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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

That damned Click

What's Mallard raving about today?

Advertising, Christmas.

I know it was too much to hope that the "click" in the first panel was Mallard turning the TV off for a change.

Stupid of me to get my hopes up.


Factinista said...

Someday, Mallard's boss will wise up and fire him for ignoring his job for weeks at a time to watch TV. What happens afterward should be obvious: Mallard rages about how the liberal media doesn't want him speaking the truth, he writes a book about it, and finally, he's hired by Fox News.

Tog said...

I got nothin'.

...Hey, maybe Tinsley isn't so stupid after all. Because he's got nothin' as well, but he's getting paid for it.

deepbeep said...

To see what Mallard's day really looks like, I took the last 3 cartoons Mallard Fillmore was in, and removed the thought bubbles and TV noise. Let's just say that his life is not exciting.

NickE said...

Factinista, Mallard's boss may have already fired him; it looks like he had to pawn his beanbag chair (and probably used the proceeds to buy some more research).

steve-o said...

So what is Mallard suggesting? That the government take over all TV networks and local TV stations so that he'll be spared having to watch commercials? Wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy him a few dozen pallet-loads of whiskey?

NLC said...

Just to pop-out to the real world for a second:

As many folks have pointed out Tinsley is clearly just spinning his well-worn tires this week. But, I suspect, the truth may be more depressing.

In short, I think we can safely assume that it's only a matter of time until MF opens the so-called "ClimateGate" floodgates...

At present we should just assume that Tinsley is engaged in his much touted "research" on the topic (i.e. meaning that he's copying Fox News transcriptions).

In short, this looks like an ideal Mallard subject. Meaning that it provides plenty of opportunity for the misrepresentations, strawmen, gross exaggerations --and outright lies-- that we've all come to expect from Tinsley/Mallard. The only real uncertainty is how long Tinsley will beat this particular dead horse (I'm taking bets we'll have a new winner of the "Most Interminable Series" award.)

It ain't going to be pretty.

Kip W said...

The duck's up and on the bag before noon every single day, because there are only 15 more whining days till Christmas!

exanonymous said...

He really should stop slouching and go buy a better sweater during these "sales events" at the very least.

And possibly some furniture. It looks like he's just blobbing on the floor with a television set in front of him in an empty room.

Bill the Splut said...

Today's strip differs from yesterday's only by the insertion of a totally needless third panel, and a slight change in his final facial expression. (Check deepbeep's link for proof) Otherwise the art is exactly the same. And yet just days ago, he was bitching about people recycling.

He needs to cut down the 8 days a week of "research" and spend some time actually drawing a strip. It's as if he's trying to be Dinosaur Comics (in the repetitive art department, that is, not the quality or humor categories. In fact, I should probably have my house stepped on by a T. Rex just for comparing the two).

Marion Delgado said...


It's officially been renamed


Frank Stone said...

At last, the mystery is solved! The changes in the color of Mallard's feathers are somehow connected to his alcoholic blackouts, seen here in "real time" for the first time ever! (Insert wry comment about art imitating life here.)

Bill the Splut said...

I thought that the "I Agree" tag was pointless for a site like this, and yet they are several "I Agrees" over the last coupla days. I also notice that you can click the same button more than once, and still have it counted as another vote. So it's prly the same person.

And that's better therapy for the one troll than coming to the comments and repeating the latest bizarre lie that they heard from the coworker who showers irregularly, who heard it on World Nut Daily, which the MSM won't talk about because Muslim Liberal Communist Hitler blah blah blah.

What's the meme this week, that Obama's death panels are sending the ATF to harvest stem cells from Our Sacred Troops to bring all the dead Kennedys back to life, so that their reanimated corpses can lie about global warming and socialistic not-for-profit health care? Or is it still Tiger Woods, and all them other damn untrustworthy Negroes?

Kaitlyn said...

So he's a communist, or objects to commercials.

Funny, I watch TV on a regular basis, and I haven't been annoyed by the commercials. Unless they're "awesome" local ones.

I think yesterday's was about the old commercial that signified the start of the Christmas season, Santa riding a norelco. No, I've never seen such an ad, and no, I don't remember where I heard about it.

Also - I'm not done with school until the 17th, so no christmas music on the radio, bliss!

GeoX said...

I'm just baffled as to what the hell there is about this strip that one could "agree with." It's not making an argument, it's not telling a joke, it's not doing much of anything. You might as well claim to "agree with" barnyard animal noises. Which I guess is actually what MF more or less is, only less articulate.