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Saturday, October 31, 2009

That damned Term

What's Mallard raving about today?

Keith Olbermann.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Honestly, quite apart from his Right Wing Water-Carrying and reflexive repetition of whatever Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh tell him to think, Mallard Fillmore is a less likable being than Crankshaft.


GeoX said...

Tinsley you unbelievable idiot, there is no definition of "term" under which "Keith Olbermann" would fit. What a dimwitted little creature you are.

Frank Stone said...

Yes, I can see how a pathologically mendacious piece of subhuman right-wing shit like Brucie/Mallard would find Keith Olbermann annoying. After all, he sez mean things 'bout Rush an' Glenn! An' he thinks them dirty homos is th' same as real people! An' he sez Saint Ronnie wuz a lousy prezdint! An', an', he thinks ev'ryone deserves health care! An', an', an', he thinks Obama's rilly prezdint! An', an', an', an' ...

Tog said...

What really pisses Tinsley off about Olbermann is that Olbermann plays the right-wing noisemakers' own game against them, only with more truthfulness and accuracy.

Plus, he's popular, which causes serious sphincter-clenching injuries among the yo-yos who insist that Beck's large following of knuckle-draggers and freakshow-gawkers somehow makes his blubbering bullshit God's own word.

Sadly, Bruce declined to grace us with a caricature of Olbermann loaded with inappropriate stereotypical features (like the Jon Stewart one we all know and love). Still, the weekend's young.

Hey Tinsley! What about Rachel Maddow? It's been a while since you've really put your utter contempt for women on public display. Opportunity knocks!

Iron Dragon said...

Eh, I find Olbermann mildly entertaining but I am careful not to take him too seriously. But yeah, I suppose that Olbermann would be annoying to Mallard, but why use him, why not someone like Moore who tends to find himself looked at with some annoyance and exasperation (and worse) on both sides of the political aisle?

Kip W said...

Tog, the most important thing for Tin Eye when presenting a caricature of Keith Olbermann would be a thought balloon that includes the words, "I am Keith Olbermann." Otherwise, he could be anybody.

Indeed, in this joke, he could have been anybody. I suspect that there was a long weekend when his wife was out of town and he wasn't able to get a ride to the liquor store, so he came out of his haze and did a bunch of strips with the last word blank that he could fill in later.

This is similar to the technique pioneered by Dennis Miller, sometimes known as MAD LIBS.

Let me just quote myself, from a comment I made at Pandagon in 2006:

I suggest we could do just as badly all by ourselves. We could assemble a bank of blank-fillers for categories like “things that are so ugly,” “things that are so stupid,” “things that are so fast” and then write the all-purpose Dennis Miller generantor. Suggested prototype:

“Now, I don’t want to go into a rant here, but how bad is it when [person who is so liberal] is seen as the new [person who is so respectable]? That’s like having [person who is so stupid] take over for [person who was so smart] at [event which is so prestigious]. You might as well have one of these [adjective chain for stupidity] [very stupid thing]s over to [perform very demanding activity] for your next [esoteric event]. Every time I hear about one of these [thing that is so stupid]s trying to [do thing that is so smart], I just have to [pointless physical activity that isn’t masturbation].”


“Now, I don’t want to go into a rant here, but how bad is it when Howard Dean is seen as the new Ronald Reagan? That’s like having Soupy Sales take over for Stephen Hawking at the College Bowl. You might as well have one of these no-neck drooling inbred clown-hatted mongoloid planaria worms trying to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem. Every time I hear about one of these liberals trying to second-guess Bush, I just have to club myself over the head repeatedly with a cast-iron statue of Fatty Arbuckle.”

See? It doesn’t even have to make sense! We could put the real Miller out of business. They’d replace him with a chimp who’s trained to open and close his mouth repeatedly while a stagehand reads the dialog.

dlauthor said...

Jeez, I forget to log on last night and I miss all the drama. First, Anonyrast managed to find the one cartoon Chris Muir has ever scrawled that doesn't include badly drawn T&A, then he actually openly fantasized about Geox as a young child (mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!). He also pooped out his mouth a lot, but that's not surprising. But maybe the overt pedophilia shouldn't be, either.

(Oh, and Mallard: still sucks. Not much more effort required there.)

Word Verification: Coheedles; paired with Cambridoodle in an ill-fated children's prog-rock band.

I hate chuck asay said...

