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Friday, January 15, 2010

That damned check

What's Mallard raving about today?

Email, President Obama.

In attempting a clever little segue, mallard commits two unfortunate errors.

First, taxes are actually lower since the stimulus bill (please check your facts).

And anyone who sat silently while Bush and the Republicans spent us into a ditch has automatically disqualified themselves from ever being taken seriously on the subject ever again and should not be chiding anyone about runaway Federal spending.


Tog said...

Oh, come along now, DaveyK.

First, checking facts is for LOSERS! You will never survive as a right-wing asshat if you check facts!

Second, Bruce Tinsley devoted one complete strip to criticizing Junior Bush for his psychotic spending. (Mind you, he waited until even the GOP had turned on Junior before accusing Junior of "spending like a drunken Democrat" without a hint of irony...and this was long before Mallard told us, with his trademark smirk, that he'd treat Obama the same way HA)

I love how Mallard actually consulted Snopes to verify that Obama is indeed not an alien--but still insists that cutting taxes increases Federal revenue and that climate change cannot possibly be man-made, because...well, who needs a reason? It just can't! Mallard is gullible, but he's selectively gullible.

Does Tinsley even grasp that he's mocking the Birthers?

Ah, Pat Robertson. He's basically paying Haiti to tolerate his blathering insults. What a fine Christian. Hell's going to enjoy him.

Iron Dragon said...

Every now and again I worry because so many of the lies about Obama are believed on the internet. I just wish there was actually a decent conservative, and a decent centrist comic or comedians for this stuff, as it is, if this is the best they can field it's kind of depressing.

Rootbeer said...

In attempting to draw a three-panel comic strip, bruce commits at least two unfortunate errors.

First, what I had always assumed to be the back support of a broken desk chair is shown in profile not continuing any lower than the cushion. Instead it appears that the chair has some sort of wireless transmitter bolted to it.

And Mallard's notebook computer appears to have transubstantiated into a newspaper with very poor typesetting in the final panel.

rewinn said...

Q: You know what's more frightening than a cyborg from Pluto?

A: Dealing with an economic collapse.

* rimshot! *

( What? No-one's laughing? Well, you *have* to print my "comic" because all the reality-based strips are liberal. Keep the money coming in, pappa needs a drink!)

exanonymous said...

A government spends on not one, but TWO worthless wars (are we "safer" today than we were 10 years ago? Doesn't sound like we've established stability so much as moved the instability.) Neocons hold their noses and declare themselves conservatives or libertarians or write letters "encouraging" different courses of action (my GOP senator's claim to being economically thrifty during the previous administration: he wrote a letter to Bush.) In the mean time, money (some unaccounted for) was leaving the country for projects that largely do not benefit Americans.

Obama declares intentions to tax and spend money on infrastructure projects and health care (money which will in turn be paid to working Americans to finish projects for the benefit of Americans) and they scream bloody murder.

What is this, "I can't have a toy so no one gets to play" mentality? Or shall we sit around and wait for the fairyland free-market to fix everything they've neglected all this time?

Kip W said...

"Okay, I sat still when my party dug us into the deepest hole we'd ever been in... but digging us out has added several dollars to the total price, and that's Going Too Far!"

GeoX said...

How about that headline--"Taxes, Spending Out Wazoo." Tinsley doesn't have an actual argument about why taxes and spending are bad per se--he's just incontinently spraying right-wing buzzwords around. It's not about constructing an argument--even a bad argument. All it's meant to do is trigger a Pavlovian response, divorced from any real-world significance. This is what the right has been reduced to.