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Saturday, June 25, 2011

That damned Recognition

What's Mallard raving about today?

GOP Candidates, Anthony Weiner

Mallard Fillmore, ladies and gentleman...the only entity alive unable to actually generate humor from the Anthony Weiner saga! You must be so proud.


deepbeep said...

I've been busy so I've missed some comics. Can someone tell me if Mallard got his broadcasting job back? Or is he reading at the wall?

Tog said...

It's...complicated, Deepbeep. The Liberal Media-Controlling Jewspiracy discussed giving Mallard back his job because fourteen people wrote in to WFDR, and since then there's been a couple of strips like this, but no official change of status to what was once touted as a BOLD NEW DIRECTION FOR MALLARD FILLMORE!!!

It's safe to assume that Batshit's just forgotten or gives even less of a damn than most of his, er, readership.

Hey, I wonder if I should race over to some Doonesbury forum to squall about Weinerweek at Mallard Fillmore. That makes complete sense, doesn't it?

Steve-O said...

If I didn't know any better I would think that Brucie is writing a scathing critique of the media's obssession with sensationalism and gotcha journalism by pointing out that far more people know who Anthony Weiner is than know who Herman Cain is.

But I do know better. This is just Tinsley attempting to keep the Weiner scandal alive. In the most pointless, idiotic way possible, but still alive.

I weep for anyone that tries to read this "comic" in a non-ironic manner.

Kip W said...

Attention All Republicans:



Almost waited too long to use that one.

rewinn said...

Following the logic of today's "comic", GOP candidates will swiftly fade out of the headlines.

Dang! but Tinshley's right again, although not in the way that he may have wished.

rewinn said...

@deepbeep/@Tog - you're alluding to one of the structural flaws of Mallard Fillmore: failure to generate a continuity that can enrich characterization and provide humor on the slow days. This is one of the things that professional cartoonists do: when Doonesbury or Luann or even Mark Trail has a slack period, they have a rich storyline to fall back on to maintain reader interest. And the storyline can relate to "REALITY" in interesting ways, e.g. Luann's fireman brother getting laid off to save money.

But setting up and maintaining continuity takes work. Not the 80-hours-a-week-of-research that goes into an average Mallard Fillmore, but at the least, a give-a-damn attitude toward the job, which is manifestly absent. We should be grateful, I suppose, for this favor.

Prickly City seems to try a fitful form of continuity but this necessarily has the consequence of undercutting its own rightwing message, due to reality's pronounced liberal bias.

Rootbeer said...

If I were Rick Santorum or David Vitter, I'd absolutely be considering changing my name to Anthony Weiner.