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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Those damned Choices

What's Mallard raving about today?

Stunts & Hoaxes.

While not as rare as the Mallard Fillmore which is actually funny, today we see the slightly less rare Mallard Fillmore with nothing really objectionable about it.


Tog said...

...Except that Tinsley's depicting what one would reasonably think is meant to represent PUBLIK EDJEWKAYSHUN BLARRRRRRRR* actively teaching children to demean themselves for fifteen minutes of notoriety.

That's our Tinsley; he probably spends as much time glued to reality-show garbage as he does watching FOXNews garbage, yet feels compelled to screech about how culturally-degenerative it is.

(It's like the claims that holding the "9-11" trials in New York will create a circus; you cannot have a circus without an audience.)

*...because that's one of Tinsley's favorite dead-horse pinatas. However, I must note the teacher looks oddly conservative--bathed, shaved, wearing a suit, not a pot-smoking, Satan-worshipping hippie at all!...but THAT'S HOW THEY INFILTRATE OUR SCHOOLS BLARRRRRRRR!!1

Kip W said...

I agree. This is a damning indictment of, um, something.

rewinn said...

The only thing wrong with today's "comic" is that the last 2 words should have been "Corporate News".

"Reality TV" are nearly-harmless, mindless entertainment, no worse than the formulaic sitcoms they displace.

The problem with stunts and hoaxes is that the Corporate News Whores waste our time on Balloon Boy instead of Blackwater, on who's-sleeping-with-who instead of who's-screwing-you!

dlauthor said...

No reaction checkbox for "ennui," sadly. When the best thing Tinshley can produce is this fart in the wind, it's time for him to hang it up.

deepbeep said...

Why do pop culture references in Mallard Fillmore always run at least a month after the event? There must be a stash of these cartoons saved up for hung over-- er, sick days.

Also, he's complaining about people receiving too much media attention by giving them more media attention.

Frank Stone said...

Impressive -- Brucie was lucid enough when he did this strip to realize he could make it seem a little less hopelessly out of date by making the cultural reference sufficiently vague.

(Though I notice he was still careless enough to include a glaring grammatical error: having the teacher use the singular "yourself" while addressing a group.)

exanonymous said...

Replace "a reality show" with "FOX News" and you have the explanation for Glenn Beck.

And before some troll comes stomping around in here, I'm not jealous of his millions. I reserve my jealousy for the likes of Linus Torvalds, Eric Anderson, or Buzz Aldrin. Or J.K. Rowling if we're going to go for sheer monetary amounts and popularity.

GeoX said...

So have you lunatics really hit the "agree" button a total of fourteen times, or is lunatic trolly so crazed that it's voted a whole bunch? Because this may be less blatantly offensive than usual, but it's still generally shallow and idiotic, and I'd be embarrassed for you if you "agreed" with it. Just sayin.

Jazzbumpa said...

rewinn -

You are a wise man.


Kip W said...

Any way to have the buttons log the IP and delete duplicate votes? And there really needs to be a "ho hum" button in there, as has been said.