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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That damned Weenie

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Vice President Biden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Mallard's comprehension of Foreign Policy is at the approximate level as his word choice, that of a 1st grade child: "If we're not bombing or invading, then he must be a weenie."

The more I think about it, President Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize simply for supplanting these children.


Ducky is Right said...

Tinsley, sitting at home in his plush living room, popping open a fresh 2-litre of Grey Goose, is more then willing to sacrifice the lives of others to make a strong point that sometimes we won't take shit from certain crazy leaders.

I'm sure if we kill just a few more brown people, everyone will be our friend again.

Tog said...

Well, at least this isn't cluttered up with strawmen baying, "...And we liberals love Ahmadinejad!! Kiss! Kiss!"

...Hey, remember when the last president (you remember, "The New Reagan") got "tested?" I'm sure he got a gold star on his forehead for sitting quietly and waiting to the Secret Service men to tell him what to do next. Then he got to play with thousands of real, live army men, and dress up like a real war hero! Yaaaay!

I'm surprised Tinsley wasn't found drowned in his own semen after Bush stood under the "Mission Accomplished" banner.

(Just think: if we did go to war with Iran, we could watch all the Yellow Elephants rummage through their piss-ant excuses again. It wouldn't be worth the cost, but still.)

exanonymous said...

So is Mr. Imma Libertarian Againstwar advocating starting another one? Because that's seriously going to guarentee all 3 countries end up in disaster.

But that's all I think of that would fit "weenie" because obviously rounding up and getting the French and Russian heads of state to acknowledge and publicly condemn the facilities wasn't enough.

Tog said...

Well, that's the beauty of being neoconservative: you let the liberals clean up your mess, screaming obscenities at them and questioning their motives all the while. Then when things are better, you convince people that all they need is a Tax Cut. And WHAM, you're back in office, blowing the deficit right back into the stratosphere, playing Stratego with real human lives, and getting America involved in very profitable quagmires.

Then you drop it in the liberals' lap to clean up again.

Iron Dragon said...

As opposed to Cheney who shot a friend in the face while on a canned hunt? I am beginning to believe that we are getting comics from Bizzarro World.

But yeah.. I have a lot of trouble with this. It takes more courage and skill to work with someone than to threaten them. A parent who beats a child has, in my opinion, all the mental agility of a houseplant especially when compared to one who at least tries to explain why they do what they do (IE make the kid understand why some things are done so that maybe they'll be more willing to follow rules etc.)

The Neocon movement seems to love the idea of wrecking and threatening other countries, and if you try to negotiate with them you're weak. If we really want to be the monstrous titan that walks the world and tries to annihilate all who dare question us we likely have the power. But what it does to our national soul is frankly nightmarish. These are the people who scream about American Values and simultaneously violate the idea of liberty and believe that we have some right to power over those who weren't lucky enough to be born into a first world nation.

I weep for my country and my people, because frankly I can only see it getting worse. (And apologies for the wall of text)

dlauthor said...

Ducky: Tinsley, sitting at home in his plush living room, popping open a fresh 2-litre of Grey Goose ...

Surely you mean "lying on his back on a dingy couch in his grime-smeared 'office,' surrounded by half-crushed Schlitz cans and crusty yellow tissues, while one hand feebly gropes among the dustbunnies for that bottle of Wild-Turkey-and-backwash he dropped while he was jacking it to Michelle Malkin ..."

Kip W said...

Tin Eye's failure to have speech balloons point at the part of people that talks is more than an occasion for a joke ("...out of his ass again!"). It's an indicator that, to him, the part of the head that has the brain and face is no more important than the shoulder, the elbow, the small of the back. No wonder the strip has such a flat affect. He doesn't know how people work.

I hate chuck asay said...

Biden did not have to be psychic, that was, already, obvious. Bush fucked up social programs, constitutional amendments, free expression, trials, the economy, and everything else required to maintain a country, and Obama had to fix all of them.

Conservatives, including Tinsley, claim that Obama is the cause of every problem, ignoring the last thirty years. They perceive Reagan and Bush, Junior, our worst presidents, as perfect supermen. Their insanity will kill us all if they regain power!

Word Verification: Wriedu, Republican beliefs are so weird that they transcend weirdness, and become wriedu.

rewinn said...

Kip wrote....... No wonder the strip has such a flat affect. He doesn't know how people work.

That's one of the basic problems with the conservative world-view: it's based on a faulty concept of human nature.

Conservatives think you can and must whip people into loving you; liberals believe that cooperation works better.

Today's "comic" got shafted again by the 3-week delay, in which Obama was indeed tested, assembled a coalition, and made Iran back down. There are inspectors headed to Iran and it's shipping its uranium to Russia for processing. Of course, the tyrant of Iran will keep trying to make hay out of the Great Foreign Devil, that's how tyrants keep in power.

But Obama was tested and passed. Will Tinshley congratulate him?

HT said...

I'm pretty sure Tinz made this comic just so he could say "weenie".

Factinista said...

Interesting that the conservative caricature of Obama will change so quickly. One day, he's an evil schemer with plans to take over the country, and the next, he's an ineffective do-nothing, or, as Tinsley so articulately put it, a "weenie."

CW in LA said...

Interesting that the Tinsh used Ahmedinejad to express his opinion that "[y]our president is a weenie". Reminiscent of the right agreeing vociferously with the Taliban about the Nobel Peace Prize. So nice for them that they've finally found people with a congenial outlook on things.

Michael said...

Congenitally deformed right hand aside, this is a pretty good caricature by Tinsley standards.

GeoX said...


Yeah, it's almost as though they weren't objecting to Obama on coherent philosophical grounds, but rather were finding reasons, on the fly, to spin every single thing he says or does as a way to make him look bad, no matter how insane it makes them look. Boy, think how crazy THAT would be!

Jazzbumpa said...

Wow. I misread "psychic" as "psychotic" and it had absolutely no effect on how much nonsense it made.

I am in shock and awe over Tinkley's incoherence.

Frank Stone said...

Yes, Brucie -- Obama's a "weenie" because he doesn't bomb the shit out of everybody who looks at us cross-eyed, so as to ensure that they'll be too scared to ever bother us anymore ('cuz, like, y'know, that strategery has worked so well historically...).

Not that Brucie would ever dream of volunteering for the Armed Services so that he could help fight those battles he believes are So Important to our Security and Freedoms. He'd rather do his part by scribbling barely-coherent right-wing drivel for the comics page.

This kind of garbage always brings me back to the dining room scene from the Twilight Zone episode "No Time Like The Past", in which time-traveler Paul Driscoll, residing in a boarding house in 1881, dresses down the jingoistic gas-bag Mr. Hanford:

"... I'm just some kind of sick idiot who's seen too many young men die because too many old men like you fight their battles at dining room tables ... I take offense at armchair warriors who don't know what a shrapnel wound feels like. Or what death smells like after three days in the sun. Or the look in a man's eyes when he realizes he's minus a leg and his blood is seeping out. Mr. Hanford, you have a great enthusiasm for planting the flag deep -- but you don't have a nodding acquaintance with what it's like to bury men in the same soil. ... you'll go back to your bank, and it'll be business as usual until the next dinnertime when you'll give us another of your vacuous speeches about a country growing strong by filling its graveyards. Well, you're in for some gratifying times, Mr. Hanford, you can believe me. There'll be a lot of graveyards for you to fill."

Kaitlyn said...

I thought he said Biden was psychotic, and it almost made sense.

Now that Biden's psychic, I'm lost.

Iran "tested" Obama somehow?