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Saturday, December 26, 2009

That damned Mess

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Environment.

Aaaand, back the the same old same old after one day putting politics aside.

That said, obviously Climate Change is a hoax and there is no need to worry about the Environment, because someone left a mess behind, which obviously disqualifies them from being taken seriously.

Unlike the 2 gazillion teabaggers, who descended on DC and left almost no mess behind, almost as if they were a crowd of only 60-70,000 people.


Tog said...

Let's try to follow where Tinsley's "logic" is going here:

(1) If an environmentalist uses a car, a plane, a computer, paper, or anything else that consumes resources or emits pollutants, that person is a hypocrite.

(2) If an environmentalist DOESN'T use such everyday things, that person is a kook.

Hypocrite or kook, that's how Tinsley's ilk wants to frame the issue. Because the whole denial thing, while intensifying lately, ain't workin' like it used to.

News for you, Tinsley--this won't work either.

deepbeep said...

These people are literally trying to save the planet. And they are criticized for not living like a tribe in Avatar by a man whose only environmentally positive act was riding a bicycle... and only because the state of Indiana forced him to. If you really care about the trash they're leaving, how about you make a cartoon about recycling? That will have a larger impact than a few hundred people traveling to Denmark and throwing away butter cookie wrappers.

Also, GeoX is a prophet. His comment yesterday: "I'd be more inclined to wish Tinz a Merry Christmas if I weren't dead certain that tomorrow he'll be back to acting like a total dick. You can't get all Christlike one day out of the year and still get credit for it. Sorry."

SchrodingersDuck said...

I could point out that the Copenhagen Summit was carbon and waste neutral (as most environmental organisations have been for at least the last five years), but it took me almost 1 minute to find that information, and someone with the sheer artistic talent and vision it takes to write Mallard Fillmore isn't going to have that much time in their busy schedule.

Lagomorph Man said...

Deepbeep, Tinsley does more environmentally friendly acts than just riding a bike. He's also an avid recycler.

He recycles "jokes" for weeks on end. He recycles his "art." He recycles whatever Rush Limbaugh was spewing 4 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Lately, I've noticed an odd contrast in the far right's attitude towards the next generation:

1. Health care bill, economic stimulus, etc:
"Oh, it costs so much! We'll be in debt forever! Wouln't somebody PLEASE think of the children!"

2. The environment:

"Maybe we should pollute less and conserve more for the next generation."

"Nuts to that. Global warming is a crock, and we can just drill for more oil. So what if we run out in the future?"

rewinn said...

Tog Is Right ... no matter what environmentalists do or don't do, the reichwing will attack them for it. Fortunately our next generation is a lot smarter than the last one, or perhaps the problem is just becoming sufficiently more acute that minds not yet set into concrete can draw no other conclusion than that this is a real issue.

Lagomorph is also right about Tinkley's recycling "jokes" ... I remember very similar anti-environmentalist attacks made in editorial cartoons back in the late '60s or early '70s. The only real difference is that, as Schrodinger's Duck noted, environmentalists have basically internalized the need to deal with our own environmental consequences and deal with it so that there's no factual basis for today's attack.

Not that facts matter to the reichwing ... as long as they repeat the talking points of their masters, they get their checks and that's all that matters. And again, luckily our younger generation is more savvy about this, as a result of which Tinshley and the RW are almost universally rejected by those who will inherit our planet.

NickE said...

A "Letter to the Editor" in pur local newspaper on Wednesday was from some guy who claims that for man to believe he can change the climate is "an act of Hubris," for which God will certainly smite him.

Probably by changing the climate.

WV: "emutsmeg": The act of electronically mailing your female dog's secretions. (ew)

Steve-O said...

This is the same line of reasoning as the schmuck I work with who sees snow outside in December and says "WHERE'S YOUR GLOBAL WARMING NOW!! HAHA, I KNEW IT WAS A LIE!!!!"

Also, as pointed out above Tinsley pulled this "fact" out of his ass. They didn't leave a big mess to clean up. Of course, everyone knows facts have a well-known liberal bias.

wv: asinds, the place where Tinsley gets his facts. He pulls them out of his asind.

GeoX said...

Many many many "If global warming is real then why is it cold" comics. What gets me is not so much that these cartoonists are smugly moronic, anti-intellectual jackasses--that goes without saying. No, what gets me is that I have no doubt that every single one of them thought they were being terribly clever with this dimwitted little gag. If anything else quite so effectively shows the intellectual poverty of the delusional contemporary right, I don't know what it is.

I hate chuck asay said...

I want to elaborate on what I said yesterday, and I will continue to say it until this comic, finally, ends:

Tinsley, you are less humorous, and more of a delusional racist than Carlos Mencia, Jeff Dunham, The Irate Gamer, Tim "Fuckley," and every sitcom on C.B.S. put together.

Word Verification: Grandosa, Tinsley's policies would cause grandosa enormities.

Kip W said...

Tin's on the job! If any environmentalist or liberal engages in any sort of hypocritical behavior, he'll call them on it. And if they don't actually engage in any hypocritical behavior, why, he'll just make some up -- like today!

(And why do I suspect he just has rolls of pre-drawn ducks staring gormlessly out at the readers, ready to unreel by the yard and needing only an inept scribble and a sneer to turn them into finished, researched strips?)

wv: "cropor" -- almost where this one came from

Rootbeer said...

"(And why do I suspect he just has rolls of pre-drawn ducks staring gormlessly out at the readers, ready to unreel by the yard and needing only an inept scribble and a sneer to turn them into finished, researched strips?)"

While rolls of Mallard Fillmore toilet paper would be an appropriate merchandising opportunity, it should be noted that apart from wishy-washy newspaper feature editors nobody has bought anything Mallard-related since 1996.