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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Those damned Lists

What's Mallard raving about today?

2010, President Obama, The New York Times, Scientists.

My prediction...Mallad will continue to griping about the same made up stuff he's been flogging since 1994.


Tog said...

Save this strip, folks. I think it's the first time Tinsley's deigned to mention Sarah Palin. (Look at him try to hide the fact that he can't draw her.)

Heh. He really thinks we don't know that the wrong wing gins up "bestseller" figures the same way other cults do? (Oddly enough, mention Michael Moore or Al Gore, and Tinsley's ilk suddenly demands vastly different standards.)

"Man-Made Global Warming Advocates." ...Oh, you mean scientists? Dear Bruce Tinsley: I have yet to hear YOUR "very scientific method" for determining the cause, whether it's cow farts, axis wibble-wobble, massive orbital deviation, mean-lookin' sun caricature, or whatever the hell you're latching onto this week.

Pointing out how astonishing ignorant and deceitful you are has become like shooting fish in a barrel with a pre-shot fish tied down to a target on the dry bottom of the barrel.

rewinn said...

Why are we getting New Year predictions on January 17th?

Is Tinshley actually unaware that there is a gap between the time he "draws" and the time his "work" is published?

exanonymous said...

I'm not sure Mallard knows what "out on a limb" means.

For starters, it really isn't a good premise for "gotcha, libruls! - love, the neocon invisible majority"

Everything he says IS out on a limb, exposed, unsupported, and exceedingly simple to defeat.

Ducky is Right said...

Look, every book in the universe is on the NYT Best Seller list. You'd be hard pressed to find some that aren't. Being on the list does not equate your book to being good; it means a bunch of copies sold. A real measure of how good your book is would be how soon it goes from being released to being a bargin bin paperweight.
Every conservative book does this transition in about three weeks. This means that it's a 'bestseller' because all your loyal monkeys ran out and bought it the first weekend, and now no one wants a copy.
Successfully preaching to the choir does not make you a powerhouse.

Also, you suck at drawing.

Ducky is Right said...

Oh, the latest verse I've been hearing regarding climate change is that it has to do with sun spots and solar flares.

And so therefore human activity can't possibly have anything to do with it

Frank Stone said...

Ooh! Lemme do a prediction!

In about another week, we can look forward to at least one MF strip in which Brucie depicts Obama musing about how he can use the tragedy in Haiti to burnish his credibility with the black community.

I hate chuck asay said...

Republicans love to suppress everything: Scientific facts, media, social services, free speech, slightly different groups, races, colors, countries, opinions, anyone in their party who slightly deviates from the status quo--

I think Tinsley meant to say that Palin's book was a work of under-appreciated genius--but he, accidentally; implied that the New York Times must change its standards to prevent such books from being acknowledged.

I am starting to worry about what Obama's second year will bring. He has failed to reform health care, the economy or social services, close Guantanamo, stop the war--Tinsley might have altered his opinion of the president, if Obama was white.

Word Verification: Relin, like Palin but stupider, i.e, Bruce Tinsley.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

I am starting to worry about what Obama's second year will bring. He has failed to reform health care, the economy or social services, close Guantanamo, stop the war

I really have to wonder aloud if you understand how our government works. It doesn't happen by magic, or dictatorial command.

"Close Guantanamo!"
"Very well, my liege! We'll start determining where to transfer inmates at--"
"No! Close Guantanamo! NOW!!"
"But sir, we need to--"
"Do it do it do it do it do it! I alone make the decisions! I alone wield ultimate power! Aroooooo!"

Bush's handlers were given eight years to create their monumental mess. How about you graciously grant Obama at least HALF that much time to fix some of it?

You can go back to throwing your vote away to Nader every four years if it makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious why those who voted for Obama did so. 'Mr. Dumb Ass' claims the reason that conservative books do well is because the figures are padded and he knows this to be factual with all books by conservatives. Exactly how does he backup this claim?

Has it entered his little mind that many folks enjoy reading conservative books. Two which quickly come to mind are Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin which sold over 1.5 million copies. Also Michelle Malkins latest book, Culture of Corruption has also sold well and is in it's 5th printing.

What are the different standards that come into play when his favorite authors Michael Moore and Al Gore publish a book? Quite doubtful that 'Mr. Dumb Ass' even reads books. His pathetic life is the D&C blog. The only place where he can spew his mindless bullshit and continue to do so on a daily basis without any facts to backup his posts.

CW in LA said...

I don't see how anyone with a shred of common decency or intellectual integrity could enjoy reading the screeds whose inflated sales figures anonyrast touts. After all, they're shoddily written exercises in ad hominem attacks, much like anonyrast's posts.

dlauthor said...

Anonyrast doesn't read any books of any political stripe any more. He thinks libraries are communist, and isn't allowed back in the bookstore since he refused to stop lurking around the Goosebumps books.

He's no doubt heard, however, that My Pet Goat is absolutely fascinating.

(Oh, and "Mr. Dumb Ass?" Really? That's the best his superior intellect could concoct? It's barely even worth the effort of pointing and laughing.)

Micah said...

Nothing to do with today's post. But I found this little gem. You may have already read it, but here it is nonetheless:

deepbeep said...

"Mr. Dumb Ass!" Ha ha ha! He got you there!

Kip W said...

The NY Times will get tired of conservative books on the best-seller list and make a new rule that mass sales to think tanks (subsequently given away to anybody who walks by too slowly or accidentally makes eye contact) won't be counted in the stats.

Ha ha! As if! The NY Times would never alienate the people who give it all those wild-goose-chase theories they spend years promoting.

rewinn said...

"When a simpleton abused him, Buddha listened in silence, but when the man had finished, Buddha asked him,

"Son, if a man declined to accept a present made to him, to whom would it belong?"

The man replied "To him who offered it."

"My son," said the Buddha, "I decline to accept your abuse, and request you keep it for yourself."