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Friday, December 04, 2009

That damned Czar

What's Mallard raving about today?

Czars, President Obama, Shopping.

And then those companies will create jobs, which out of work citizens would take, earning enough money to buy what they want without subsidies.

And that would be a tragedy, for Mallard.


Tog said...

Mallard was awful damn quiet when Dick Cheney became Halliburton Czar, using our money to fill the coffers of his pals in an occupation we didn't want.

Of course, he was also quiet when Voodoo Economics II pissed away the surplus, just as Junior Bush promised he would.

...But a proven economic stimulus? OH NO THAT'S BAD

deepbeep said...

Nice of Mallard to finish the sentence of whoever is under his table.

Wow, he's really got the eyebrow going in this one. He's rivaling The Rock.

I noticed recently that I tend to wrinkle my brow a lot when I'm drunk. Hmmm.

Kip W said...

Mallard's getting another nine hundred pounds of straw for Christmas, I see. Wishes do come true!

Maybe he should wish for a lower jaw/beak, so his tongue wouldn't have to hang straight down all the time.

exanonymous said...

Actually, deepbeep, he's just talking out his a$$.

Mallard sure hates the free market.

Jazzbumpa said...

Not even straw, this is simply god-damned lies.

1) Shopping Czar.
2) Subsidizing (manufacturing) Companies
3) That make what we don't want.
4) Cash back incentives.

Not a whiff of even quasi-pseudo-semi-reality anywhere. Typical conservative approach: in the absence of a valid point, they just make shit up.


rewinn said...

I think the "companies that make stuff we don't want" is supposed to be a slam at American auto companies. In con-world, Americans do not and can not make things and therefore deserve unemployment.

In reality, there is a strong connection between unemployment and the inability to buy things. By far, the largest amount of Demand in our economy comes from wages, and when that drops, the supply/demand balance point drops. A well-structured stimulus replaces private demand with public demand (...too much of Obama's stimulus was wasted on tax cuts for the rich, which has a much smaller impact ... but I haven't seen Tinkley complaining about that...)

steve-o said...

Obviously the text of this "comic" is complete bullshit, but what disturbs me is the color of Mallard's feathers. He turns from black to green in the same panel. Is that how you tell when a duck is drunk off his ass? Does alcohol turn your feathers from black to green?

Frank Stone said...

Naw, steve-o, the answer is much more mundane: Brucie is simply a shitty cartoonist. By his own admission, he's too lazy to draw backgrounds -- and, more often than not, he's too lazy to decide if Mallard's feathers should be black or green. He's also too lazy to learn what a cartoon duck's mouth looks like when it's open -- hence the phenomenon of Mallard always talking with his mouth shut (an inadvertent admission that he's talking out of his ass).

deepbeep said...

The head of a Mallard duck appears green or black depending on the light, so the alternating colors is appropriate.

However, there is no excuse for the fact that he only has 5 poses and 3 facial expressions, and that his mouth is always closed.

steve-o said...

In my newspaper his head goes from black to white. Inexplicably.

WV: dessayet, what Brucie wishes he could do when he spouts off in a drunken rage.

deepbeep said...

And I hate defending Tinsley again, but any coloring errors can be blamed on the colorists at King Features Syndicate. There is most likely a colorist assigned to Mallard and a few other cartoons, who is trained how to color the characters in Mallard Fillmore.

The problem is that sometimes it is drawn so horribly that the colorist has no idea what to do. For example, I don't blame the colorist for not recognizing this shape as Obama's eggplant-sized auxiliary chin. "Wait, is that...? No, I've already colored his chin. Why has my job seemed harder ever since we increased his research budget?"

deepbeep said...

Also, if your newspaper is in black & white, all drawing errors can once again be blamed on Tinsley's incompetence.

wv: cupers: genetically modified capers that have a one inch diameter.

Anonymous said...

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Not THAT Anonymous said...

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