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Saturday, October 24, 2009

That damned U.N.

What's Mallard raving about today?

The U.N.

For anyone with a hint of decency or shame, it would be pretty tough to cast stones about speeches made at the U.N. after Colin Powell's performance.

For Mallard...


Tog said...

Because anyone who isn't America is America's enemy.

Because anyone who disagrees with you hates you.

...Wait, wasn't "we don't hate Obama, we just calmly disagree with some of his policies" one of Tinsley's very own most recent dead-horse puddings?

Look, Bruce, the U.S. wanted the U.N. in the U.S. so the U.S. could continue to pretend it was the center of the universe. You're an egomaniacal dickhead; surely you can relate to that.

Anthony said...

It must be very difficult imagining the early years of the U.N. - if only we had some visual hint of dress and manner back in the 1940s. If we did, then Bruce would have a more accurate visual to accompany this crappy non-joke.

Although say we did have libraries filled with history books, or say, a series of connecting computer networks that nearly everyone on Earth had access to, maybe Tinsley's work process would go something like this:

"Okay, um, a picture of a charter signing in San Francisco. That's gotta be wrong cause the UN's in NY. Well, they're all wearing suits... what the hell??? Who can tell a '45 suit from a modern suit when you draw it?"

"Screw it. I'll draw cavemen."

Of course, the world hadn't been in a crisis desperately needing of a united international organization when the UN was formed, and there have been multiple world wars among the participants since then, so that caveman experiment was an abject failure.

Kip W said...

Tinsley understands an important rule of rightwing rhetoric: If they're not actively kissing your ass, they must hate you with a passion. As to 'paying for it,' I seem to recall that we've been a sort of deadbeat daddy in that regard. But it's the thought that counts.

Old joke, refitted:
"Stupid UN is money mad! Always demanding money, money, money!"
"What do you think they do with it all?"
"Beats me. I never give them any."

Kip W said...

ps: Too late for yesterday's poetry fest, so I'm posting it here instead.

I met a reporter who'd just been canned
Who said: "Two webbed enormous feet of clay
Perch on a dungheap. Near them on the sand,
Half drunk, a pair of eyeballs rest, whose way
Of staring straight out, wherever you stand,
Tell that its crafter well his lesson learned
On scratching out unfunny things by hand:
Footnotes weak (a leaf to be left unturned).
And at his web site, these puff words appear:
'Your readers will love this duck and his flings:
His foes will toss their hands up in despair!'
No sense can be found. 'Round the easy chair
Of the tin-eyed wreck, unbalanced, unfair,
The crushed and empty cans perfume the air."

exanonymous said...

I'm not sure why neocons hate the UN so much.

The US helped form it. More than a few of its goals are things that I would say embody the American spirit (when you ignore any selfish jingoism).

Oh right, they don't let us play world police. And they're against our nuclear arsenal. It's no fun when people think it's a bit much to keep an arsenal capable of wiping out the entire planet 100 times over when they should be in awe of our superiority.

CW in LA said...

Yeah, as Kip (awesome poetry spoofs, by the way - nice contrast to the Tinsh's doggerel) point out, the US' actual record of paying for the UN is pretty spotty at best.

I vaguely remember hearing that the Obama administration has decided to pay up our arrears to the UN, but it was the practice of Cowboy Caligula (and I'm pretty sure of St. Ronnie and Pops Bush, too), to stiff the UN on what we had agreed to contribute.

But why let honesty get in the way of a good talking point, huh Tinsh?

Michael said...

It is what it is, Tinsley.

Rootbeer said...

I think Bruce Tinsley may honestly believe that the United Nations has existed since prehistoric times.

Really, it's no more absurd than the notion that United States "pays for most of" the UN's operational costs. (In the real world, just under 25% of the UN budget comes from the US.)