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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Those damned Wheels

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Taxes.

After the week we've had, it's almost a relief to get back to the empty-headed propaganda!


Tyler McDowell said...

Liberals will tax you for no reason! Every penny that gets taxed from you goes straight into Obama's pocket!


Tog said...

So two weeks ago, desperately devoid of any fresh ideas even after a whole hour of Glenn Beck's whining, Tinsley gave up, rolled over, and shat out another "Hey! You know why Liberals suck? They TAX and SPEND!!" strip...for which, amazingly, he got paid.


exanonymous said...

Yep, poor liberals inventing things (scientists are usually independents or progressives) while the conservative looks on ready to bank on their work (most CEOs and business managers are conservatives).

rewinn said...

To take exanonymous' comment one step farther, here's what the Pew poll recently found:

"... Slightly more than half of scientists (52%) describe their own political views as liberal, including 14% who describe themselves as very liberal. Among the general public, 20% describe themselves as liberal, with just 5% calling themselves very liberal.

Most scientists identify as Democrats (55%), while 32% identify as independents and just 6% say they are Republicans.

When the leanings of independents are considered, fully 81% identify as Democrats or lean to the Democratic Party, compared with 12% who either identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP. Among the public, there are far fewer self-described Democrats (35%) and far more Republicans (23%). Overall, 52% of the public identifies as Democratic or leans Democratic, while 35% identifies as Republican or leans Republican.

deepbeep said...

One caveman is a peaceful scientist who likes to solve problems. The other gleefully holds his big club. Which is which, again?

deepbeep said...

By the way, you know your metaphor sucks if you can change one noun and it still works as a comic the opposite way.

Steve-O said...

Well we know from the really smart conservatives (like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck) that the less you tax people the more money the government has. So what we should do is drop all tax rates to zero and then the government will have infinite amounts of money!

Kip W said...

What is he taxing? Cave-money? Clams? Rocks with dollar signs on them?

Ducky is Right said...

Deepbeep wins.

Rootbeer said...

Liberals are flower-loving hippie peaceniks!

Wait, I mean liberals are club-wielding violent thugs!

Pour me another glass of research, will you?