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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Those damned Cars

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cars, BMW.

This is an inoffensive but perfect example of everything that is wrong with Mallard Fillmore.

There is nothing to this comic, nothing at all, without the implicit assumption that every reader shares 100% of Mallard's parochial world view, in this case some sort of complaint about the styling of cars.

Absent that lock-step mindset, this is just head-slappingly baffling.


GeoX said...

Boy, this one just takes "oops, I forgot to tell a joke" to a whole new level, doesn't it? Good to see that Tinsley still has that fire in the belly (okay, mostly from cheap gin, but still...).

Tog said...

Well, it is funny in that I can picture the troglodytes that make up his readership scratching their heads until they bleed, trying to figure out who they're supposed to hate. Germans? ("We should nook dem agin! Like we did in Wurld Whar One!")

Wanna talk about fugly vehicles, Bruce?

I hate chuck asay said...

Mallard Fillmore has grown uglier: it was, always, racist, homophobic and nonsensical, but, in recent times, it has been used to express statements like, "racism is dead--no, it never existed!"

I noticed, while watching the interview posted a while back, that Tinsley looked much older, and a little uglier then in his mug shot or publicity photo. His crippling alcohol addiction addiction is maiming him, and I, sincerely, hope he dies soon, because he is a horrible monster who deserves pain, and suffering.

dlauthor said...

Any car would look ugly after Tinshley tries to drive it home from O'Boozigans. Dents and cracked windshield and mailboxes lodged in the grill and all.

Kip W said...

"This just in: I hate everything and everybody. Don't worry if you missed that, because I'll be repeating it."

Frank Stone said...

"Look! I'm making fun of the Germans! I'm not racist!"

rewinn said...

The ducky is criticizing the results of the free market!

I'd finish with a punchline, but Tinshley didn't so why bother?

Kaitlyn said...

Is it better when you can see the joke, even it's based on something completely offensive and insulting, or this nonsense.

Cars are uglier than they were back in the bad old days? What?

(I've seen '80s movies. Cars look better now. Yes, some older cars look good, but not ones from the '80s.)

Also, why does Mallard hate America?

Anonymous said...

DaveyK...I believe that 'Fuckreagan' is back and has changed his name to 'I hate chuck asay'.

This is one very sick person. To wish death, pain and suffering on a person because you do not like his cartoon strip or perhaps do not understand it?

Jesus Christ! I have to assume that you agree with what he has typed.

I hate chuck asay said...

I do not want Tinsley to die because he writes a bad cartoon. I want him to die because he is a drunken sociopath--only a sociopath would question the concept of empathy--who has wasted his life preaching extreme racism, and delusional fantasies, demanding war with everyone, and declaring who has the slightest hint of human emotion to be an, "undeserving communist.

Word verification: Sperds, sociopaths who are as obsessed with their terrible ideas as the worst nerds are with theirs, i.e, Bruce Tinsley.

Tog said...

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one around here tired of the death wishes--and worse, the stuff that borders on death threats. Tone it down. Tinsley's supposed to be the psycho, not us.

Factinista said...

In no way am I condoning what i.h.c.a. says, but saying that we all agree with him is like saying all conservatives fantasize about poisoning Nancy Pelosi since Glenn Beck pretended to. Seriously, anon, get over yourself.

GeoX said...

Yeah, I don't approve of IHCA's psychotic blood-fugues, but pious outrage is pretty rich coming from a creep like our resident anonymous asshole. I feel like when you cheerlead immoral wars and people dying due to lack of health care, you kinda lose your right to any kind of moral high ground, knowwhatimsayin?

DaveyK said...

> I have to assume that you agree with what he has typed.

Blogger belongs to Google. This is their software, database and servers. By your tortured logic, Google agrees with what he has typed.

Yesterday, some anonymous poster typed some Right-Wing drivel about Global Warming. Must I agree with that, since it was typed here?

Seriously, how big an idiot are you?

