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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Those damned Careers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Education, Engineering, Psychology

Fresh off mocking Social Networking, Mallard Fillmore (who regularly derides Higher Education) reads USA Today and finds out the Engineers, such as those responsible for building Social Networks, earn much more than he does.

Psychology majors do as well, but who's counting?


DiR said...

So what did *you* major in, asshole?

Tog said...

@DiR: Batshit majors in BEING an asshole.

...And in bad timing. I mean, when Luann's depiction of job market realities is harder-hitting than your little lecture, you officially suck.

Anonymous said...

"This just in" has been known for many, many years. Very old "joke."

Kip W said...

This is really profound and thought provoking. It

Oh, sorry. I was commenting on a strip in a dream I just had. A dream I had after I fell asleep looking at the real Mallard Fillmore. Where was I?

Oh yeah. This lazy-ass drivel sucks.

Kaitlyn said...

I thought the second major was usually english or literature, not psychology.

So there you go - he put a new twist on something that was never funny to begin with. And made it funny in that it makes no sense.

DiR said...

See, I have relatives with Psych degrees, and they do such useless, pussy-ass liberal fake jobs like working with the VA to help wounded and PTSD vets re-adjust to civilian life, and children/teens who were molested/raped get their lives back on track. HILARIOUS!
So when people make stupid, asinine, and uniformed jokes about it, I get a little bit narky.
Fuck you, Bruce.

Bill the Splut said...

"Ha ha, you jerks! I majored in binge drinking, and I yet I get paid to make wet farts on Bristol board! HA HA!"

WV: subhol; an alcoholic just below Bruce Wingnut-Welfare.

Frank Stone said...

Apparently, Mallard is so detached from reality that he acts as though he's reading the news on the air while he's perusing the morning paper at his kitchen table.

CW in LA said...

Sure, DiR, what your relatives do is all well and good, but does it really compare to being a lazy ideological hack cartoonist who Speaks Truth To Power by means of a duck crotch feebly warmed by a TV set?

rewinn said...

@Tog - now, let's not be hatin' on Luanne. Greg Evans competes with hundreds of other writer/artists, so he has to show talent, humor and relevance. OTOH Tinshley gets paid to mouth talking points.

And for those who aren't Luann fans, her brother, a fireman, just got laid off. This is tough on the guy but great for the comic. Luann is what The Family Circus would have been if TFC had let the kids grow up (even if at a slow pace) and gradually address the many problems of life in today's America, where we fire the public service workers who make civilization possible so that our 400 richest families can directly control half the wealth of our nation.

Contrast Mallard Fillmore: his take on unemployment is that it's a personal tragedy, visited upon him by liberals, that went away after he sat around in his underwear.

So what did Mallard Fillmore major in? Irrelevance!

rewinn said...

@Dir makes a good point. For that majority of people who really do care "for the troops" and don't just use it as a banner to cover their callousness, see for some good basic facts. We civilians put our troops in harm's way - the question is will we pay cash money to heal them - or is it more important to give tax cuts to the top 400 families?

Rootbeer said...

Get it? Because Psychology majors spend four years operating espresso machines!


exanonymous said...


Most psych majors I know have pretty bad jobs. But they're relatively happy and well-balanced people who empathize and understand quite well.

For one thing, they know that money doesn't buy happiness.

The Engineer said...

Firstoff, LuAnn is a pretty funny strip. It has kept up with the times better than 80% of the legacy strips.

Second, I am glad that Mallard got in a joke about confusing names for beverages at coffee shops. That is very cutting edge.