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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Those damned Orders

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Terrorists, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly.

Mallard is able to win arguments handily when he defines the other side's argument in cartoonish terms which have no basis in reality.



Ducky is Right said...

Oh, DO die in a fire, Ducky. Or would you prefer I snap and call you a Barely Functional, Alcoholic, Man-Slaughter-Waiting-to-Happen Hack Cartoonist?

GeoX said...

yeah, those evil libruls hate using the word "terrorist" so much that some of them only do it seventeen thousand times.

...or at least, that's what I WOULD say, were I under the impression that Tinsley's "observations" were anything other than the delusional ramblings of a mind blighted by hatred and alcohol, and that they thus deserved to be countered in some meaningful way.

exanonymous said...

Officer: Sir, we have the body of the Peace Concert shooter.
Detective Mallard: *looks at a body* Dark skin, beard, middle eastern descent... gentlemen, we have a terrorist attack!
Officer 2: That's a victim. The shooter is the dead guy over there.
Detective Mallard: Oh, he's white. I bet it was stress. Or he's one of them left-wing extremist liberals.
Officer 1: But sir, we have a manifesto from him about scaring the "godless liberals".
Detective Mallard: It was stress then!

Kip W said...

If you can't say something nice, or true, or funny, at least be sure and put big noses and crossed eyes into the picture. Even if you have to put them on inanimate objects.

Well, it worked for Crumb, and the only difference between him and Tinsley is that Crumb has talent, skill, writing ability, and something to say.

Rootbeer said...

Doesn't this comic strip already have a proxy for the mainstream media's alleged irrational liberalism in Mr. Noseworthy?

Why invent a new "character" that's a creepy white Etch-A-Sketch with a face and sometimes arms?

dlauthor said...

Weird etch-a-sketch things with optional arms are easier to draw than people when you're gunned out of your fucking gourd, that's why.

Today's strip is quite the melange of paranoia and victimhood-by-proxy. It must be so uncomfortable for Brucie to do those 80 hours of research when he wets his pants every 20 minutes.

Bill the Splut said...

And as long as you're saving time with crappy drawings, save writing time by repeating verbatim yesterday's strip in today's first 2 panels.

I guess that there really are "death panels," as the panels Tinny scribbles make us wish he'd up and die already.

rewinn said...

PRO TIP: Having caricature say "Hi, I'm 'XYZ'" is the same as having it say "Hi, I'm a stupidly conceptualized image. I suck!"

That's one of many reasons there is no Mallard Fillmore Licensable Property.

I hate chuck asay said...

Yesterday, the big, scary media something that popped into Tinsley's delusional brain called them terrorists. Tinsley cannot put down the drum long enough to maintain the slightest consistency!

Factinista said...

At first, I thought yesterday's comic was accidentally reposted. Then I remembered: Tinsley's an uncreative hack. Of course it's going to look the same as yesterday's comic.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

The only difference between today and yesterday's strips is that Tinsley revisits the accusations by the imaginary Liberals in his mind that he's paid off by the GOP. Personally, I think he's just a useful idiot who fancies he's doing A Great Thing.

The only reason he gets paid for his crappy strip at all is because the syndicate wants some hack to agitate/mollify the nutjobs who astroturf every paper in their region on a semi-daily basis.

Frank Stone said...

"Name-calling nutcases".

I do believe this is what the psychiatric types call "projection".

Iron Dragon said...

I do wonder what will happen if someone calls a member of a right wing group in the US, likely made up mostly or wholly of white people, a terrorist. Maybe after bombing family planning clinics, or murdering doctors or something similar. Then there will be a great hue and outcry among the right wing and Tinsley will scream like a stuck pig.

Sasha said...

it is quite clear that nobody here knows what they're talking about.'re portraying mallard as one of the people he makes fun your homework before ranting on a guy. all of you people are just hate posting. get a LIFE people. and that's LOW mr 'ducky is right' alchoholic, can you say 'rude'? and fyi his mind isn't blighted by hatred or alchohol! or if it WAS maybe we all should get drunk and angry.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Sasha, work on your English skills and maybe one day we'll take your own hate-posting even a little seriously.

In the meantime, bawl harder and even more incoherently. It amuses me.

GeoX said...

if it WAS [sic] maybe we all should get drunk and angry.

Judging by your, um, rhetorical style, I'm kind of thinking you already are. I don't know what you're like sober, but I doubt this is an improvement.

Factinista said...

and that's LOW mr 'ducky is right' alchoholic, can you say 'rude'?

The guy was arrested on two alcohol-related charges in less than six months. What else are we supposed to conclude?

XAnon said...

Another Climate Data Dump.

Brit Hume's commentary on Climategate. (video)

Climategate heats up Global Warming debate before Copenhagen. The liberal Global Warming
'true believers' continue to follow their leader. Global Warming is a scam by the left to further regulate our lives and raise taxes on the achievers.

It should be interesting to watch 'The Messiah' talk and bow his way around Climategate in Copenhagen.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Sashanon: "The liberal Global Warming 'true believers' continue to follow their leader."

By "leader," I assume you mean "hard science," as opposed to "cheerleaders for whackjob theories about orbital deviance, axis wobble, cow flatulence, sun flares and whatever they come up with on FOXNews next week." If that is the case, you are correct, sir.

Even Limbaugh has acknowledged the reality of climate change; you sheep are supposed to be arguing the cause of it (for whatever reason). You're falling behind...just like in school!

GeoX said...

Yeah, it's not quite clear to me what our semi-literate troll thinks it's accomplishing by posting under two different names. You're not fooling anyone, ya dimwit.

I hate chuck asay said...

How can we expect these anonymous morons to accept global warning? They do not believe in evolution, gravity, or the Holocaust, and those been proved!

rewinn said...

AnonyTinkley brought it up the CRU email theft. AGW deniers have made some silly claims which have been
debunked point-by-point. Many of the claims show that the deniers are flat-out lying, such as the lie about computer code.

The problem is, the subject is technical. It involved science, knowledge and thinking. It's easy for the deniers to lie about the CRU email and then, when you point out they are lying, move on to the next lie.

exanonymous said...

Yes, those emails really brought down the whole thing. The evidence is so damning that uh... no one outside the US circle really cares.

Why? Their own scientists have their own data and models and evidence.

The beauty of science? It is required to be reproducible. Which means the data is all accessible (just not all in the same way), the models are being updated and altered by many different groups so one "trick" by one group doesn't cut it as totally altering the data, and new data samples are available as time goes by.

And results are all available peer reviewed in various published papers, but 1) it isn't all free from your home computer so you'll have to access through a library and 2) they use big words. So I guess I understand why certain people need all the evidence to rest on some emails excerpts read to them instead.