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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Those damned Notes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Santa, Jobs.

"But don't you dare use any Federal money to create Jobs!"


Tog said...

Can Santa give massive tax cuts to the already very wealthy?

Because that's how Tinsley thinks jobs are created.

Hasn't worked yet, but hey, stay the course, right?

Iron Dragon said...

Politics aside, this comic isn't so bad actually. It's not exactly 'funny' per se, but it does capture a general feeling of fear and hopelessness in a recession. And the idea of grandparents needing jobs as well can be fairly worrisome regardless, I actually could say that, on its own at least, this is a fairly good comic.

Jazzbumpa said...

Dragon -

That's only of you look at it in a vacuum. In the context of Tinkley's tea-baggery, the implied sub-text is that unemployment is Obama's fault.

I saw an article by Grover Norquist that actually blamed the stock market decline from the top in '07 on Obama, who got elected a year later.

Happy Holidays
JzB the war-on-christmas trombonist

Lagomorph Man said...

My only surprise is that he has yet to do a comic on the "War on Christmas" (tm) that is usually so popular this time of year.

BEcause, you know, there are just CROWDS of people, waiting on every corner, acting in shock and dismay if you say "Merry Christmas."

Like me. Because I'm not a Christian. So if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, being the latte-sipping, volvo-driving, tree-hugging liberal scum I am, I can't take it as a standard, polite wish in general.

What can I say, I'm a vc:hater. And a hater's gonna hate.

wavydavy said...

I have to agree with Iron Dragon on this. If someone with no prior experience duck-wise were to read this, they might find it at least mildly amusing.

OTOH, as Jazzbumpa correctly points out, this is no doubt another "it's all Obama's fault" strip. Maybe he did so much "research" that he passed out before he could make it explicit.

All the regular visitors here already know the subtext behind Tinkley's writing, of course. In fact, that's probably why many, if not most, of us are here: to form a community of sane, intelligent people who can poke holes in all the crap BT/MF spills.

WV: commyou. How "You commie!" comes out of Tinkley's mouth after he's done some research.

Ken said...

And since Santa represents socialism to Mallard, every American asking for a job is dirty commie traitor.

rewinn said...

The easiest ways to create jobs in the long run is to bring good-paying jobs BACK to our USA by imposing a labor-cost equalization tariff on imported goods.

The standard response to this is to claim that tariffs caused the Great Depression, and that's simply false; the Depression started BEFORE tariffs were raised. And our situation today is far worse than in 1929; our manufacturing base is shattered and needs rebuilding. But anything that might cause ordinary Americans to have a decent standard of living is anathema to the aristocracy that pays Tinkley to cartoon.

Happy holidays, everyone and BUY AMERICAN!!!

Kip W said...

Saint Nick is boggled because the elves he had to lay off last year took all the notes out of their envelopes and threw them on the floor to get even. He wasn't able to hire them back, so he hasn't even been able to open any requests from this year.

Supply-side Santa!

I hate chuck asay said...

I deluded myself into believing that yesterday's problem might be the end of this torture. I was horribly wrong, and, now, I am more suicidal than usual when reading Mallard Fillmore.

Tinsley thinks this is hilarious. He thinks everyone who loses his job is an undeserving Communist (his words,) and needs to slowly and painfully die in the gutter. He blames Obama for all of our problems, despite the fact that those issues were caused by the last four presidents. Tinsley, when you die--whether, surely very soon, from liver cirrhosis or a lynching--I will find your gravestone, research your financial situation, and dance on the burial plot, while reading your bank statement, so I know how many millions of dollars you are no longer able to spend.

Word Verification: Kieste, the thing I, sincerely, hope alcohol is making out of Tinsley's liver and kidneys.

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley, you are less humorous than Carlos Mencia, Jeff Dunham, The Irate Gamer, Tim "Fuckley," and every sitcom on C.B.S. put together.

Word Verification: Ygrefo, Mallard Fillmore is so surreal that after reading it, yes looks like ygrefo.

deepbeep said...

Jesus, he still can't draw a santa hat.