Anonymous said...

1) Factinista - I did not say that everyone agreed to the comment by
I.H.C.A. only the blog author.

2) GeoX - There many people who comment on this blog as Anon. How do you know what I condone as far as health care and war. What is "rich" is for YOU to refer to someone as an 'Asshole'.

3) DaveyK - You are telling me that you have no control as to the content that appears on your blog.
If you say that is the way Google blogs work than I have to believe you. With my blog I can read a post before I allow it to appear on my site. But I am not an idiot nor do I have to call you one to make my point. The few times I have posted I have kept my comments clean and without name calling.

4) I knew that as soon as I mentioned I.H.C.A.'s comments they would be defended. Enjoy yourselves. I am sorry I commented. I will not be back. But I will continue to enjoy the Mallard Fillmore strip which I did before most of you people even knew it existed.

dlauthor said...

Look! It's time #4286 that Anonymous Coward has sworn never to come back! Let's all bake a cake.

Kip W said...

Death wishes and threats are for right-wingers to make. Let's not become the enemy.

Interchangeable anonymous assholes: why bother trying to tell them apart?

Bird-man: Hail, bird brothers.
Other bird-men: Hail, fellow bird.
Arthur: Don't you even have names?
Bird-man: What would be the point?
--Hitch-hiker's Guide

GeoX said...

I am sorry I commented. I will not be back. But I will continue to enjoy the Mallard Fillmore strip which I did before most of you people even knew it existed.

Ooh! Anonymous dimwit liked Mallard Fillmore before it was cool! Or something! Sorry, kiddo, but anyone who unironically enjoys MF is kind of an asshole by definition.

kris said...

Blog author:
You can control the comments as much or as little as you want. There are settings that allow you to moderate the comments.

You can approve them before they get posted, if you choose. If an abusive or crude post does get posted, you can remove it very easily from the dashboard of your blog.

deepbeep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GeoX said...

Right-wingers whining about incivility is always a sight to see. Let me just say to Kris: go fuck yourself, you sanctimonious little twerp. Crude and abusive enough for ya?

DaveyK said...

Yes, I know that I can moderate comments. I choose not to.

I rarely even appear into the comments...I make my snarky little post and then let others have their say in the comments.

That does not make me responsible for what other people post, or indicate my agreement with what other people post, any more than the fact that the comment was created using software/exists in a database/exists on a server owned by Google indicates their agreement or responsibility.

I could make the argument that someone, in the same thread, advocated for the mass extinction of the human race, because they choose to ignore overwhelming scientific evidence which is at odds with their political philosophy.

Is that really better or worse than what i.h.c.a said?

Frankly, I don't know. So I just let both comments stand and the authors of those comments can take responsibility for their views.

But coming in here and saying that "I have to agree" with something objectionable posted into the comments and then getting the vapors over "name-calling" is disingenuous, at best.

Bottom Line: Please feel free to come here any time and post contrarian views. I welcome it. But don't accuse me of agreeing with anything posted in the comments unless it was posted by me.

rewinn said...

For the sake of newcomers:

Some time back, DavyK asked the community whether we wanted him to censor responses. The community said no, we prefer to mock assholes than to be deprived of the opportunity to mock them.

Hibryd said...

Today on a very special Mallard Fillmore:

"I'm old, and new things irritate me!"

(Personally, I think the shark-like BMW Z series is the most gorgeous car out there since the original Viper. Oh, come to momma...)

Rootbeer said...


Even Bruce Tinsley should be able to trace over a picture of a 1975 Ford Granada, right?

Rootbeer said...

As for the substance of the "joke" itself, I don't get it.

Sure, there are some howlingly ugly vehicles being produced right now -- the Nissan Cube springs immediately to mind -- but for the most part, contemporary automotive design worldwide suffers from a broad, inoffensive sameness. When you have to check the badge to determine whether a car is a Maybach or a Mitsubuishi, there's something wrong.