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Friday, October 09, 2009

That damned Discretion

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama.

Mallard Fillmore...a study in empty-headed attempts to turn Republican Talking Points into humor, weeks after the Talking Point already failed.

If it weren't so completely cynical, it might be pitiable.


Tog said...

Because today's strip is so utterly devoid of content, I offer this howler:

"This new CBO data makes it clear that our children and grandchildren will end up buried under a mountain of debt if we continue taxing, spending and borrowing at these dangerous levels," House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said. "How many alarm bells have to be set off before Washington Democrats get serious about tackling dangerous budget deficits?"

My response: "Don't worry! We'll pay for it all out of the surplus!" You're eight years too late with your concern, Boner-boy. And your solution is more of what got us in this mess in the first place.

Hey Tin, do a strip about that.

Ducky is Right said...

/agree with Tog, there's nothing to comment on today's strip, because today's strip consists of nothing.

Yeah, those damn WASHINGTON Democrats! They're so WASHINGTON and out of touch with REAL AMERICANS, cause they're in WASHINGTON. Which, as we all know, is NOT part of the United States, contains no Americans, and has absolutely none of the same issues that any one else might have.

Gosh golly, Mr. Sir, I could have sworn that, 5 years ago, every Republican was saying that deficits don't matter.

exanonymous said...

Funny how one election year you vote in a guy with an average IQ because he seems like someone you'd like to have a beer with, and the next you criticize the one who actually has the beer with people. Or goes on talk shows that people watch.

exanonymous said...

A side note:

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Time to watch the far right go ape$hit.

Anthony said...

>>Time to watch the far right go ape$hit.<<

It would be one time I'd actually agree with them. The far left should go ape$hit as well.

I don't care if it's Bush or Obama, the Commander-in-Chief of a country involved in two wars, still running an illegal detention camp, still not holding torturers accountable, still contracting mercenaries... that person really shouldn't be honored for promotion of peace.

I voted for and respect the man. I'll respect him a lot more if he respectfully declines the prize.

Anonymous said...

Anthony is right. If Tinsley had made up the Peace Prize story, we'd have said he was drunk again. Let's just hope the President now adopts policies to make him worthy of the prize. Get the Hell out of Iraq and Afganistan, stop ginning up a war with Iran and/or Pakistan, close Gitmo, and cut the obscene defense budget. Repeal the "Patriot Act" and stop spying on Americans without warrants while you're at it! It could still happen, and we know there was no chance of sanity under Bush, which is probably the prize committee's whole point.

wavydavy said...

I was more than a little shocked to wake up this morning and find out that Barry O has been given the Nobel Peace Prize. As Anthony correctly points out, his bona fides on this matter leave a lot to be desired.

To repeat what I said when Henry "War Criminal" Kissinger got it, this is surely the death of irony.

Though I must say I do appreciate the upcoming cranial explosions from the Rethug side. And, in another 2-3 weeks, after 80-90 hours of research*, some really clever strips from Tinkley. (Hmmm... maybe irony isn't dead after all.)

*Source: some drunk.

I hate chuck asay said...

All Black guys appear on talk shows! You see, they have terrible family lives: Their fathers beat them for the first few weeks, then, run away. Their mothers become enraged and scream incomprehensible threats at the slightest provocation. Their siblings are shot to death in failed drug deals. Their cousins go to prison, where they fuck White bitches and join gangs. They express their outrage in an appropriate medium, because Blacks cannot read or write. (Bruce Tinsley, last night's drunken rambling after a few kegs of tequila.)

Seriously, though, ignoring the subtext of this cartoon, Oprah is a horrible person, who laughs at the pain of idiots. Her supposedly charitable acts are, purely, designed to get publicity and, even, more money. She is as bad as Jerry Springer, and can go to Hell.

Word Verification: Aeabag, the number of plastic bag I want to place over my head after reading a Mallard Fillmore comic.

rewinn said...

Ha-ha Obama win the Peace Prize.

Wait? Not a joke?

Look, I'm as liberal as any and more than most but ... the Nobel Peace Prize?

I was shocked. Iraq, Afghanistan, the Washington Mall ... all still occupied by fundamentalist bent on America's destruction.

Then I read the actual announcement and realized ... somehow our corporate media has downplayed some really big stuff.

I hope the prize encourages Obama to get out of land wars in Asia ASAP.

But his work in revising international diplomacy and the nuke mess may be worthy, even if it's not on our TVs.

And if it inspires the rest of us to work harder, so much the better.

Now all I need is to remember how to spell Schadenfreude!

exanonymous said...

Sorry Anthony, your response isn't actually "ape$shit". Logical thought and normal questioning don't qualify. Not every award given was without some controversy, and some controversies can actually be based in fact. (As opposed to, for example, this being evidence that he is the antichrist, something I have already seen in comments)

I thought it was a joke as well, but it seems that most other places know. And a lot of people (foreign) that I've talked seem to think that it is too early, and that while he might qualify at a later point the results of work are yet to be seen.

So it seems like it is possible the committee's attempt to say that 1) America has returned to being a respected power on the world stage and 2) Barrack Obama should not get lazy while in office. It is their rules and their right to award as they see fit.

GeoX said...

As far as the comic goes, I'm just grateful that we don't have to look at Tinsley's hideous Carter caricature anymore. Now Carter--there's someone whose Nobel Peace Prize was won on the merits.

Michael said...

Warning: The following Mallard Fillmore cartoon contains no humor.

Oprah is a horrible person, who laughs at the pain of idiots.

... fuckreagan, is that you??

I hate chuck asay said...

No, I am not him, I, just, happen to share his contempt for Oprah.

I think I understand why the Nobel Prize Committee awarded the Peace Prize to Barack Obama: They wanted to create an ironic satire of the Bush administration. His award, essentially, said that the Bush administration was so evil, a recently-elected president with few accomplishments seemed, by comparison, to be a saint. I hope this event leads Obama to realize that he is fighting with monsters, and the abyss is beginning to stare unto him. Please, Obama, be the change the committee wants to see, and you claim to encourage, in the world.

Word Verification: Obblex, the shape of the diagram required to map Tinsley's "logic."