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Monday, December 21, 2009

That damned Program

What's Mallard raving about today?

Christmas, Environmentalism.

Mallard literally does not understand the difference between Science and Religion.

That explains a lot.


Tog said...

"Giving a damn about the world that sustains us, and about the survival of future generations, is for PUSSIES! REAL Americans pour oil down storm drains and buy six-packs just for throwing the plastic rings into the sea! If I could afford it, I'd fill my yard with trucks and run the engines all night long! Yeah!!"

...Meanwhile, Pat "Not At All A Nutjob Scumbag" Buchanan has a new column out dismissing global warming as a plot to turn America into the servant of "European elitists," of which Copenhagen is the dastardly endgame, and of course, of which Obama is a willing conspirator. Yeeeeesh. I am rather relieved that gun-cleaning and drunk driving accidents--along with diseases associated with inbreeding--are rapidly thinning his fanbase.

(I refuse to link to the column; unlike Tinsley's references, it CAN be easily Googled.)

Happy Holidays!

Iron Dragon said...

Really now? So apparently caring about the planet is a religion...alright? It almost seems non-sequitir or is this a belated attempt to reignite the whole climategate claim based on hacked emails?

rewinn said...

It's too easy to mock Tinckley for his spoiling his hatefest with too much text; his punchline is spoiled because the reader is confused whether he's attacking religious inclusion or environmentalists.

Instead, let me take this opportunity to point y'all to people who REALLY understand the harmony of religion and environmentalism: Green Christians

One day, the children and grandchildren of environment deniers will look at the mess they made of the world, and piss on their graves.

rewinn said...

BTW - wasn't the big environmental conference LAST WEEK?

Heck of a job being non-topical!

dlauthor said...

Tinshley's just upset that the pageant doesn't recognize Alcoholism as a religion.

Kip W said...

Tin's trying to form the words, "Because some scientist somewhere fudged something, the entire consensus in the scientific community is every bit as much of an imaginary story as Christianity and other religions," but the consonants and vowels and things keep throwing him off.

dlauthor: Win

Jazzbumpa said...

Actually, Tinkley is attacking religious inclusion AND environmentalists. What a turd.

Kip - But no scientist actually fudged anything. The whole non-event is horse shit.


GeoX said...

Boy, that whole "goodwill towards all men" thing sure didn't last long, did it?"

Frank Stone said...

Yes, Brucie -- environmentalism is a "belief system".

Now tell us about how atheism is a "religion".

deepbeep said...

If environmentalism is the same as a religion now, can I act offended when someone points out that I believe in nonsense? I've always wanted to do that.

Me: I believe all people should wear the Avatar 3D glasses 24/7. It will restore the forests. Here, sir, take these glasses.

Guy: What? That's stupid, why would you believe that?

Me: How dare you. That's my sacred belief... I'm an environmentalist!

rewinn said...

"... it is the chief characteristic of the religion of science, that it works...."

-- Isaac Asimov, Foundation

Kip W said...

Jazzbumps - I wouldn't doubt that some scientist, somewhere, screwed up. They don't become saints by virtue of their jobs. What keeps the science of climate change going is the consensus of thousands of reputable scientists who check each other's work, and when something like this happens, they call them on it and demonstrate that it doesn't matter and why. The yahoos will think they've found a flaw, but anyone with a brain will know otherwise. You're right that it's a non-event, but it's also a chance to show that the scientific community polices its own.