Those damned Hicks

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, Fox.

1776 - "No taxation without representation!"

2009 - "Waaah! Waaah! I'm unhinged about the result of an election!"

Yeah, real similar.


GeoX said...

Zit just me, or has Tinsley actually become more unpleasant as of late? I mean, he was always kind of a dick, but this teabagging nonsense really does seem to have ramped up the dickishness considerably.

Factinista said...

Being a conservative outlet, Fox News would probably have been Royalist if it had been around in 1776. But never mind that, Mallard has cheap political points to make.

Tog said...

This is actually fairly clever by Tinsley standards; he's substituting an old white European guy for They Let A WHAT Into My White House?!!? He thinks this will somehow defuse public discussion of his bigotry. (Apparently he has no faith in Mallard's God-like ability to declare racism "meaningless" and has to hedge his bets.)

Hey, Bruce: it's going to work about as well as your "couple of million," "thanks to Joe's outburst, viewers became aware," and "liberals refused to report this story (which appeared in every news outlet in the United States)!" fantasy strips. Those already inclined to believe will lick it up; everyone else will roll their eyes and say, "there you go again!"

exanonymous said...

So um... maybe MF should inform the tea partiers about that, because more than a few of them claim FOX helped and informed them and gave them a reason to protest.

Though this is a straw man. I believe there are those who are capable of disliking him for his actual policies (and took the same stand when the previous administration did the same things). There are also those who who didn't need FOX news to remind them that the president is a black man. Then there are the viewers who are OMG MESSIAHANTICHRISTHITLERNAXICOMMIE
without any real basis in fact or any previous record of protesting some of these things (such as teleprompter use, ACORN, czars) because these are the breaking scarey news things on FOX. And yes, they are stupid hicks for not realizing that FOX doesn't report, it sensationalizes for ratings.

Ducky is Right said...

Technically, a bunch of New England liberal elites were stirring them up, but that's okay.

Why, yes, the modern republican party is run by a bunch of whiny 8 year olds, why do you ask?

Bill the Splut said...

The comic would've more accurately stated Dullard's beliefs if, instead of King George, it starred Abraham Lincoln holding a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.

WV: immation; imitation information, c.f. Fox News.

rewinn said...

If only today's Teabaggers had had the chance to vote in some sort of election, for Congress or President.

Teabagger's Rule: any election that you lose does not count.

rewinn said...

GeoX said... Zit just me, or has Tinsley actually become more unpleasant as of late?..."

As a turd dries in the sun, it gets more complicated.

As the American conservative faction drives off its moderate adherents, it becomes more concentrated.

This actually works to the advantage of those who work in growing media such as TV and hate radio; the wackier their ravings get, the bigger audience share they have. They may sell more Gold Bond Medicated Powder as the leading talker of a shrinking movement than they would as an also-ran in a growing movement.

In the shrinking medium of print comics, it's a formula for alcohol-laced failure. But to understand this, Tinkley would need some honest self-appraisal, which is part of what the booze and hatred is designed to avoid.

Frank Stone said...

Yeah, Brucie -- the Democratically-elected Obama presidency of 2009 is JUST LIKE King George's monarchy of 1776.

It's strips like these that make me wonder if Tinsley is hopelessly willfully ignorant or if he's just counting on his readers to be as stupid and intellectually lazy as he is -- because, as has been mentioned here, Fox "News" HAS, in fact, been "stirring up" those "hicks" who've been attending the assorted Obama protests (and in at least one case done so on-site).

Michael said...

Mallard has the look of dishevelment and shame, like he woke up in the alley next to the bar again.

Michael said...

Gotta agree with King George.

The majority of educated people are liberal. The majority of the tea-baggers are easily led hicks swayed by fear of something different.

Hey, not all strawmen arguments are wrong!

I hate chuck asay said...

This is what will happen if this bullshit continues: Read the punchline, because that is what will happen if Republicans regain power.

Word Verification: Hedlitin, a drug that Tinsley made by mixing alcohol and P.C.P. It fuels his delusions and anger, and prevents him from understanding reality.

Iron Dragon said...

Oddly, that cracked link does make a sort of odd sense. While I doubt that there is some kind of mass conservative conspiracy I could see the logic of conservatives trying to stir up as much as they can with the reasoning that the more they can stall/slow Obama and his policies the easier it will be for them to get someone into the White House as well as helping them claim that the American people don't want things like social justice, national health coverage, and other necessary programs.

Rootbeer said...

Except for the exaggeratedly pronounced (Jewish?) nose, that actually isn't a half-bad caricature of King George III.

I must assume it's mere coincidence.

word veri: jelshnes. "That caricature really captures the king's jelshness -- his Jewishness and Welshness."