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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Those Damned Nazis

What's Mallard raving about today?

Nazis, Democrats

A Google search to attempt to figure out what Mallard is referring to yields links to articles about a Republican Representative publicly making a Gestapo reference regarding Education reform.

Further down the page, you can also find that a Republican claims a teacher sent him an Email similarly comparing Education reform to the Holocaust.

Republican representative making a public statement vs. an Email from a teacher.

Those Liberals have no shame!


DiR said...

I wish we could learn how to responsibly pay tribute to the atrocities of Nazi Germany the way Republicans do.
Like Federal Judges being "empathetic."
You know, nothing over the top and hysterical. Like us liberals do.
Or extremely mild health care reform. Just like gassing jews.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Was one of those Republicans Richard Iott, a Tea Party-approved potential presidential and state representative candidate who likes to roleplay the Waffen SchultzStaffel?

Tog said...

Jesus Weeping CHRIST.

Anyone care to cite all the "LIBERALS = NAZIS" references made by Glenn Beck, assorted Teabagger shills, and Jonah Goldberg over the past few years alone?

And oh, hey, guess who loves Glenn Beck, Teabaggers, and Jonah Goldberg?

That's why I nicknamed you Batshit, Batshit.

Clell said...

- Wow. It's days like this that make me ask myself why I even bother reading this strip.

- Keeping an eye on the insane I guess.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Let me clarify what I said earlier, as I was kind of tired and rushed: Playing the evil side is fine if you acknowledge that, since games are escapism. I am the nicest guy, but play the worst monsters who are not Tinsley in games. Iott, however, role-plays high-ranking Nazi officers because he thinks they were cool guys who deserved praise for their success. He considers the Stalin-era Soviet Union to be an example of the free world fighting Hitler. He calls himself a soldier because he plays dress-up with Nazi uniforms. (,-a-soldier.-Qualifications-Militia-fun,-SS-Panzer-dress-up.html,

Frank Stone said...

Ah, the good old "Mallard Fillmore" standbys: inflammatory claims with no substantiation offered and screamingly blatant hypocrisy. It's almost comforting.

Kip W said...

Projection? No! To Tinsley, Republican lawmakers are "liberals," so he can use their comments as examples of horrid things liberals say.

Bill the Splut said...

Pretty ballsy, coming from a guy who draws Jews as caricatures only a few steps above what would've been used in a 1930s issue of the Volkischer Beobachter.
Ach, nein! Did I just reduce the number of analogies from 5 to 4?

rewinn said...

@Kip - you got it backwards. Republicans call requiring teachers with "alternative licenses" to be supervized for 3 months by already licensed teacher to be Nazism ... therefore ... Republicans are liberal!

Brews Tinsley is such an extremist that the GOP is too liberal for him!

Kip W said...

I kinda thought I was saying that.

Tog said...

I just remembered: the scum-clown who copypastes "Day by Day" together (I've forgotten his name and won't be bothered to look it up) once blew a quote by Michelle Obama--about how her husband intended to "put" people back to work--out of all proportion by having one of his characters perform the Nazi salute and hold a comb over her lip while reciting said quote.

Subtle, no? Naturally, the strip's strawliberal dude character found this to be "hot."

Any comment, Batshit?

Rootbeer said...

Move over, Sheaf Of Paper, I have a new favorite character in this strip, and his name is Shiny Red Five.

I was so dumbstruck by his utterly pointless appearance as the focal point of this comic that I forgot to read the word-slaw that surrounds him, and probably enjoyed the comic more as a result.