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Friday, June 17, 2011

That damned Social Networking

What's Mallard raving about today?

Social Networking.

Could it be that Mallard is pissing and moaning about LinkedIn's IPO? The timing is about right...but that would be pretty damned hilarious, when you think about it.

Mallard Fillmore, who contributes negative value every day of his life, complaining that LinkedIn's IPO was over-valued, or questioning whether it had value at all.

Plus, what kind of Marxist Free Market hater is Mallard anyway?


Steve-O said...

In other news Brucie finally learned about flat-screen TV's. Of course, the rendering he came up with was shitty, but at least he's making progress!

Tog said...

Fresh from bitching and moaning about how "some people" watch too much TV, Mallard's plopped down splaying his groin at the tube again.

If I had to re-draw the exact same image every other day for years, I'd lose my mind. (Oh hey...)

Bill the Splut said...

"On my site, they wear hats--like I'm obviously not doing in this therefore useless second panel." Is cartooning REALLY THAT HARD, Bruce?

WV: oiddun; "Oi! I done seen better art in men's room stalls!"

rewinn said...

@BillTheSplut aced it. The tiny, tiny bit of humor in today's "Comic" is utterly destroyed by not drawing a hat on the guy whose site involves people wearing hats.

PRO TIP: comics is a GRAPHIC MEDIUM. Your DRAWING is supposed to SUPPORT any text.

Gaaaaah - who are we trying to fool? Brews Tinshley is trying to see how bad he can get at his job, and still get paid. You sorta hafta admire how adroitly he managed to sell such crappy work. It's like a used car salesman who sells the batteries and tires from his stock ... and still people buy from him!

DiR said...

Hi, everyone. Bruce Tinsley here. I just thought we could all take a break from our everyday lives, and just reflect on everything. Me, I just wanted to come out and remind you all that, as an out-modded relic from yesteryear, I have no place modern society. Every morning I wake up, and pray that the alcohol kills me before all the blue hairs kick it, putting the final nail in the coffin of newspapers and leaving me with no job and zero marketable skill sets.

CW in LA said...

Oh, the Tinsh needn't worry; wingnut welfare takes care of its own. In the likely event that he lacks even the talent necessary to be a fill-in host for one of Blimpbutt's fill-in hosts, he could be a facebook ghostwriter for Dumbelina, or Dave Vitter's bottom-wiper, or fill any of a number of roles with just as much dignity as enjoyed by the creator of Duck Crotch Hates Libruls.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley hates two people regardless of whether they are minorities, which pretty much makes his hate encompass the entirety of humanity:

Guys who like technology.

Guys who like to expresses themselves.

Tinsley knows that the Internet is the ideal technology for the intersection of these two groups, so he hates everyone on it. He assumes that no one on the Internet has anything of value to say or create, so he wants the technology to be destroyed.