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Sunday, June 12, 2011

That damned Live-Tweet

What's Mallard raving about today?


Isn't that cute, Mallard is trying to appear relevant in Modern society.


Frank Stone said...

It took the zoom feature and several squints for me to figure out that Brucie was trying to draw a down-shot of Mallard and the tree.

So, yeah, Brucie -- perspective drawing isn't your forte. Or any other kind of drawing, for that matter. I'd recommend a remedial art course, but, well... you know.

Tog said...

Well, now you know why Batshit sticks to his tried-and-true Smug Smirk Mallard or Crotch Splay Mallard. His "glory" days are long gone.

Note several things:

The question not only doesn't have an answer, it isn't even complete (and why the big "Q" is even there is anyone's guess);

The illustration does not remotely illustrate the question, except that there's a tree involved;

Mallard apparently either has just realized he's wandered into the spooky woods clutching his newspaper (dementia?), or gets really, really paranoid when trees make perfectly natural noises;

Oh, God, that lettering. Did I already mention dementia?

Say, wasn't Batshit all a-twitter over Twitter just a few weeks ago? What happened, Batsy? No one care?

Kip W said...

If a tree falls on a duck, does anybody really care?

Bill the Splut said...

If no one reads a Dullard Failmore strip, does it get just as many laughs?

dlauthor said...

@Bill: More, actually, because Mallard Fillmore is negative funny.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

A philosophical question about the connection between reality and perception is being mangled by a absolutist who never reads.

deepbeep said...

Please fall to the left. Jesus, Buddha, Zeus, Allah, please hear my prayers: oh please, mighty tree, fall to the left.

rewinn said...

Oddly enough, twitter is featuring prominently in the current fake scandal, involving what may be a sad case of internet addiction but otherwise not much different from the sex- and money-addiction which is no scandal at all. So once again, Tinshley's timing is as bad as his drawing, although it isn't fair to blame him for his timing.

Let us contrast today's "comic" with that of a professional: one who makes his living persuading willing customers to buy his services. Schlock Mercenary has not missed a day in 10 years, lives off web ads and reprints of his comics in book form (...yes, people like his stuff so much that although it's available free on the web, they also buy it in books!). Once of the reasons is that, every Sunday for 10 years, there has been a real Sunday strip: multipanel, well scripted, with a punch line that's been built up to. It may not be your cuppa tea (science fiction/space opera is not for everyone) but it beats Mallard Fillmore in every category ... and does it the old-fashioned way: the author WORKS for it.

Kip W said...

rewinn, I think we need to give Tinsley mad props for this one. Even before the constitutional crisis that is Weinergate thrust its way into the public eye, Tinsley was sending out unwanted pictures of a flaccid, turgid dick in the strip almost every single day! In fact, he's been timely on this one for years and years now.

Rootbeer said...

As far as I can discern, the story of this strip is that SD Chibi-Mallard there is about to be crushed to death by a diseased sequoia tree.