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Thursday, December 31, 2009

That damned July

What's Mallard raving about today?

2009, 2010, Unemployment.

Ha! Ha! Unemployment is hilarious.

And since it happened in July, it is all President Obama's fault.


Rootbeer said...

The... year... lost its job...? But it's showing up for work at the end of its shift anyway...? For... show...?


Kip W said...

Laid off in July? If I understand the principles of GOP blamecasting correctly, that can't be Obama's fault, because he'd only been in office for half a year. It has to have been the fault of whoever the last Democrat in office was.

Damn you, Bill Clinton! Is there no end to your evil?

dlauthor said...

Wow, if the year ended in July, does that mean all that townhall-shouting-mouthbreathers bullshit never happened? Yay!

In other news, Karl Rove's wife divorced him. Pay close attention, Mrs. Tinsley!

NotannonNotcow said...

If only Tinsley had actually been laid off in July!

rewinn said...

The only thing wrong about today's "comic" is the year. It should read "2007" not "2009"

June '07 was when job loss starting exceeding job gains (although technically the fall in real employment rates was much sooner, since due to population increase, our USA needs about 100,000 new jobs each month just to break even.)

Data from Slate's nice map

BTW: Happy New Year (soon). Progress is way too slow, but it's progress!

rewinn said...

Ah shucks, I should wrote "2008" instead of "2007" in the above. Anyway, the map's time-series makes it clear our crappy employment situation came back when Obama was forcing the powerless George W Bush to screw things up.

deepbeep said...

Thanks to DaveyK and all the commenters for an enjoyable Duck and Cover 2009!

Additional thanks to DaveyK for the consistent posts and, unlike me, for having the class to refrain from jokes about Tinsley's drunkenness.