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Monday, January 25, 2010

Those damned Circles

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Reid, President Carter, Race.

Uncomfortable and impolitic as Senator Reid's words were, does anyone really want to argue that they aren't true, for better or worse?

The same is true for what President Carter said, which, to be precise (unlike Mallard who is deliberately misrepresenting the statement) was this: "I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he's African-American."

Which means that Mallard does not want to hang out in circles with people who say things that are true, which is entirely believable.


GeoX said...

It was what, a week ago? two weeks? that Mallard was telling us about the need to profile all A-Rabs? And now he's getting all pious about Harry Reid because how DARE he suggest Americans are racist?!?


Tog said...

Let's talk about the circles you DO hang around in, Mallard...that is, when you aren't busy sitting in front of the TV, hating the world at large. How about we start off with Ru--

No? Oh, okay. Can't say I'm surprised.

NickE said...

This is the basic anti-intellectual argument pioneered by Fox: "Discussing racism makes you a racist."


Kip W said...

That's right, NickE.

Heck, any non-liberal will tell you we're past all that race stuff now, and the sooner those darn nonwhites realize it, the happier they'll be doing menial jobs for a pittance.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Tell us again how Rush Limbaugh's "Barack The Magic Negro" isn't incredibly racist, Tinsley? If you want to lecture us about racial issues, you're going to have to explain that away first. After all, that draft-dodging Oxycontin-addicted sex tourist is YOUR hero.

Lincoln wouldn't have anything but contempt for the modern GOP; you and your fellow Gingrichers are more David Duke's kind of party.

John Ball said...

You're giving them too much credit. Duke maybe slime, but he at least has the courage of his convictions. The modern Repub party is about loudly protesting charges of racism in public, and complaining about the damned coloreds in private.

rewinn said...

Rant and Quack.

Rant and Quack.

Rant and Quack.

Rant and Quack.

Rant and Quack.

"Is there anything new in Mallard Fillmore today, honey?"


Rant and Quack.

Rant and Quack.

Rant and Quack.

Frank Stone said...

Ahh, THERE it is: another biting commentary on a non-story from 2 weeks ago.

I think Brucie is due for an ironic nickname. How about "Bruce Timely"?

steve-o said...

Lest we forget, right after the earthquake in Haiti David Brooks ran a column blaming the deaths there on lazy ni****s. No, really. Matt Taibbi did a great job deconstructing Brooks' column which was full of innuendo and dog whistle terms. I guess pointing that out makes me a racist in Mallard's world.

Kip W said...

Yes, steve-o, you've correctly deduced that in the circles Mallard flies in, those who are against racism are the real racists. Just like whistle-blowers are the real criminals and firemen are the real arsonists, and...

OW! Brain cramp! Note to self: Don't try to follow their logic very far.