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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That damned Apology

What's Mallard raving about today?

Anthony Weiner

Using a young child to make a "joke" about sending pictures of a boner out via Twitter isn't creepy at all.


Tog said...

Apparently using a tripod would represent submission to socialism.

It's adorable that Batshit's trying to appear "fair and balanced" by not jumping up and screaming BLARRRRHH LIBURUL DEMOKRATZ!!1 here, with flecks of spittle spraying everywhere.

But refresh my memory: did Batshit likewise put on this coy act on ANY of the many occasions a family-values, kill-a-q****-for-Christ, bomb-bomb-Iran culture-warrior (R) was caught doing something socially unacceptable with his wangdoodle or otherwise self-abusing his office--say, by stimulating the economy at a strip club on the public dime or having his state airlift his bloated ass to and from his kid's softball game?

Or did Batshit throw a tantrum because he thought Teh Media was paying unfair attention to so-and-so's party affiliation?

Or did Batshit just ignore it BECAUSE of so-and-so's party affiliation?

Kip W said...

Save yourself the trouble, kid, and just be a conservative politician. You'll never have to apologize for anything or leave office because of something you did or didn't do, and your job will consist of collecting payments from lobbyists for doing as little as possible and being admired for it and defended by the same sheep you're abusing.

dlauthor said...

The "everyone does it" nature of this strip makes me wonder who Brucie's been Tweeting pictures of his wang to.

My first guess is Andrew Breitbart.

Marion Delgado said...

Awww, little Stereotypical Asian Achiever Con Rush, you're not blaming YOU for the photos of you "making dust angels*" with Pantsless Neighbor Duck, are you? You're a minor. Obviously, responsibility for those videos rests with...

... the Nanny State for making Pantsless Duck use someone else's Viagra prescription when Pantsless Duck takes you on field trips.

*Is that what they're calling it now? Ewww!

WV: deswate Asian for "pantsless middle-aged single male neighbor duck"

Steve-O said...

Larry Craig, David Vitter, and Mark Foley are going to be pissed OFF by this "comic".

Frank Stone said...

This strip might be funnier if Brucie had ever done one like it in response to any of the manymanyMANY Republican sex scandals.*

But it probably wouldn't be.

*Seems like a good time to post a link to this site again.

rewinn said...

It's a bit dated, but I always loved the idea behind the Republican Wife-Cheatin' Hall Of Fame

Anonymous said...

Let me summarize the hilarity of the comment section today, a typical day in Duck Land:
Tinsley is a drunk.
He doesn't make fun of Republicans when they do the same things Democrats do.
Republicans are dumb.
Liberals are smart and tolerant.
Did I say that all Republicans are dumb?

Bill the Splut said...

You left out "And then some troll too chicken to leave a name and too lazy to invent a pseudonym comes in and whines about the mean things we say."

Tog said...

Oh, looky! We have a butthurt Batshit or Batshit-wannabe who doesn't seem to understand the meaning of words with more than two syllables squalling, "WE'RE NOT HYPOCRITES! YOU ARE!! WAAAHH!"

Isn't that cute? You just wanna pinch his cheeks and sign him up for military service!

Steve-O said...


You left out "Mallard Fillmore isn't funny".

DiR said...

Also, please note that "tolerant' =/= "loving the dumb puppy that just ripped up your $4,000 leather sofa."

I know that's a popular gotcha among the dimmer of the right, but really, the reality of it is that we don't dislike you because you're different, we dislike you because we don't like corporate oligarchy, or hysterical xenophobic paranoia.

Kip W said...

Wednesday: This just in! Duck repeats his standby "Nothing happened" joke again as millions snore and hundreds reflexively look for a magnet to stick it to the fridge with. Email telling him he did that one already in the last three months will magically morph into liberal outrage that means he's doin' it right! Meanwhile, liberal US media ignores latest Rupert Murdoch scandal in UK.