We could use this template for this website:

"Today's comic is racist because [incredibly offensive fact about the comic,] and stupid because [unspeakably stupid thing about the comic.] Tinsley is showing his contempt for [race, religion, creed, social standing, income level,] whom he calls [slur.] I think he should be [slow, painful method of murder,] although, given his [drinking/numerous enemies,] we will not have a long window in which to do it. Tinsley is offensive to everyone who [smart/poor/racial/not an Objectivist/literate.]

Where does Tinsley live, and, if anyone on this forum lives there, can he go out tonight and check if Tinsley has the guts to wear blackface--as he has threatened to do for the last couple of weeks?

Word Verification: Waspef, ef that damned W.A.S.P. Tinsley.

I hate chuck asay said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for proving my point that Day-by-Day is a humorless incomprehensible comic. Your link, placed, for some reason, in yesterday's post, lead to a comic that made no sense, was awkardly written--although the writing was better than most of its strips--and ignored simple logic. O dear God, save me from a complex, desperately-needed reform bill that is 2,000 pages long! TL;DR, LOL ROFLMAO at this elitist with his fancy letter-arranging skills.

John Ball said...

Regarding "Day by Day"--Muir's always been a fascist sack of shit, and is quick to see disregard for the troops in virtually any action that doesn't involve sending them out to die. For example, in today's strip, he makes it clear that Obama's going to salute the bodies of fallen soldiers--totally dissing the troops.

kris said...

Another (according to 'I hate chuck asay') horrifying cartoon strip. Obama has no shame.

He came. He saw. He honored. Obama pulled off yet another publicity stunt to hide the fact that the troops were brought home to their families in coffins, possibly because of his inability to make a decision.

Do any of you honestly believe that he was standing there with his fake salute for any other reason than a photo op?

Make a decision. Either give the troops the support they need or pull everyone out.

John Ball said...

Yeah. You do know Bush made DAMN sure that nobody ever got a picture of him like that. Not out of some respect for the troops, but because his entire bullshit war machine required pretending that the deaths didn't matter.

Here's a sad fact--life is difficult. We often find ourselves facing various unpleasant choices, which require serious thought as to which is the best. So, Mr. Concern Troll, go peddle your concern somewhere else.

I hate chuck asay said...

Obama celebrated the troops with an appropriate salute. Bush took a joyride on a jet fighter, landed in front on them, and hung a banner over his head, celebrating the end of a war that would continue for six years. Reagan claimed that he was a soldier during World War II. He spent the entire war in California, making movies!

Word Verification: Torlerti, something even more disgusting than the worst toilet, just, like the cartoons Anonymous has made us suffer and Mallard Fillmore.

CW in LA said...

No, Troll, those soldiers didn't come home in coffins becuase our president refuses to rush into a decision. They came home in coffins because his predecessor Cowboy Caligula made a spectacularly bad decision, half-assing Afghanistan in our to "take Saddam out".

Not only, as John Ball points out, did Flight Suit Boy make sure he was never photographed near any such coffins, he made sure no one ever photographed the coffins period - can't be remindin' the folks bad decisions have consequences; it makes catapultin' the propaganda harder, heh heh heh.

Tog said...

Naturally, Kris was also enraged when Rummy made it clear he couldn't be concerned whether troops had sufficient armor or not.

...You WERE all pissed off about that, right, Kris? Or is your patriotism as selective and phony as you claim Obama's to be?

dlauthor said...

Wait, does Anonyrast have a name after all? Did somebody forget to click the Anonymous button?

rewinn said...

@KrisTroll: How does honoring our war dead "hide" the fact that they are dead, as you claim?

I understand you hate Obama; that's your right. But to put your name to a claim so stupid shows only that you hate yourself ever more.

exanonymous said...

Obama received the permission of the family to take pictures of that particular coffin. There were more dead that he saluted without a camera. Are neocons really so tasteless as to question the wishes of families of fallen soldiers just to take another cheap shot at Obama?

The answer is yes.

And I seriously question the sanity of anyone who uses a Day by Day cartoon to back up their point.
You're trusting someone who thinks that the same physics apply to opening a vacuum sealed lunch meat container to unclasping a bra. Or if he isn't actually that stupid (and has managed to take off a bra), it's a rather forced way just to talk about breasts. Just write "I have boobies" and be done with it.

Unless the characters wear the bacon bra.

Rootbeer said...

One thing I'll say for Chris Muir: compared to him, Bruce Tinsley appears to be a talented comic writer and artist.

Kip W said...

Equally talented, I'd say.