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Friday, January 22, 2010

That damned Cheeseball

What's Mallard raving about today?

Valentine's Day

It's never to early to start complaining about showing affection to the person you love.

Mrs. Mallard is a lucky, lucky woman.


GeoX said...

So is never getting laid to blame for Tinsley's bitterness, or is it the other way around? Kind of a chicken-or-egg scenario we have here.

deepbeep said...

Whew. I thought that was a rubber.

At least a cheeseball might get some use.

Tog said...

Affection is for Liberal sissies, haven't you learned anything?

I am tickled to see so many right-wing pundits--from George F. Will to the San Francisco Examiner's poor man's Tucker Carlson--reveling in the Brown election. Why? Because each and every one of them is describing the refusal of the Dems to completely capitulate* with the exact same wording--most notably, "kamikaze"--proving at least to me that they all regurgitate the same talking-points memos with an absolute bare minimum of personal input or effort.

I'm also tickled that they're all ejaculating wildly in anticipation of a return to the glory days of Junior Bush. John McCain, GOP Doormat Extraordinare, says it signals "an end to business as usual in Washington DC," by which of course he means, "an end to all this talk of hope and change, and a RETURN to business as usual."

*the sniveling and utterly spineless Sen. Reid excepted, of course.

Kip W said...

An alcohol-soaked cheese ball with a cardboard exterior?

Mallard is giving the most precious and heartfelt of all possible gifts. Mallard is, literally, giving himself.

dlauthor said...

This is clear evidence that Mallard is not an exact proxy for Tinshley, as he hasn't sucked all the port wine out of that thing.

I'm sure, however, that Rush will enjoy the cheeseball, Mallard.

rewinn said...

Poor Mrs. Tinshley! And if there are any kids, I pity the lessons they are learning about love.


About the Brown election, two things:

* The Dems threw it by taking voters for granted. Coakley literally went on vacation for most of the short election cycle. I'm old enough to remember when Mondale did the same thing and it turned out the same way.

Friends, we are in a 24/7/365.25 election cycle, love it or hate it. Actually if that means our leaders must talk with voters every freaking day, that's not a bad thing. Coakley did 20 events in a month, Brown did 70. Brown is bad for America and got a lot of help from knuckleheads, but he earned his victory and I must congratulate him for it. And damn Coakley and the DLC for stomping on the populist mantle that put Obama in the White House.

* In the short run, the collapse of the Senate health bill is not a bad thing. A mandate with no public option is bad, just bad. In an ideal world, the Dems would implement "Medicare-Option-For-Any-American-Who-Wants-It" thru budget reconciliation but, thanks to yesterday's Supreme Ct decision ("Citizens United") the health insurance companies are free to spend some of their billions against every Democrat running in November. The Dems need to act fast but I doubt Reid will.

The Dems could also decriminalize the reimport of prescription drugs, which would help with health care costs with ZERO budget impact; Big Pharma turned out to be ineffective ally to Obama so why not?

To his credit Grayson is acting. I wonder how hard the insurers will hit him in November?

OK, now back to today's "comic".

Is there anyone on earth who thinks it's funny? I believe this is another of Tinkley's "F-You King Features, You Gotta Print Me To Balance The Liberal Strips Like Peanuts!" He's trying to prove that he need do NOTHING AT ALL and he'll still get paid.

RevG said...

I thought it was a condom when I first saw it.

Anonymous said...

Since the cartoon really isn't worth talking about, let me put in my 2 cents on the Brown election. As a recovering Republican who detests America's insane wars in the middle east, I am not happy with Brown's win in the least. I see no hope from either party to end this hyper-imperialistic mania or to restore Constitutional freedoms any time soon.

I hate chuck said...

Is this supposed to be a poem? Tinsley's schemes and scansions are so terrible that I cannot tell.

Tinsley bought a box overflowing with alcoholic cheeseballs, but, as he said, only, one was given to his wife.

Tinsley bought a cheap gift from Hilshire Farms and tried to pass it off as a symbol of love--yet, sadly, that is more charitable than everything he has done, throughout his life, combined.

Word Verification: Barfary, what I turn into after reading a word of Mallard Fillmore.

exanonymous said...

So, veteran's day is either ommitted entirely or posted 3 weeks late.

But Valentine's Day? Never too early to have a comic about that one!

My 2 cents on the Brown election:
I don't care. The supermajority was an illusion anyways because Democrats do not attempt to throw out moderate/center members of their party and therefore have a wider definition, but a smaller chance to follow party lines. On the bright side, no more Democrats will be "the 60th vote" which will hopefully stem that little bit of attention seeking.

Bill the Splut said...

Unless Mallard is trying to be a bitter, hate-filled old bastard a la "Crankshaft," there's really no joke here.

Not relevant to this strip, but I like the following line from a review of a terrible comic book:
"With so many bad comics out there, how can I justify singling out one as the worst? I can't. For every irritating Mark Millar effort at hamfisted social relevance in tights, there's a creepy Ken Akimatsu romp about half-naked teenage girls flashing their asses at ten-year-old boys. For every Cable Vs. Deadpool, there's an Eiken. For every Mary Jane dying of radioactive spider semen, there's a Mallard Fillmore doing anything."

MartyRotten said...

I guess he couldn't give her vacuum cleaner bags since that's what he got her for Christmas.

rewinn said...

Bill the Splut - thanks for the link. "Worst Damn Comic" in deed! And I loved the Ma Hinckel stuff.