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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Those damned Men

What's Mallard raving about today?


A terrorist walks into a Church and kills a man in cold blood in the name of his religion...Christianity.

A terrorist boards a flight with explosives in his underpants, and attempts to set them off, luckily without success, in the name of his religion...Islam. (Sorry for the previous typo!)

In one case, Mallard defended the religious fanatics who goaded the terrorist into action.

In one case Mallard impugns an entire religion for the actions of a terrorist.

Guess which is which?


GeoX said...

Boy, that "I'm not a racist but" panel is gonna get worn out at this rate.

Tog said...

And bingo! Bruce "Me-No-Racist!" Tinsley takes:

"All young Muslim* men should be strip-searched!"

...and twists it into a protest against assaults on harmless little old grandmothers. Sarah "Death Panels!!!1" Palin would be proud.

*Seriously, is "Libertarian" Tinsley suggesting people carry cards or something identifying their religion? Or does he think all Muslims look the same? Maybe we should all have barcodes on our foreheads...

Anonymous said...

The "strip searching cute little white Christian Grannies" meme has been around forever with the right. Has anything like that ever actually happened?

Toots McGee said...

"strip searching cute little white Christian Grannies"...Has anything like that ever actually happened?

I think it happened in Babe 2: Pig in the City.

But seriously, pretending like "political correctness" is the real barrier to providing 100% safety from psychotics who want to do harm to people is so tedious and specious.

Also, pretending like the Obama administration just created the current TSA and its security screening process on their own and put it into place is equally childish.

"Oh, we know that the Bush administration wanted the TSA to strip search all brown people (except their special family cuddle buddies from the House of Saud) but didn't do it as a concession to those darn PC police! BLURGH! We want our simpler times back!"

dlauthor said...

For someone whose most common photograph online is so damn unpleasant a creepy, Tinshley sure spends a lot of time obsessing over people who look suspicious. Of course, given his hate-hate relationship with TV and the people who watch too much of it, I imagine this is just another case of the pot calling the kettle scruffy and disheveled.

Or does he just think he wouldn't qualify for the everyone-more-disreputable-looking-than-Granny screening process because his melanin levels are relatively low?

rewinn said...

Does anyone really think that AQ can't recruit a little old lady angry about having her grandchildren blown up by a Predator strike?

Maybe not. But would you bet your life on that?

Let's leave security to the experts (...the Israelis would not hesitate to search granny...) and not to the reichwing clowns under whose leadership 9/11 happened.

Kip W said...

What a coincidence! When fortyish kneejerk conservatives try to score race points, I get intensely bored.

deepbeep said...

White people are being discriminated against! Again! Why are Muslims so privileged in this country?

Tog said...

Tom Andersen's wife suffered a cavity search in Beavis & Butt-Head Do America.

To be legitimately fair and balanced, Tinsley was harping on about TSA procedures (and their totally unfair policy of checking everybody and not exclusively "dusky-lookin's") throughout the Cheney-Rove Maladministration.

If there's anything Tinsley hates more than "dusky-lookin's," it's people in uniforms patting down hard-workin' joes like himself. Perhaps at some point in the past he had bad personal experiences with law enforcement (*cough*).

Anonymous said...

Even CNN has had enough!

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Ha! Wednesday's strip has Tinsley/Mallard jumping into anticipatory-defensive mode after Tuesday's strip (just like clockwork), and he proves once again just how low and rotten he really is. WOW, does he ever.

Immediately after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the media's gaggle of rightwingers insisted that it had to be the work of "Islamists," who should've been "rounded up." Thanks for the reminder, Tinsley!

exanonymous said...

As soon as it's confirmed that a certain type of person will NOT be searched, that's who will have the next bomb.

Because there will be another. Unless you stop allowing people on planes, it will be the method of choice. It ironically creates the most terror for the least amount of work because airplanes are scary to the American psyche even without having someone intentionally blow it up (never mind the fact that your chances of dying in a terrorist attack are much less than dying of alcohol poisoning).

And why shouldn't old people be searched? They're not immune to the "nothing to lose" requirement for carrying out a suicide attack.