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Monday, June 06, 2011

That damned Longing

What's Mallard raving about today?

Donald Trump, The Media.

Don't fret, Mallard. They're busy chasing Anthony Weiner's weiner.


Randy said...

"...but no problem for America's political cartoonists, since the especially lazy amongst us can just go ahead and use those hi-LAR-ious jokes about Trump anyway!"

Tog said...

Well, we still have Flailin' Palin Sailin' To Next Failin' with FOXPropaganda Tailin'.

Kip W said...


Rootbeer said...

Don't you hate it when someone involved in print media is still making Donald Trump jokes weeks after his newsworthiness subsided...?

rewinn said...

Don't worry, we still have "GOP Flop!"

dlauthor said...

Not to mention "Santorum in a lather" and "A frothy mix of results for Santorum."

Tinshley, of course, will only ever make news headlines for one reason.

Anonymous said...

DaveyK said...Don't fret, Mallard. They're busy chasing Anthony Weiner's wiener. Looks as though Weiner's little weenie has been caught.

News tonight reported that Rep. Anthony Weiner(D-NY) likely broke ethics rules. One of the young women he was calling said he used his House phone all the time.

Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd pictures to very young women on the internet but told reporters he won’t resign.

Of course he won’t resign. He’s a democrat. Even after he admitted that Breitbart is likely holding an x-rated picture of him. No wonder the left loves him.

“I am deeply regretting what I have done and I am not resigning.” But of course he takes full responsibility for his actions.

CW in LA said...

Tell ya what, anonymelorfucker: I'll agree that Weiner should resign when you post here that David Vitter the Diaper Shitter should resign.

And that Newt "Cancer-Suffering Wife Deserter" Gingrich should withdraw from public life just as John Edwards has.

And that Rush Limbaugh should admit what he was doing in the Dominican Republic, a country notorious for its underage sex tourism, with that "borrowed" Viagra prescription. Deal?

DiR said...

He won't resign because who gives a fuck? A dude hits on young women, wow, that's a shocking revelation. Bet that sorta thing would never happen in the good old heartland Ah'merka.

This is a complete non-story that only lives in the news because there's nothing else really going on. (economy still sucks isn't news.)

But if you want to talk about p, national political figures and their sexual infidelities, you might want to not do it less then a month after The Terminator had to come clean about his li'l John Conner.

I know, your job is just to come in here and copy paste the Party Line de Jour; (SACRE BLEU! Francophone!) but really, try harder.

Tog said...

I have no pity for Weiner; he did this to himself.

Note to politicians in any party--be they Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Ahnold, Edwards, Gingrich, or any of the many Republicans revealed to be marriage-wreckers even while they were chasing Bill Clinton: What the hell makes you think you'll get away with this for any length of time? I don't want to hear about "the seduction of power" or the pressures you face. You're in politics; you have enemies; they will find out; they will use it. Stop. Thinking. With. Your. Dicks. You. Assholes.

The truly pathetic, nation-damaging outcome of this is that repeatedly-proven-liar, hit-artist, bigot, attention-whore and astonishingly obnoxious douchebag Andrew Breitbart (who constantly looks like he just slept on a park bench) now fancies himself "vindicated" as a "real journalist" because the GOP finally handed him some dirt that turned out to be true, and he didn't even have to selectively edit anything.

I wonder when it'll be his turn to claim the young lady's baby or the ass getting drilled in the video or the dong in the photo isn't his?

Will Anonymous drop by to visit when that happens?

Kip W said...

Breitbart's one for four now. Being right, even one time, is an enormous step forward for him, and I expect him to bring it up for the rest of eternity with the same birdcall-like regularity that we still hear "57 states!" whenever anybody criticizes the intelligence of a conservative.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, Americans are still dying in Iraq. Anyone notice?

No. The sex lives of politicians gets better ratings.