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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That damned Phenomenon

What's Mallard raving about today?

Television, Oprah Winfrey

Seriously? Mallard Fillmore is criticizing people for watching too much TV? Do I really need to count the number of panels so far this year in which he's been plopped in front of the TV?

Not to missed the whole Oprah phenomenon? That doesn't mean you don't watch daytime TV; it means you live with your head up your ass.

And finally, what an elitist jerk.


Frank Stone said...

So you never had time to watch TV in the middle of the day, Mallard? Really? Not even when you were unemployed?

Well, I suppose when you spend most of your life as a pathetic booze sponge, day and night do kinda blur together...

And once again we're treated to Mallard's inexplicably color-changing feathers. (And no, Brucie, it's not an artistic choice, and we all know why.)

WV: wayani: Collective term for the Wayans brothers.

Penh said...

Seriously? Really? An alcoholic cartoonist who clearly spends about 10 minutes a day working on each strip is mocking people who have time to watch TV during the day? I think he's just jealous of all those people who go through life sober enough to work the remote.

Kip W said...

Two possibilities:
1) He meant to say something cutting about people who have time to do more than watch TV in the middle of the day, or
2) He just doesn't remember. Hic.

#1 is somewhat plausible — with his lettering, he probably doesn't check over what he puts in much.
#2 seems even more so. He remembers that he must have gotten up, anyway.

Clell said...

- What exactly does an unemployed alcoholic duck do during the day that takes up so much time he can't plant his feathered behind in his usual position in front of the TV? Is it his undying crusade against floresent lightbulbs?

Steve-O said...

Why does Mallard hate the free enterprise system? I don't remember ever being forced to watch Oprah.

Bill the Splut said...


Seriously, this is the funniest Dullard strip ever. It's one step away from "Who has the time to read some ugly scribbles of drunken regurgitated talking points? NOT MALLARD! Now, where did I leave that remote?"

confused said...

Steve-O, I wouldn't be too sure about not being forced. I’m pretty sure this was a case where Bruce’s editor said, “Why don’t you watch the last Oprahs and say something witty about them?” Bruce, mad that he was forced to do this, decided to only do half.

exanonymous said...

I love how he reduces it to the "Oprah Phenomenon"

She's a huge success, if one counts money, influence, and popularity as success. Her target demographic is also far more powerful than bitter middle-aged white men who worship Limbaugh want to admit.

rewinn said...

Why does Mallard hate stay-at-home moms?

Having the TV on while you're caring for kids, making dinner or whatever keeps the mind lively and fights loneliness. A "comic" that attack June Cleaver attacks America!