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Monday, June 20, 2011

That damned Economy

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Economy, President Obama.

Yeah, so where's all those jobs the GOP promised in the mid-terms Mallard? Too busy attacking women, the Middle Class, and unions to get around to creating jobs, are you?

Besides, most people still blame President Bush for the economy, something you, oddly, never did while he was in office driving the economy off the cliff.


Tog said...

If I believed for one second that Tinsley wasn't simply a hypocrite and intellectual coward whose primary beef with Obama is his party affiliation (and whose close-secondary beef is ZOMG A NEGROZ IN TEH WAITE HAWZE), I'd point out that the Cheney Tax Cuts for the Already Preposterously Wealthy are still in place.

...You know, the ones that were supposed to give the APW a reason to create jobs out the yin-yang and propel our economy into Superland? Thanks to the Free Market or the Laffer Curve or the Invisible Claw of Ayn Rand or some other flying spaghetti monster of economics?

Wha'hoppen, Brucie?

Meanwhile, speaking of money pissed away: Reuters reports that approximately $17 billion--shipped from the US during the Cheney Administration to Iraq to "help with reconstruction"--has "disappeared." Of course, the "liberal" media briefly touched on this back when it happened, but Tinsley and company were too busy shrieking about CFLs and Teh War on Christmas and how Climate Change wasn't real, just like skin cancer. Mission accomplished, Batshit! Stuff a sock in your pants to celebrate!

Kip W said...

I'm planning to hack into Tog's comment in an attempt to make myself look better. Especially the Invisible Claw of Ayn Rand part.

Anonymous said...

The previous time that the economy had crashed under the senior Bush (is there a trend here?), it took about five years to recover. This second time was much worse (due to the extra help from Wall Street), and the wrongwingers are complaining that it wasn't fixed in only two years!
The five years is a measurement of how long it took to be able to sell our home (due to out-of-state job move) at only 79% of purchase price. This second time, with a different house, and another out-of-state move in early 2008, the market is looking a lot worse, and IRA's also took a big beating before Obama took office.
By the way, that is quite some strategy that the Republicans have to keep blaming the deficit on Obama and Democrats, after it was run up by Bush-Cheney.

rewinn said...

Is today's "comic" an attempt to comment on Weiner's claim someone hacked into his Twitter account? Cuz nothing shows the vapidity of Mallard Fillmore more than last week's forgotten scandal.
OTOH Vitter is still a senator; AFAIK neither he nor Rush Limbaugh have ever lied to the media about using teenage prostitutes because no-one's ever asked them about it. It makes yah think, don't it?

P.S. aren't comics supposed to be a graphic art form?

Frank Stone said...

See Bruce Tinsley attempt to demonstrate his timeliness and keen economic insight! See him fail spectacularly at both!

Oh -- just trying to add a little excitement to today's mind-numbingly predictable scenario. Y'all still awake?

Steve-O said...

Actually if dumbass Tinsley managed to do any research that didn't involve checking out the bottom of a bottle of Wild Turkey he'd realize that the economy has been improving slowly but steadily since President Obama took office. He would also know that unemployment is a lagging indicator.

Fuck it, who am I kidding? Bruce only gets his "facts" from Faux News and right-wing talk radio.

DiR said...

Vote Republican 2012: Because Obama clearly can't fix our mess fast enough.

Sad thing? That might work. Nobody ever went broke...