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Friday, January 08, 2010

That damned Emission

What's Mallard raving about today?

Al Gore, Climate Change.

OK. I get the hint that it's time to start collecting nominees for the 2009 Golden Ellipses.

You didn't have to go to such trouble creating a 2010 nominee for Most Violent Assault on the English Language.

Seriously, 10 points if anyone can identify a known grammatical structure in Mallard's writing.


Tog said...

Wow. Mallard Fillmore championing the reduction of misinformation? Oh, wait, it's not misinformation--it's another bit of fictional character assassination the right wing has ginned up to cloud the debate. Never mind. (Funny how "hours of research" never punches through that baloney, not even once.)

Tinsley probably doesn't even realize it, but he just advocated taking away free speech.

That's our Bruce! He hates America!

deepbeep said...

I see nothing wrong with the grammar there, DaveyK. While it's in bad taste to use 4 consecutive prepositional phrases, it's not Golden Ellipse material IMHO.

Hey, you know what would reduce global warming misinformation? If we listened to what scientists, and not politicians, are saying about global warming.

Marion Delgado said...

If at first you don't succeed, repost the same wrong cartoon. If you do it 3 times the reality elves grant you a free psychotic break.

exanonymous said...

So what's the real information, ducky?

I'll wait. It would take at least another decade on top of the time required to attain a PhD in climatology, so you can get back to me in 20 years after you've created some decent models and gathered and analyzed the data, no need to rush.

Al Gore is not a scientist. Proving that he molests baby tigers and eats bicycle tires for breakfast and will win a billion dollar prize for global warming has no impact on the science.

Toots McGee said...

exanonymous nails it!

I've got photographic evidence that Al Gore is lighting tire fires on a nightly basis, so I win the debate. Also, I scraped ice off my windshield yesterday and I live in Florida, so suck it, scientists. Suck it rationalists, reason and logic are bullshit, Rene Descartes cheated on his income tax!

Kip W said...

So-called 'scientists' keep telling us it will get 'dark' when 'night' comes. Look out the window, looney libs! It's bright and sunny! And Michael Moore is fat!*

* [illegible scrawl here]

Anonymous said...

The prob, Kip, is that if "scientists" say it'll get dark, but it doesn't, it gets lighter instead, the true believers will still insist it is dark. Or they will rename the "phenomenon" to make it cover getting darker or getting lighter or staying the same. Then they brand "deniers" as all idiots.

dlauthor said...

Proof that there is no God: Tinshley has not yet been eaten by polar bears.

Of course, Tinshley is pulling the usual right-wing trick of "librul politician made a slight misstatement, so everything he ever said are wrong!" Only the usual target for this bullshit is Kerry, not Gore.

Maslowski said that summer ice might be gone by 2013, if not sooner. Which is damned alarming, but the right-wing wants us to ignore it because Gore mistakenly left out the whole "summer" part. See? Missing adjective equals no problem, stupid libs!

Fortunately, I haven't heard this particular argument much, even from relatives who forward every bit of right-wing chainmaillery they receive to me, so I don't think the traditional weeks-late "me too!" from Drinky Duck is really going to have much of an impact anyway.

Word verification: essesest The condition of having the most 's'es possible. See Mississippi. Also the word the cops ask Bruce to pronounce when they pull him over.

John Ball said...

Tell, anon, does thought ever get into that that head of yours, or have you succeeded in turning your brain cells to Jello?

I hate chuck asay said...

Science is not about belief, but refutation. Ideas are tested, and presented to group of peers who evaluate the results. This blog is a good example: We thoroughly refute everything Tinsley says, while pointing out his terrible, insanity and retardation.

Word Verification: Ovenl, where every Mallard Fillmore belongs.

dlauthor said...

Sure, thoughts get into Anonyrast's head. Thoughts of his five-year-old nephew, thoughts of Cub Scout troops, thoughts of the human cast of Barney the Dinosaur.

The danger, really, is that one day he might act on those thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep getting branded an idiot? It must be the work of evil "scientists"!

rewinn said...

I think y'all being too hard on Tinshley, by introducing factiness and stuff.

The key to reichwing rage is their FEELINGS. They FEEL put upon, threatened, mocked. You cannot dispute that!

And who is mocking them? Why, the liberals and the scientists of course! And so today's "comic" presents a truth ... not a facty type of truth, but an emotional truth ... that science-oriented smart guys are to blame for Tinshley's hurt feelings.

This is why it doesn't matter that y'all cite to facts showing that Malowsky published a brochure saying exactly what Gore said, or that Malowsky's fuller explanation is only a little different from Gore's plain-English summary. Heck, it doesn't really matter whether Malowsky and Gore are right or wrong (let us hope Malowsky's model was off by as much as possible ...)

What matters is the FEELINGs, and all your factynessity doesn't change that!

Tog said...

I'm noticing a new trend: the neocon's minor pawns in the media are testing the waters for this angle:

"Gee, the issue is so clouded now (thanks to us), I don't know which side to believe! Maybe if we all just litter less, everything will be fine and THIS GO-GREEN NONSENSE, WHICH IS JUST A FAD, AND YOU ARE TIRED OF IT, YOU ARE will finally go away and there won't be a problem anymore."

That's not good. They're playing on people's ignorance and laziness, and that's usually a safe bet.

wavydavy said...

Toots McGee said: "Rene Descartes cheated on his income tax!"

Toots McGee wins the internets. I actually did a real spit take when I read that.

rewinn said...

Tog said...
I'm noticing a new trend: the neocon's minor pawns in the media are testing the waters for this angle:

"Gee, the issue is so clouded now (thanks to us), I don't know which side to believe!..."

A good example is ClimateEmailGate.

There was no real scandal. But the reichwing reported it as a scandal, and then reported on the fact that they were being mocked when they weren't being ignored as proof of the scandal. At the end of the day: no scandal but LOTS of commercial air time sold!

I think Al Franken (before he was elected Senator) parodied this approach by asking one of his reichwing guests, "Some have said that you have sex with animals. You have never denied this. Why is this?" ... which was of course unfair, but balanced ;-)

Marion Delgado said...

Has everyone noticed Prick City is even worse than the duck lately?

good thing it's always a colored girl speakin' up for the billionaires and shamin' the shiftless food stamp and medicare crowd!

Kip W said...

Those darned scientists! Imagine changing a theory as new data comes in, or insisting on using a more accurate name than the one the know-nothings stick on something.

Speaking of names, Anonymous, have you considered acquiring one? It's one of the steps on the road to becoming an individual. One day you could have your own opinions and not have to rely on that daily email to know what to think and say.